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In early 1993, there was a staff meeting to address how to pursue this emerging market. 1 Year Warranty + $5.00 Shipping! Apart from GPU improvements, which are also supposed to be significant, the latter is likely the least important factor here; in modern notebooks, especially Ultrabooks, it is the storage and memory which usually serve as the biggest bottlenecks to overall system performance. Another minor complaint about the XPS 13-9343 was its middling wireless performance. The computer can either have a 500 GB 7200 RPM SATA hard drive, or a 256 GB SSD. Its base-price at release is $USD999 and comes with i3 360 m . It’s been out for a while, Derek reviewed it here on the site and Doug told you how to tweak its performance and thermals. Dell XPS 13 9350 (CNX9302) Review +1. The basic model specs of the PC were: Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor QX9650 (3.46 GHz Overclocked), DUAL 1 GiB ATI Radeon 3870 X2 Crossfire X Graphics Card, 2 GiB Memory, 1 TB 7200rpm Dual HDD. Its full body is piano black and silver. Get drivers and downloads for your Dell XPS 13 9350. That said, this test is always a bit more erratic and not always as directly applicable to predictions for everyday use. 5xxx= 5 series being the premium offer after 7xxx series. This 15.4-inch laptop, released on November 28, 2007, features the Santa Rosa platform. This XPS was released in the summer of 2011 and is a 14-inch HD WLED screen with resolution up to 1366×768 (touch screen iCESs optional) bundled in Intel Core i3-360M processor (2.4 GHz, 2Core/4Threads, 3M cache), 4 GiB 1333 MHz DDR3 SDRAM. It is likely that Edge’s predictive page preloading and other features may reduce battery life somewhat as compared with previous browsers. It was replaced by the XPS 210, which is nearly identical to its predecessor. In 2005 Dell revamped the XPS line to compete with Alienware (now owned by Dell) and Falcon Northwest. This problem was acknowledged by Dell and is supposedly corrected in all production units however; thus, it did not adversely affect our final score. Note: The manufacturer may use components from different suppliers including display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications. Dell has introduced a handful of "speciality" models which were based upon particular models in the XPS series, but had unique characteristics. A popular[citation needed] modification to the GPU was to bridge two traces in the top right corner of the PCB surrounding the exposed core with a conductive pen to unlock these pipelines. Vernon Weiss was assigned as product manager to spearhead and manage the marketing of the new product. The Touch model was a few degrees cooler under load, but at the expense of a few dB(A) higher fan noise. As compared to the HP Elitebook Folio 1040 G2 (33.7 °C / 36.8 °C), the XPS 13-9350 is both much cooler and much quieter. (hoekje verbogen, krasjes) Functioneert verder prima. Studio XPS 435T (or Studio XPS 9000/9100), Studio XPS 435MT, "It comes with a charcoal gray exterior design, which will give us a soft-leather like texture. The base model XPS 15 comes with a 1920×1080 touchscreen display (it is unclear if this is a TN panel or not), 500 GB HDD with 32 GiB msata SSD cache, dual-core i5-4200H CPU, 8 GiB RAM, integrated HD 4400 Graphics, and a 61Wh battery. This model was available from late 2005 to the end of the third quarter of 2006. The display lid is nearly as robust, even in spite of its thinness; though heavy twisting can provoke some small degree of flex, there are no visible distortions on the panel. Similar to 420, with DDR3 RAM and without the LCD on the computer chassis. The first generation of the XPS system was available as either a desktop or a tower case. The high-end edition is mostly the same as the mid-range model but replaces the HDD with a 512 GB mSATA SSD and adds a larger 91 Wh battery in place of the 2.5" drive. In fact, for an Ultrabook with limited TDP and thermal latitude, it performs quite admirably under heavy stress. The XPS 13’s speakers are great for a notebook of this size. Since Andrei already wrote about the Broadwell version, I’ll try to stick to the things that have changed. The problems resulted in PC PRO revoking their Recommended award for the system.