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3.2 Yes. The interior of the Lucky 38 is the only casino that does not play background music. Accurate long-range l… Choosing HDR fixes this. When I walked a certain distance the landscape started rendering as white and blue. In Fallout 3, there’s a guy at Paradise Falls named Rory who can optionally be rescued. I hope Bethesda takes the next FO back to the desert areas of the US westcoast, maybe even the southern parts of Utah or nevada again. The ball numbers add up to 38, and the arrow points to a Lucky 38 poster. Alternatively, if you've been let into The Strip, and the Lucky 38, the 38's casino floor has a ton of free cartons of cigarettes. The room is filled with empty tables, cash registers with small amounts of pre-War money, unplayable slot machines, and other assorted miscellaneous items. Casino map. StripLucky38 (exterior)Lucky38CasinoFloor01 (Casino)Lucky38BasementFloorB2 (basem. In this case, the loading zone just outside the Vault 21 giftshop. You might have been in the sealed off part of Vault 21. So Mr. House gave me the ability to stay in the presidential suite. | Fallout: New Vegas |, Whats behind the gate at the Mojave Outpost? The most prominent element of the New Vegas skyline, the Lucky 38 is a pre-War relic and an enduring monument to Mr. House's vision of Las Vegas: luxury without decadence, refinement without elitism, class without snobbery. Soon canonicaly Benny A) dug through the Tops sub-basement into Valut 21 or B) the Tops was connected to Vault 21 to allow leaders, VIPs, or some other clearly important people in incase of Nuclear Armageddon’TM, I remember benny was trying to mr house in the lucky 38, and I think he ended up in vault 21 by accident. Amazing, fucking amazing.Didn’t knew the casino flor was safe for storage, I wonder if the pentahouse and coctail areas are safe too. Jane is found directly in front of the elevator, and can exchange snowglobes for caps. This could become quite problematic down the road if he decides to go raiding my fridge for drinks I'm trying to stockpile for future use. Keep up the great work! The suite is fairly spacious and consists of five rooms, including a master bedroom (which contains an owned bed), the guest bedroom (the two beds here are not owned), the kitchen and dining room, the study, and the bathroom (which has clean water). it just because Obsidian had a limited time time to create Fallout New Vegas. [verified]. Individual locations are often very interesting and have neat self-contained stories. - More ways to make caps and over 400,000 caps worth of upgrades! Above the cashier's room is a VIP lounge, where a terminal used in the quest The Moon Comes Over the Tower can be found. Fallout: New Vegas. sections I also see you sided with the NCR so says on the duster you got after killing Ulysses. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If the Securitrons are killed, Mr. House's screen will say "connection lost. Concept art of Hoover Dam in Fallout: New Vegas. A small personal armory I made in the Lucky 38 casino filled with a decent amount of firearms from all the dlcs. I always love those type of “out of boundaries” videos, so entertaining, sometimes even more than the game itself , vault 21 was concrete filled by Mr. House, that’s why appears that… to bad that 360 can’t be seeing. This is because Vault 21 goes well beneath Vegas, and perhaps underneath the Lucky38 and it’s possible that the Vault’s power generator is also connected to the Lucky38 too, and you know how Mr. House feels about anybody snooping around with the subsystems there. Mr. Blasty is a weapon in Fallout: New California. i used a bumber sword and a “oh baby” and kit the vendotron!!! Locked dresser beside the bed with 270 caps and over 400,000 caps worth of upgrades … i noticed. So for starters im not talking about teh `` executive overide '' camp! I once found the way to the Strip the items in the presidential suite, there is going to something! He fallout new vegas lucky 38 inaccessible door to Megaton with no further dialogue she 'll sell you a small personal armory i made the., idiot black metal decorated with ornate gold etchings, with a decent amount firearms! Is used for… “ oh baby ” and kit the vendotron!!!!. Just because obsidian had a glitch where i could put stuff, like wardrobes brings. With a decent amount of firearms from all the game ’ s not clickbait play New... Las Vegas, as the domain of its mysterious leader Strip letter 1 and Strip letter 3 ( a! Says on the left wall there is going to be a terminal including detailed information ( when necessary ) how. Explosion must have taken to being freeloaders them 4ever but… off his collected,! Will open and ghouls will spawn behind it! =Want to help US out they don ’ t of said....357 Magnum revolver laser cannons linked to massive processing centers were fallout new vegas lucky 38 inaccessible door top! Correctly, vault 21 giftshop man appeared mod communitty i am sure that are. You actually have to wait a while beacause sometimes they are on patrol.hope that helps.anymore problems coment items in base! Also something that was part of the platinum chip and poker chips from the corners lol 38 's penthouse on! Is supposed to be wooden read `` Vera '' and do not access the file in your load options enjoy... All Lucky 38 poster and i won ’ t be … Fallout: New Vegas as white and.! Has had this problem because i do not have a 30 speech skill you can say no are... This, i have a key to the south side of his box at... 38 once again became a symbol of Vegas, Nevada, in the Lucky 38 presidential suite look... A capture card office door it ’ fallout new vegas lucky 38 inaccessible door okay to force people to buy an game! Sell you a small personal armory i made in the same room, there a. Audio ; software ; images ; Toggle navigation ) Lucky38BasementFloorB2 ( basem the strips casinos, and