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Sliding tiles. This is a clip for the animated movie, Zootopia. It really gets to the heart of what Customer Experience Management actually means. Customer service can be funny, frustrating, and downright weird. List the times when breakfast is closed, and if you plan to close at 11:30 perhaps allow a 10-minute grace period for anyone who might slide in just past the window. The receptionist refuses to investigate the error. And a great customer experience doesn’t involve pestering customers to try out your latest product. 10,681 Customer service royalty free video and movie clips available to search … For more on difficult customer check out The Defusing Hostile Customers Workbook. Customers value efficient service. You Have to See #3 to Believe it. Posted in Customer Service, Videos and tagged customer service At some point or another, everyone has a bad customer service experience. Chess. In this scene, the manager tells DJD’s character that they noticed the longer the customers spend on the phone, the more likely they are to listen to the pitch. We can’t always take quite such a personalized approach to customer support, but it pays to remember there’s a real person on the other end of the line. Featured. Now you can get even more training videos, phrases, and strategies for delivering the best customer experience when you sign up for Myra’s email list. Please see our compliance efforts and ADA policy here. Carol even has the audacity to ask the patient to fill out a customer service questionnaire after doing absolutely nothing to help her. Crossword. The thing is, customer service jobs have been ridiculed in the past as being entry-level positions that few people want. Laden Sie Video, Audio und sogar Untertitel von der unterstützten Website herunter und speichern Sie sie in einem gewünschten Format mit verschiedenen Qualitätsoptionen. A high-level overview of the goals of Creative Commons … Matching cards. Surprise me! Shop Holiday Deals now. I need some youtube clips from movies of Bad Customer Service. Download in under 30 seconds. Groom-to-be Greg Focker (Stiller) has experienced nothing but bad luck with airlines. The customer looks at his watch and it’s only a few minutes past. Contact an HP agent for Support. Search for your next great support role here. … With more than 850 million views, it remains one of the most watched videos on all of YouTube that is not a professional music video. Clearly shutting down shop isn’t an option. Whether it is a clip from a movie, or a video specifically created for training on certain issues, when used well they are effective learning instruments, especially when connecting with next-gen teams and leaders. This statement is particularly true when it comes to consumer/business relationships. First, they lose his bag (which held a 2-carat engagement ring) and after heading back to the airport because of a fallout with his girlfriend’s family, his luck continued. All three options in the survey would basically rate Carol’s service as “exceptional”. This short and fun animation video by Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand explains the CC licenses. Record sounds, add effects, change pitch and timbre, save, cut, paste the expected sound wave, and do much more things with these audio clip maker tools. re: Need some Youtube Movie Clips of Bad Customer Service Posted by CTexTiger on 12/1/10 at 10:38 am to Hydro14. You can hand him the right form, and allow him to skip the line. Michael Douglas is itching for a “ham and cheese wamlet” in this scene from Falling Down. He asks for a manager who says, “We stopped serving breakfast at 11:30 AM”. Watch a video. But we mostly cringed at how real some of these funny customer service examples really felt. Find customer service cartoons stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Reply. It’s not expected for agents to be quick like the energizer bunny, but practicing a reasonable amount of speed is completely understandable (especially when the customer says they’re in a hurry).

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