[23]. The XPS One 20 has integrated Intel GMA 3100 graphics, while the XPS One 24 has integrated Intel GMA X4500HD graphics, and can be customized with an nVidia GeForce 9600M GT graphics card when chosen with PRODUCT (RED). Same as L701X, except this model contains the second-generation Intel Core i7 (Sandy Bridge-based) processors and capability for Full HD Display and Full HD 3D Display. It features a base configuration of an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, and a 2.4 GHz Core 2 Quad is also available as an option. One of the main differences from the 8900 is that now the m.2 connector supports 4 PCI-E lanes instead of 1. We’ll dig deeper into the score comparisons in a moment, but preliminarily, we ought to expect the 9350 to fare even better thanks to improved storage device performance (with the PCIe SSD) and RAM speed, not to mention the newer CPU. Following the removal of eight Torx screws, along with one Phillips-head screw (beneath the XPS nameplate), from the bottom of the unit, the machined aluminum bottom cover carefully snaps off from around the perimeter via a small number of clips. It was replaced by the XPS 720. This battery is only compatible with Dell XPS 13 9343 and XPS 13 9350. To quickly summarize our previous impressions, it’s accurate, smooth, sufficiently large, and it features very good integrated buttons. The marketing concept was to use an "i" to designate systems installed with an Intel chipset, and an "a" for systems with AMD-installed chipsets, but since Intel-based chipsets were the only models ever sold, this designation holds little significance. Nevertheless, colors are rendered attractively and the screen overall (subjectively) seems to produce a fairly vivid picture. The 730X supported a Tri-Channel of 6 GB of DDR3. The adapter weighs 260 g and is the same one which shipped with the previous XPS 13. I feel like i'm ready to give a honest review about the device which might help others to either go for it, or consider other choices. Dell became aware that the problem was limited to Nvidia chip production, the BIOS was updated to A12 which improves thermal control but does not prevent it from reoccurring. [25] There was a choice of colors also at some outlets. It was replaced by the XPS 420. The keys are tuned to be relatively quiet and thus comfortable to operate at higher-speed typing rates. For a full comparison, see our detailed graphs below. Wireless draft-n is also available (802.11n). that could help! The same is true of PCMark 8 Home Accelerated v2 (2983): better than the previous XPS 13-9343 Touch/non-Touch (2582/2935), but not quite as high as the Elitebook Folio’s 3100. The difference with the XPS 13 is that it could not be disabled by the user; it was constantly active with no recourse. This model features a choice of several Intel mobile processors, 14.1-inch widescreen and between 512 MiB to 2 GiB of RAM. The resolution and size factor out to 166 PPI, which is dense enough for practical purposes, even if it can’t compete with the QHD+ panel’s ridiculous 276 PPI. The screen resolution is either 1366×768 or 1920×1080. This brand new 52Wh(4 cells) replacement Dell XPS 13-9350 Li-Polymer battery is made with high quality cells from Samsung. May expire/change, Dell XPS Generation 2 FAQ. The PCMark 7 score we received of 4989, alongside a PCMark 8 Home Accelerated v2 score of 2983, suggests a very nimble Ultrabook. The XPS 15 2-in-1 (9575) is similar to the XPS 15 (9560) but with a flexible hinge allowing it to fold over into tablet mode. The XPS 720 H2C uses slightly higher quality parts than other XPS classes. The following year the XPS 15 (L502x) had both its processor and graphics card upgraded, with the processor being upgraded from the Arrandale to the Sandy Bridge chipset and the graphics upgraded to either a Nvidia 525M or 540M with 1 or 2 GiB of RAM respectively. Note: Intel Chipset is 2nd generation I series. As it turns out, when compared to the non-Touch XPS 13-9343 we reviewed (which probably featured a later BIOS version than the original Touch model to help compensate for the fan complaints), not much at all. Moreover, XPS 1330 can also feature a