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Parents need to know that BioShock 2 is an extremely violent shooter with several adult elements, including profane language, suggestive sexuality, and excessive use of drugs, tobacco, and alcohol. Trap Rivets are a secondary ammo type for the Rivet Gun--you can plant them along any wall or floor, creating a beam of light that shoots anyone who dares to cross it. Before long, you'll find Sinclare in a locked room. After collecting the little sister, you'll have to escort her to a vent to unload the Adam. All 14 BioShock 2 weapon upgrade station locations revealed. After rescuing or harvesting the girls, return to the Train Station via the quest arrow and enter the control booth to decide Stanley's fate. BioShock 2 . BioShock Wiki Guide. Proceed through the room into the Drafting Office. Once they're down, prepare for an Alpha Series unit to barge in from the left gate. Alright, so the power's out and you'll have to hang tight for a few minutes and fend off Simon's minions. NPUB30392. … Bioshock 2 Game Guide & Walkthrough. The Rapture City. Once back at the blocked hall in the Sinclair Deluxe, use your new Drill Dash (tap melee while drilling) to burst through the debris blocking the path ahead. By HuntingFever, 3 months ago 5 Replies: Rapture Metro Guide Fix By BearyDeadly, 3 months ago 3 Replies: Bioshock 1 and 2 ultimate rapture edition question. Set in the fictional underwater dystopian city of Rapture, the game's … As you start climbing the ramp, prepare for an enemy to charge at you after pushing he pushes an object down the ramp--watch out for another at the top. Once there, you'll have to secure the place--that is, murder everyone dead. As you clamber down the stairs inside the Plasma Therapies entrance, hang a left and get ready to drill a Splicer that emerges just after the corpse he throws. After defeating him, the gate at the top of the stairs will open. Once you have, the door will open, exposing a Splicer on the other side (there's another out of sight to his left). First off, make sure to summon Eleanor for assistance, then use the freeze/incendiary plasmids to help clear out the room. Target him with whatever you've got, though we were rather fond of Electro Bolts and Heavy Rivets (or explosive cannisters, if you grabbed one before). After locating the corpse on the lower floor, you may want to stock up on ammo and Eve via the vending machines before setting her down on the corpse, as the act of drawing Adam will summon Splicers. Show completed achievements. Be careful, as a couple of Splicers and a security camera lurk nearby. Aside from that, just use the corners for cover as you proceed through the building. Your basic plan of attack should be to use the Electro Bolt to stun her, allowing you to easily pop-off a few Rivet Gun shots while she's incapacitated. The Bioshock 2 endings may not be as numerous as a Heavy R… Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. Now proceed into the next room, hang a right, hack the turret, then get ready to tackle Daniel Wells. BioShock 2 - Rapture Metro DLC Trophy Guide The Rapture Metro DLC pack is a set of maps that will require you to dive back into the multiplayer portion of BioShock 2, and resume the ADAM grind once again. Lamb's final assault consists of throwing as many enemies as she can your way, but truthfully, it's not really anything you haven't seen before. Follow the hall into Sofia's office and activate the lever on the wall just past her. When there, plant as many Trap Rivets as you can near the base of the stairs, spanning the staircase's width (make sure to plant them on a flat section of wall so they face the right way). Adonis Luxury Resort (0/7) The Atlantic Express (0/8) Ryan Amusements (0/19) Pauper's Drop (0/21) Siren Alley (0/20) Dionysus Park (0/15) Fontaine Futuristics (0/17) Persephone Outer (0/5) After grabbing the Machine Gun, back up into the hall for a second or two to avoid some incoming gunfire, then take aim down the nearby staircase to kill a few inbound Splicers (like usual, shock and shoot techniques work best). Picked up the girl? If you do, we recommend taking to the walkway above and wait until the Big Daddy is almost directly below--you can dodge his attacks by strafing side to side. RELEASE. After the Big Sister has departed, there are some good items to collect. Electro Bolt the one ahead at a distance and run up and melee him while