capitalism vs socialism vs communism

The soviet Union not being around is irrevelant since it was not communist. Communism, Socialism and Fascism ARE ALL THE SAME. They can't take care of themselves. By that I mean, are you describing what each idealogy is meant to be in principle or what actually exists. It's just an insane hamster wheel of debt, hopelessness, and alienation. So if you're mad about the American system of health care once again you have socialism to thank.'' Capitalism make the poor poorest, of course, you can see that in your declining gringo civilization. Through my studying, I realized that we are not the capitalist society that Adam Smith described. Someone could kill the same exact monster, with the same exact race/class, and still get different tokens for it. Dictator? And how is self interest bad? Then everywhere, the citizens, obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries, will exterminate those destroyers of civilization, and the multitude, disillusioned with Christianity, whose deistic spirits will be from that moment without compass (direction), anxious for an ideal, but with out knowing where to render its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out in the public view, a manifestation which will result from the general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and atheism, both conquered and exterminated at the same time.Albert Pike, 1871. But really, would it hurt that much to just do something crazy, just to insure it doesn't get worse? We must therefore break both groups politically. I am of the opinion that there are indeed lesser humans and people who are inferior to others. Well, that is until something happens to you where your government cant do anything about it... Then who do you cry to? He was also Ronald Reagans role model in the White House. Reading books isn't as cool as sex or sports. Categorising something correctly does not mean i support means categorise it correctly! I find personal insults to be the hallmark of someone who doesn't have strong arguments to back up their opinion. You got fantasy classes and races to combine, abilities, etc. What if my self interest makes other people's lives better? This means both instruments of labor (tools, machinery) and subjects of labor (raw materials). As an ideology, communism is generally regarded as hard-left, making fewer concessions to market capitalism and electoral democracy than do most forms of … Other forms of social organization do not have the innovation Capitalism has because they don't allow people to keep the fruits of their own labor and action. It isn’t a few small mistakes that I could correct. i may aswell go get a quote from hitler. When the people control the controller it's pretty rare for things to wrong. Perrsonal decisions throughout your life and your character is what determines if somebody is morally superior such as George Washington vs Hitler. to bored to finish gonna go to sleep but i could go on all day Yeah... Americans need to focus on their education system. How about a little "Common Sense" please? The system works because it convinces people to tolerate it in the belief they will one day be rich too. This is exactly what America has done and it is one of the main reasons on why so many other cultures have come to this nation and IMPROVED their standard and quality of life by adopting these superior ways of life. I can deal with that. Yes, Libsoc limits the freedom of the individual, but only in the sense of those actions which are harmful to, or limit the freedom of others. How did communism create the meltdown? All they had is their stupid Xbox, or enough money to get a blow job from some skanky prostitute. The poor people dont know the meaning of Liberty, when in this centruy already work as slaves for a meaningless pay, can you live with less than 4 dolares one day? THE PROBLEM WITH ALL THESE SYSTEMS IS CORRUPTION CAPITALISM ALLOWS FOR THE MOST CORRUPTION OUTSIDE OF FASCISM. Capitalism vs. Socialism. However, if we do not have the courage to compete with China and India, we will rapidly cease to be safe and will rapidly cease to be free. This is a powerful weapon for the collectivists, and one which may or may not be overcome. Throughout my whole life I have enjoyed building real businesses by solving real problems. They're just cooped up in their little cages like animals, and then you wonder why they start acting like animals. Capitalism stands in direct contradistinction to these insofar as Capitalism is based around markets and free exchange. -The governmental model is democratic, and the government represents the will of the people. I'm not taking about the ADD, weak-minded, surface kind of an approach to the issue. But children do need parents. do you realise republicans represent the rich few against the poor majority? I'll giove you a hint this great country of liberty not long ago sterilised the disabled and poor and the military nowingly inflected over 400 soldiers with diseases like test rats. There will be no government interference and soon production and consumption would reach an equilibrium. Both systems tend to operate best under democratic governmental systems (when used under more autocratic or authoritarian systems they tend to devolve). We're not all born in the same circumstances. Then you write America has one of the highest poverty rates in the developed world- because of capitalism. Socialism is an economic and social system which is described by social possession and control on means of production. Stay away from : any forms of negativity and Hatred, until you will never achieve the Higher Form of True Peace where you will know the real-deal meaning of Infinite-Equality at its best. It is a term used to characterize an economic system. so why hate on lefty. In communism, the production means are held in like manner, refuting the idea of possession in capital products. First of all 'yes' Stalin forced rapid industrialization and the collectivization of agricultural land, resulting in millions dying from famine but Stalins communism helped defeat the extreme Fachist Nazi's Germany during WWII. if it keeps up, it will becom socialism. I am so happy that this egoism (liberty is the way you call it) behind of your wonderful capitalism is turning back and today america isnt that was in the past, maybe in a few years we will be talking in chinese and the english i learn in a peruvian school (where i am from) will be useless. This is infact not policy in the majority of socialist goverments. If we do it under socialism or communism it is called fair. Personal growth = *see infrastructure and decline of middle class. There are many countries that operate under such a market, but they are not capitalist, although even in America, many items are received through the black market circuit. You have known about your errors for some time now so correct your chart? Yes some people believed it was a land of opportunity. 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Moreover, you don't even solve inequality which is the core of Libsoc. So spare me the propoganda. Your thoughts on these two (Difficulty of Living in Society Level of Intelligence Required) are humorous and wrong. It's not like everything thats different is wrong. What does that make them? Would you rather follow Hitler or Jesus? It has been explain from all kinds of Biblical World Organized Religions that we all should be equal not only from birth but until our expiration date also. We are now in a near free-fall toward the inevitable breakup of Lincoln’s Northern model of a highly centralized supreme federal government. halleriously stupid chart, recommend you look up definitions of words in your chart as its completely wrong, don't blame you though, iknow USA education is dreadful, arrogant retards. Edward Griffin; The Creature From Jekyll Island, The public believed that the United States leadership was opposed to the Soviet Union because one was capitalist and one was communist. Well good, because this next point is entirely relevant... Why you've totally got me confused now. There are a lot of different isms in this day and age. I have been thinking exactly the same thing for some time now and I am surprised that someone came up with the same conclusions that I have. In his essay, "On the Jewish Question," Marx theorized that eliminating Judaism would strike a crippling blow to capitalist exploitation. Fake loans create meltdowns. We now are not limited by how much money we print. This is an area I have not thought about much and reserve the right to change my mind, and to admit an anarchist society might differ in practice. And like facism, the richest get richer at the expense of poorer people. These included, not only former Tsarists bankers, but representatives of German, Swedish, and American banks. ^ This is Humanism. Could I ever reach his level? Every race and culture is unique in its own way and if you've been looking at our culture lately it's not doing so great mate we have a lot of obese people and if were lucky there's barely any morals to behold in this country. You still have not refuted my point about externalities. You've made me think about some things and I appreciate that :) Take care. as of right now, we are not warlike or highly punishing as a countryy.

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