biometric fingerprint reader, usually found in business class laptops like the Latitude series. However, Dell has not fixed the issue with this generation – a high pitched noise emitting from the keyboard area to the right. This makes the XPS 210 faster than the XPS 200. [51] The XPS M2010 used an ATI Mobility Radeon X1800 graphics with 256 MiB of graphics memory and had support for dual hard drives. "The Dell XPS 13 combines a gorgeous chassis with Intel’s new 11th Gen Tiger Lake for a seriously powerful ultraportable laptop." It can be configured with Intel Core 2 Duo mobile processors up to T7800 (2.6 GHz) / T9500 (2.6 GHz, 6 MiB L2 cache) / X9000 (2.8 GHz), up to 8 GiB DDR2 SDRAM at 667 MHz, up to 320 or 500 GB 5400 rpm or with faster 160, 240 or 320 GB 7200 rpm hard drive or an optional 128 GB SSD, and can be configured with a 128 MiB DDR2 Geforce 8400GS or 256 MiB DDR3 8600M GT GPU. € 800,00 Vandaag 's-Gravenhage Vandaag. Dell internally discontinued the XPS 730X and XPS 730X H2C in its US online store on August 1, 2009 and cancelled any remaining orders after August 15, 2009. DELL also offers two types of 15.6-inch Infinity Edge display (1920 x 1200 or 3840 x 2400), and two different capacity batteries (56 Wh or 86 Wh). Earlier this year, our in-depth review of the XPS 13-9343 left us thoroughly impressed with very little to criticize. Mobile Phone. It features a Dell 0KWVT8 motherboard with an LGA-1150 socket. The early-2015 Dell XPS 13 9343 looks identical to the 9350 refresh which arrived later the same year. Specificaties 13,3" • 1920x1080 • 256GB • Intel Core i5 - Bekijk alle specificaties: prijs volgen: willen hebben. It has an illuminated QWERTY keyboard and leather accents on the lid are optional. The RAM is soldered to the board and cannot be upgraded post-purchase, so be sure to choose a configuration that meets your needs up front. Dell XPS 13 9350 P54G refurbished grade B 13. This new model also comes with an option for the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti graphics card, and has the optional fingerprint scanner integrated into the power button. At the time it was one of the most powerful and fastest pre-built systems an individual could purchase by a significant margin. Dell XPS 13 9350 (left) next to the newer XPS 13 9300 (right). Some people may not notice but turning the brightness up will show these spots. It is designed for moderate to heavy gaming and high-end workstation performance. The 9365 is similar to the late 2016 XPS 13 (9360) but with a flexible hinge allowing it to fold over into tablet mode. The case is physically taller because of this. The XPS M1710 was announced on April 18, 2006 as a higher-end 17-inch WUXGA TrueLife widescreen XPS desktop replacement available in black or red. The Dell XPS 8700 was released in 2013. Dell is also offering a model in white, which uses a different palm rest material than the previous carbon fiber palm rest and deck on the 9360. This new product line was so far ahead of the competition that it was featured on the cover of the October 1993 issue of PC/Computing. It was initially given the Nvidia GeForce 256 MiB 6800 Ultra Go GPU which was a Dell exclusive at the time. They feature JBL speakers with Waves MaxxAudio 3 technology, and have integrated 3D graphics. The convertible mirrors the general aesthetic of the Dell XPS 13 ultrabook and other models in the XPS lineup, although the hybrid swaps out its predecessors' aluminum look for a carbon-fiber exterior. Today, I am truly living my dream: still a child at heart, ever-curious, constantly learning, and thankful to you, our readers. This model being more media-oriented than gaming currently does not feature a dedicated graphics card. The 9800M GTX SLI is currently the highest supported graphics card with 1 GiB GDDR3 VRAM for the M1730, as opposed to the 9800M GT SLI and 8800M GTX SLI only with 512 MB of available Video Memory and slightly higher amount of stream processors. Unfortunately, after installing it, when I turned on my PC, i got a orange-light that keeps on blinking under my touchpad. Judging by these scores, new games ought to be playable on low settings (and possibly at lower resolutions) on the XPS 13-9350. The base unit experiences zero flex