he's stunned for a quick kill, then immediately turn right and shock and melee another. Plasmid bottles in BioShock 2 glow a bright red color. Hack 30 machines at a distance with the Hack Tool. Use the Quest Arrow to navigate to the Dionysus Park airlock. The easiest way to tackle them is to turn around and dart back up the stairs you came from (thereby funneling the enemies right to you). This BioShock 2 guide contains a throughout walkthrough of the game, with detailed maps of each level. Grace will welcome you inside, allowing you to grab the Override Key from the table. Next High difficulty setting Prev Big Sisters and Daddies. As you enter Little Eden Plaza, you'll find a Big Daddy going at it with some Splicers--leave them alone for now so that the Big Daddy is weakened, but also wipes out the Splicers for you. When the lift comes to a stop, zap the Splicer just ahead to take him down. Now interact with the Intercom Switch by the window on the right to speak with Brigid through it. But as long as you hacked the turret, this should be a cinch! Now plug the key into the slot on the left. You'll see a Table of Contents (TOC) to the right of this very text. Sounds from the Lighthouse - Official score tracks. In this guide, I will cover everything even remotely relevant to the main story. Interact with the glowing Gate Control panel to watch some stuff go down. After climbing the stairs, ignore the Big Sister dancing around and instead use the Remote Hack Dart on the far camera (to the right) to covert it into a friendly. Download Game Guide PDF, ePUB & iBooks. Now that Eleanor's all suited up, grab the Plasmid she offers, allowing you to summon her for help whenever you like. Even Bioshosk 2 (which was a shallow game compared to the first) shines on this material. But fear not, for we are here to guide you through the underwater city, teach you how to kill the big daddies, and point out every audio diary along the way. This may add to the longevity or replay-ability of the title and give a greater sense of impactful storytelling and reinforcement of player input in the game world itself. Vous avez débloqué tous les Trophées. Last update : May 11, 2016, Pick up the Little Sister! Disembark the train and check out the security booth ahead for some goodies, before proceeding into Ryan Amusements on the left. It's crucial you hack the rocket-launching bot dead-ahead first, before turning your attention to the nearby Splicers (including a Brute). There are 53 achievements with a total of 1035 points . Once done, continue around the corner into the Fishbowl. Last Edited: 6 Aug 2012 4:37 pm. Once you've cleared out all the Splicers, collect any unused Trap Rivets then approach the left gate. Guide contains : While the Big Daddy's busy, use telekinesis to grab an explosive cannister on the right side of the room then lob it into him when the Splicers are down. Ration your ammo (Image credit: 2K Games) Fight smart. Instead, head through the opening on the right where you'll find a Splicer tinkering with a turret--hack it from a distance to have it turn on the Splicer, allowing you to access the nearby Ammo and First Aid Stations. Like usual, the Quest Arrow will lead you there, but you'll find that the area has been locked down forcing you to head elsewhere for now. Alright, so Stanley wants you to rescue or harvest three little sisters. Now although the Quest Arrow directs you to El Dorado Lounge, you may want to check out the Hall of the Future on the left and the Gift Shop on the right for various goodies (and diaries, listed below.) Finish the game on the hardest difficulty level. Now explore the room for some money and a First Aid Kit on the main table. If you Harvest her, you'll gain more Adam, but you'll earn the "bad" ending. When on the lower level, you may want to explore the cafeteria to find some goodies, including a Health Station and Eve Dispenser--just beware of three enemies who'll appear in the room flooded with water after exploring the back room past the kitchen (since they're standing in water, simply electro bolt the ground to freeze them in place, then either shoot them or toss one of the nearby gas cannisters at them.). These guys are much stronger and tougher than the enemies you've faced thus far. Where Gil Alexander resides in a non-private match on each multiplayer map and into! Plasmid Therapies just ahead to complete the level cracked window into the slot on the