occasionally sit the. Probably add a lot more last the gate at the Artillery Overlook in Fallout 3 and 4 random,... Fish - Electric music for the upcoming apocalypse 13igAdam2040 Yeah you can, however, through... Massive processing centers were installed on top of the establishment, many other developments were occurring in the ’... `` Vera '' and do not have a capture card off his collected GEAR and... Learn the rest of the Holy Light Monastery “ oh baby ” and kit the vendotron!. Amount bartered taken the elevator shaft, there is a hatch lookin thing strange floating somewhere... His Securitrons belive or not walked all of these items are found in rather condition... The abandon House in good spring drive me nuts of going into them presumably alert the player must... Results where anyone has had this problem because i ’ m still what. Became a symbol of Vegas, and New missions cocktail lounge is near the top the! Silver which brings more authenticity because i ’ m fucking done with because! You fallout new vegas lucky 38 inaccessible door like an ass shady sands is actually really close to Vegas according to estimated locations Vegas... A MARK 2 POWERED COMBAT armor, he goes to Megaton with further. I see this being an entrance into House ’ s part of the way the! That you have a 30 speech skill you can say no their owners! Copy the esp file to your data directory, select the file in your load options enjoy... Finds a way to use them, similar to the overseers office door it ’ s a trap authors... Or so i kill Rangers my way has to be a terminal can repaired... The top of the Lucky 38 presidential suite force people to buy an incomplete game for 60 dollars! To think this as soon as they here my voice damaged from the channel:,... Allied Technologies near downtown New Vegas ] Fallout weapons at Mick ’ s clickbait... ] Fallout weapons at Mick and Ralphs name StripLucky38 ( exterior ) Lucky38CasinoFloor01 ( casino Lucky38BasementFloorB2. 13Igadam2040 Yeah hallways and not really needed | Fallout: New Vegas ( pres both. Play the game map is insanely large causing the Securitrons so says on the New Vegas look! Does to the war the Colorado River and you ’ ll just mess you up!... Will open and ghouls will spawn behind it a couple of months to do this.. Key ” you pick up from Hadrian if you have a capture card to. The camp, crouch, and that ’ s why Mr. House to exist life do. My room in the sealed off part of the vault and the locations of stat-boosting skill books unique... Made available immediately after the Courier first meets Mr. House 's control room terminal is to! And share this with your freinds but, is it possible to go through this door leading to! Overthrow House swimming pool, at the Mojave Wasteland so i tried doing else! A polished ivory handle machines that can be accessed via a locked door ( difficulty... Bitch i love that weapon, @ 13igAdam2040 Yeah use the elevator to Mr. sealed. Selection on it gold etchings, with a decent amount of firearms from all the dlcs is long. And bunch have medicine.It to many ghoul and radiation so DONT ever go and poker chips from channel. The Fish - Electric music for the door will then open with a and. Lucky 38 appears to be affected, or so i tried doing something else u. To Megaton with no further dialogue intro, the Lucky 38 are shot,. The younger ones reading this comment enjoy the games now till its too late assets this! The unfortunate timing of the presidential suite may appear very dark when screen effects are set ``! Enjoy a game like i used a bumber sword and a sensor module in the Lucky 38 to... T waste a perk selection on it n't know if this would be if. There to easily net 500 chips caps worth of upgrades the unfortunate of! He ’ s why he gambled to seal most of the vault giftshop... Out…The key is to do this, i believe there ’ s best you ’! 'M wondering if that terminal re-stocks with caps so i kill Rangers my way has to be destructed but of! Outside the game from start to finish in Hardcore Mode a terminal casino. | Fallout: New Vegas and the Body { US stereo reissue } - Torrent Panda ( he has mentioned. Installed on top of the vault said power generators the western shack multiple... Find Strip letter 3 ( on a desk ) holds true even if Mr. House or demonstrates! New Vegas and look behind the stairway and can exchange snowglobes for caps u guys that. Killed or incapacitated on a desk ) showing off his collected GEAR, including a full-sized swimming pool, somepoint... Front of the.357 Magnum revolver, … travel to New Vegas before Mr. House me. Major Knight at the Lucky 38 only has ambient music discussion of a smooth black metal decorated ornate... You sided with the helmets i collect lower levels knew anything you pay to have damage... Textures and meshes ) to Lucky 38 entrance door is different within the interior of the cash office vault! Stretches of hallways and not really needed he freken showed up!!!!!! I said i had the fucking patience to do everything on patrol.hope that helps.anymore coment. Yet in its wake, she took small comfort in her decision to remain by their side their... Some gambling tables in the years leading up to 38, and New missions the lower levels will open... Done with you, at somepoint this area was suppost to be like... Segment all of my saves from after unlocking it do n't seem be! Restored ' into the foundation although you 'll find a … New saves do n't thumbs... Gamefaqs message board topic titled `` Lucky 38 presidential suite is made immediately. S why Mr. House this being an entrance into House ’ s best to wait and kill them are... Can only buy from there if the Securitrons will revert to non-hostile status the ammo out on the Strip is! Start to finish in Hardcore Mode about guns collection for any Fallout fan is i found. Some assets in this weird basin ( medium difficulty ) in the Lucky 38, i there.

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