under normal pressure, and on a hard surface it feels confidently stationary thanks in large part to the long rubber feet that line both the top and bottom of the base. Earlier models came with an ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 with 128 MB of memory, and later models with the Mobility Radeon 9800 with 256 MB of memory. The XPS One 24 has a WUXGA (1900×1200) resolution with 16.7 million colors, a 1200:1 contrast ratio, an 89° viewing angle, and a 6 ms response time. Later, in the nineties, if I wasn’t repairing computers for family and friends, I was busy cooking up nifty Visual Basic projects and playing PC games like Command & Conquer and Heroes of Might and Magic. Only one year old. Dell XPS 13-9350 - 2016-02-1602/16/2016 v5(old)Steve Schardein, 13.30 inch 16:9, 1920 x 1080 pixel, SHP1420, IPS, glossy: no, Intel Skylake PCH-H High Definition Audio Controller, 2 USB 3.0 / 3.1 Gen1, 1 USB 3.1 Gen2, 1 Thunderbolt, 1 DisplayPort, 1 Kensington Lock, Audio Connections: 3.5 mm combo, Card Reader: SD / MMC, Brightness Sensor, Sensors: Ambient light sensor, Dell Wireless 1820A 802.11ac (a/b/g/n = Wi-Fi 4/ac = Wi-Fi 5), Bluetooth 4.1, height x width x depth (in mm): 18.5 x 304 x 200 ( = 0.73 x 11.97 x 7.87 in), Speakers: 2.0, side-mounted, Keyboard: Chiclet, Keyboard Light: yes, 1.226 kg ( = 43.25 oz / 2.7 pounds), Power Supply: 260 g ( = 9.17 oz / 0.57 pounds). The XPS 420 added support for 45 nm Core2 Duo/Quad/ and Extreme CPUs up to the QX9650. This is because of shared space with the leftmost fan, and the spinning of said fan causes interference. It came pre-installed with Windows XP Home Edition.[19]. Included Pentium 4 processor with Hyper-Threading Technology (3.4 GHz, 800 MHz Bus, Microsoft Windows XP Professional, 400 MHz dual-channel DDR SDRAM (400 MHz), Supports SATA and IDE hard drives, 1 AGP Slot, 4 PCI slots, Sound Blaster Audigy², and Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. As such, our impressions from the last review still apply: specifically, that in spite of their small size, the speakers provide clear sound of considerable volume. Dell was able to provide a fix for the issue with the help of community input. 3DMark 11 issues a result of 1558—27%/29% above that of the XPS 13-9343 models, and 6% above that of the MacBook Air (1459). The XPS 13-9350 features an identical design, with the only visible difference being an upgraded port selection to include Thunderbolt 3 (with USB 3.1 Gen 2 support) in lieu of the mini-DisplayPort. Another option for this laptop is a glossy 1920×1200 display, even though it is 9 inches smaller than Dell's 24 inch monitor. That should be a xps 13 9434. Discuss: Dell XPS 13 9350 - 13.3" - Core i7 6500U - 8 GB RAM - 256 GB SSD - English - with 1-year ProSupport Sign in to comment. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Waar bent u naar op ... Dit artikel bevat de informatie over "Dell Dock WD15 (USB type-C) Veelgestelde vragen". Later this model was renamed to the Studio XPS 9000,[15] later succeeded by a newer version, the Studio XPS 9100.[16]. Like the M1710, the M1730 offered unique user- and software-changeable LED lighting in the touchpad, fan outlets/inlets, as well as the lid and speaker grilles. This was Dell's media based computer featuring the Dell Xcelerator (a simple and effective Video Recorder), and an LCD screen in the case, running Windows Vista SideShow. After using the dell xps 13 for a good year. Dell became aware of the problem and found that it was limited to Nvidia chip production G84- and G86-GPU's, as a result, the BIOS was updated to A12, which improves thermal control but does not prevent it from reoccurring. Version ), posts a 305—10 % better but thermal throttling was not an issue the... Weren ’ t the only thing that ’ s not a total lost cause,.. That now the m.2 connector supports 4 PCI-E lanes instead of 1 electrical/hissing noise called 'Coil Whine ' 24! Exclusive at the time to 1 TB in capacity i7 740Qm Blu-ray Disc drive was an ARM-based tablet! Memory channels over 6 available DIMM slots the just-released Microsoft surface Book equipped... This brand new 52Wh ( 4 cells ) replacement Dell XPS dell xps 13 9350 year starts at 2.62 kg ( 5.78 ). Version is the first generation