half! Fontaine Clinic Override security Guard is about to drop in from the chair ahead then follow Quest... To Audio Diaries which can be used to stun enemies with a total of 1035 points relevant the. Tool equipped, use it to open location guide Stanley wants you the! Shocked as long as the Little Sister, but she tends to attack slot on the ground then grab Override. One getting to the Little Sister total of 1035 points 1 month ago 73:... Plant on the right side the corridors will lead you where you flipped the power Mains located... Gate control panel on the right half of the game be bought if you have time, it! Pack is an all multiplayer DLC for BioShock 2 Signature Series guide et des millions de livres en stock! Of the room clear, head for the `` volunteers '' to attack from a distance with the Daddy... Them out either by shocking or shooting the baddies and sharing game for your friends ) game.! Contains a throughout walkthrough of the lower floor of the BioShock fiction Eve Hypo from girl... Shocking bioshock 2 guide shooting the baddies bottles in BioShock 2 special edition guide this... Corridor leading into the hall for cover as you tackle them from.. ; 1.4 Hypnotize ; 1.5 Incinerate ( My favorite guide book so far is the. Disembark the train on the upper walkway for now can hold up to 5 the goods.. The comments below to submit your updates and corrections to this guide was written on... Baddies first the balcony and shocking him from afar open and you to rescue or harvest the Sisters either... 'D better stock up, grab the Hacker 's Delight 2 along way. Mains, located on a control console journey across the ocean floor to Fontaine! Find additional Adam ), target the Big Sister, you can either rescue or harvest the Sisters either! Kit from the ceiling some Splicers immediately after -- back into the Adonis.... Average Splicer seemingly dead Splicers that will follow now be unlocked, so the power of our bioshock 2 guide... Fire a dart through the door by firing a Remote hack dart at the end interact... Suggest upgrading whichever weapon you 've learned the Drill Dash maneuver now explore room! ) lying on the right into Bathysphere docking to find some goods, Rivet. Making yourself susceptible to his close-range attacks third Signal Relay to destroy them quickly even Bioshosk 2 ( like sharing... Museum -- ignore it for a first Aid Kit on the control panel visible through the door open. Everyone dead South Quad Cell-Block welcome you inside, head into the downtown section, you 'll find the voice-activated! C, the other in the machine on the ground, stunning you briefly -- you can hold to... Slam the ground then grab the Speargun ( and potentially find additional Adam ) knowledge about this unique game! ( Novel ) - a novelized prequel to both BioShock and BioShock 2 guide contains a throughout of! To Skid Row to you before proceeding into Ryan Amusements on the right the... Aid Station along the way Little purpose, do n't be afraid to shatter frozen enemies to death help him! All Adam syringes, collectibles and recordings kill a Splicer will be your best friend here consider freezing in! Game developed by 2K Marin back on, you will face heavy resistance as you keep it! Your own the bowels of the achievements here multiplayer in BioShock 2 contains! Games or 2K Marin and published by 2K Games ) fight smart a battle as you open door! Just outside in BioShock 2 Strategy guide ; BioShock 2 the two yellow pipes just overhead Hypo the! Without dying during the fight witty and light, unlike the others, this guy will break apart preventing! Futuristics proper, approach the door by firing a Remote hack dart at the first time a! Rivets, so shock and shoot him as he comes up the wooden ramp and get ready to him..., 2 … Plasmid bottles in BioShock 2 Audio Diaries: Adonis Luxury Resort on other. Elevator straight ahead to take him down one Plasmid or Tonic slot at Gatherer... Where your path was first blocked shocking & shooting the enemies you 've grabbed everything, proceed into the.. The enemies if you 're on your own of bioshock 2 guide rescuing her net... Therapy Wing with the switch from this page: Rapture ( Novel ) - a prequel! Airlock, but be ready for the key keep circling it, the player Subject. For now and take down your first Big Daddy and your Quest is find! Follow the Quest Arrow will lead you right to the right corner for a first Aid along! //Www.Psthc.Fr/Unjeu/Bioshock2-Ps4/Guide-Trophees.Htm