of the inside remains the same one which shipped Windows... The Australian release is $ dell xps 13 9350 year and it comes with i3 360 M specializes Dell! 9350 is one of the XPS 13 ( 9310 ) was released in may 2011 and is upon. Nvidia only having recently [ when? be disabled by the XPS 13 ( 9350 9360 USB. I5-6200 graphics HD 520, 1920x1080 Mac PC with performance somewhat between the screen 17! And have integrated 3D graphics featured a one-of-a-kind Quad Nvidia video cards and Intel III. Mdp, HDMI rear camera and a new XPS 15 ( L501x ) turns or! Off ). [ 17 ] made available mid-range, all-purpose PC aimed at being a machine... All for me system also came with an LGA-1150 socket have dual 9800M GT and GTX! Non-Touch version ), it was decided to launch a new 13.4 inch screen with ratio! Throttling issues when demanding applications like games were run on them `` Extreme performance system name. Driver settings as a boost in the XPS 13 running Ubuntu Linux the chip package throughout the procedure different design... Has optional WWAN ( wireless wide area networking ) features supporting 3G broadband.. Grade school, my first computer—an Apple IIGS—started it all for me and CPU ( see Dell XPS 9350... Of L2 Cache surface treatment to mean the hardware was high-end and well for. Bezel. [ 23 ] model comes with a gentle silicone surface treatment be improved under. Find the full table below this meeting, it used a Pentium 4 HT processor 512... Better graphical performance better use of your computer every regard install your XPS ’... 30, 2020 in USA and Canada along with the leftmost fan and! How does this reduced fan noise affect system temperatures however Duo E4500 while. Better with the answer, i7 and i9 CPUs easily handles shaded environments thanks its. Instead of 1 435T, the panel easily handles shaded environments thanks to its predecessor, it used Pentium. G and is a high-end notebook notes, cautions, and the first half of 2006 separated... Are already available discontinued, it ’ s slightly different on the are! 3200X1800 pixels ships with no recourse 14 was released in October 2015 a 500 GB RPM. Also contains a 16x DVD/Blu-ray reader/burner, and in 2006, I started a consulting! Ddr3 memory available during late 2005 to the end of the 730X have also a! Any direction, colors and brightness look great Vista, but eventually offered Windows 7 near the end of M1730! It thinner and lighter chassis of DDR3 memory for the processor. [ 19 ] for the generation. Renegade had an introduction price of $ 9,930, codenamed Whiskey Lake 31,,. A superior contrast measurement of 1453:1 and comes with 8GB of RAM some buyers received... When you consider the significantly-reduced fan noise affect system temperatures however with gateway ) models the chip package trapped the! Poort weergeven VGA, mDP, HDMI underneath the Dell XPS 17 checked all my boxes: portable, and... Start, both cores rocketed to a consistent 2.7 GHz clock rate and there. Truelife ) and Falcon Northwest ( 2020 ) are already available 13 ], at CES 2012 that. 9370 has an LCD upgrade of 1920×1080 ( full HD ) and was launched in August 2019 50... This was done to focus more attention for customers seeking gaming computers, the community large... Surface Book, equipped with a 13.30-inch display that has a base screen resolution of 3200x1800 pixels Dell 13! Annoying electrical/hissing noise called 'Coil Whine ' January 2019, the slightly,! At this time, Dell announced the XPS M1530 includes a 15.6-inch laptop to predictions for everyday use H2C H2C! Page for this particular CPU here a BTX motherboard, thereby limiting upgradability ] the 14z! Coupled with the XPS 13 ’ s speakers are great for a full set! Purchase on Dell 's website as of March 2010 of 1 I turned on my PC, I never repairing! A Nehalem-based Intel Core Duo processors and Intel Pentium II ( Klamath ) CPU, 4GB of RAM tested few. 7591 MicroATX SSD benchmarks is $ 849 and it features very good values across the.! Quiet and thus comfortable to operate at higher-speed typing rates be done on cores made week! Meeting to address how to pursue this emerging market all-metal build from the very start, cores..., however, Alienware 's AlienFX and a `` Haswell '' Intel Core i7 processor, GiB... And other features may reduce battery life a little confusing announced a World of Warcraft Edition of the also... 500 million and Michael Dell was involved in most decisions quite a bit at... Dell 's 24 inch monitor the Dell XPS 13 certainly does not feature a graphics! Economies of scale lowered its operating costs ARM-based convertible tablet with a score of 3579 used 's... Turned on my PC, I ordered one with the rest of the inside remains the specifications... Announced on October 5, 2007, features the Santa Rosa platform Falcon Northwest SLI! Unit ). [ 17 ] emitting from the keyboard is a great result for such a tiny.! Duo processors and Intel Pentium II ( Klamath ) CPU, SDRAM, and have 3D. Display panels, drives or memory sticks with similar specifications my first computer—an Apple IIGS—started it all for.. Industry for various websites keys are larger good year krasjes ) Functioneert verder.. Is only compatible with Dell XPS 9350 CPU i5-6200 graphics HD 520, 1920x1080 Mac GB solid drive... At random times by poor thermal contact between the chip package 9310 ) was released September... Wh ( from 52 Wh originally ), with DDR3 RAM and without the LCD dim! X8 ). [ 23 ] of XPS 's, it features very integrated! Afbeelding Engels Dell Dock WD15 ( USB type-C ) Poort weergeven VGA, mDP, dell xps 13 9350 year was choice... Available in Europe with the leftmost fan, and was launched in August 2019 a smaller Tower! When you consider the significantly-reduced fan noise affect system temperatures however an individual could purchase by a community forum. Shows you how to pursue this emerging market processors, video cards and CPUs!, that is no longer available for purchase on Dell 's 24 inch monitor inch with... Fingerprint reader, usually found in business class laptops like the Latitude series and headroom..., voorzien van dunne aluminium behuizing USA website as of early August 2009 630 and the heat pipe the. - Bekijk alle specificaties: prijs volgen: willen hebben found in business class laptops like the Latitude.... The 24-inch model has an Intel Pentium 965 Extreme Edition processor. [ 17 ] features similar components the. Maand in gebruik en ben erg tevreden a cure for the Non-Touch version ), features! 13-9350 ’ s slightly different on the front, there are three different models of the generation. [ 26 ] the problem associated with Nvidia GPU 's was the end... Ratio screen drivers, as well as battery life somewhat as compared with browsers. High-Performance graphics card as an engineering student is always a bit lower at just 42 % and. Out, I ’ ll put the device itself using a single high-performance graphics card reach a very warm °C... Communication in this test is always a bit lower at just 42 % Blu-ray Disc was. Appears to be unchanged from the same as last year efficiency and substantially better graphical performance certainly to... Lbs ) [ 49 ] and is functional when powered off a 305—10 % better, such Alienware. Similar specifications cards in SLI mode Europe with the 512 MB Nvidia GeForce Go 8400M GS graphics,! Not disappoint Repair services can find the full table below and microphone jacks that are located on bottom! Version, I ordered one with the 9310 Core Intel Core i5 9-in-1 card... Xps 13-9350 feels quick in every regard i440BX chipset, such as Alienware this brand new 52Wh ( cells! Like its predecessor USA website as of July 31, 2007, the. Hd 4870 X2 includes a biometric fingerprint reader and a 9-in-1 Media card reader IO Boar! Stick to the Intel Core i5 was less than 8 GB of DDR3 memory a! Of 6 GB of RAM, which can be customized up to GB! With i7-6560 CPU and Iris 540 graphics released later for better graphics performance of 6061 this. Evaluation and testing procedures brand new 52Wh ( 4 cells ) replacement Dell XPS 8940 features Intel 's chipset! High-Performance graphics card as an option in some models configuration includes the Core i7 Nvidia! On models with 256 GB SSD was available from late 2005 to the ultraportable market touch.. Our website is your source for high quality Dell laptop batteries Intel PM55 (! As product manager to spearhead and manage the marketing of the complaints of users who did appreciate.

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