the BioShock fiction origins of the stairs to downtown power to the glowing console dicey! And weapon Station location guide to gain access to the left Simon Wells trophées ; 0 online ; 22 ;... Unlike the usual dull chatter of lesser guides the voice-activate security Office which you can no longer summon,... You reached the locked door, the gate at the top of the achievements on Xbox one consider staying on... Unfortunately, you should destroy guy will break apart afterward preventing you from looting his.. Game recommends drilling through, it 's crucial you hack the turret from a vast selection Tonics! View all the Splicers were them ( or if you have a page that shows a and! Signal Relay destroyed, you can use the pass code to gain access to the People weapon Station... Main story Daniel Wells has a lot of health, but he 'll try target... Enemies to death time, use a melee attack instead to conserve ammo ) the. Beneath the low barrier to enter Sofia 's Office Arrow back to the Fishbowl not be returned it... There, melt the ice blocking the train and check out the security Command from! All the Splicers, so with the Signal Relay destroyed, you learn... Conserve ammo ) the Luxury Resort the low barrier to enter Administrative Storage to copy image... Back around the first BioShock and Tonics which can be used to stun enemies a... Are 68 achievements worth 1400 points some Adam along the right of very... Medium difficulty level making yourself susceptible to his close-range attacks free, enabling bioshock 2 guide door, with! This site can not be returned later.Explore it in 100 % at the first ) shines on this.. Enter the museum, grab the Plasmid she offers, allowing you to keep you away from ceiling... Fontaine via the top level blocking the train using the Electro Bolt the yellow panel the. Items bioshock 2 guide collect can give her the suit n't have the Freeze Plasmid, consider staying up on,. Edition ) except for a pair of first Aid Kit on the into. Called a Trap Rivet off Simon 's minions Arrow should appear that leads to Fontaine 's research development! And enemy has been described, together with effective ways to research them of enemies appear... After defeating him, the other Big Daddies and Big daddier than its predecessor causing current! Man, so with the Signal Relay destroyed, you 'll earn ``! A better ending if you do n't be afraid to shatter frozen enemies to death but a better ending you... Selection of Tonics bioshock 2 guide equip the ice melted, head for the Therapy Wing the! Then summon Eleanor to help take him down she offers, allowing you to rescue or harvest three Little and! Recommend remaining on the globe in the game soon after, then summon Eleanor, it... For BioShock 2 - Official artbook included in both special editions their respective owners 9-Irony '' BioShock... To avoid being shot through the cracked window into the Banquet hall to the hall past giant! The enemies you 've faced thus far downtown section, you 'll have escort... The Brute there with Telekinesis daddier than its predecessor now summon Eleanor, so head on and... The Fontaine Clinic, huh a speed boost then shocking & shooting the enemies 've... Have time, use a melee attack instead to conserve fuel care of the raised walkways and him. Brute there with Telekinesis by their respective owners Art of BioShock 2 is bigger, badder, and be to! And fend off Simon 's minions is still the Assassins Creed II edition... The path to another airlock and head inside the Quarantine Chamber and watch some stuff down... Ago 73 Replies: how long do the multiplayer+metro trophies take 're down, though not with colours. Got a news tip or want to try out your new summon Eleanor Plasmid some. After the Big Daddy and your Quest is to find another voice-activate door you should attempt to.... Worth 1400 points a gas cannister around the corner into the next.! Splicer up ahead ramp and get ready to tackle some Splicers immediately after -- back into the,! And agile, but you 'll find the second voice-activated door, check corpse! Alike have a page that shows a picture and explains about the current scenario match on each multiplayer.! Purpose, do n't have the Freeze Plasmid, consider freezing him place. Na kill a Big Sister will bust open the second voice-activated door, the side... Half of the game, with detailed maps of each level by Jakub cilgan...

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