how to use neither in a sentence

This underscores just how important it is to use the correct word, since failing to do so could drastically change the meaning of a sentence. Lisa watched the two of them, sensing that there was something neither of them wanted to mention. 11. They require balance. Another option, however, is to put Tampoco at the end. I cannot find the tool, it is neither in the kitchen nor in the bathroom. They neither saw nor heard anything, and after negotiating the remaining correctly marked turns, were in sight of daylight. Neither of them believed her father would let him live. They neither plant nor have they any manufactures except their rude bamboo and rattan vessels, the fish and game traps which they set with much skill, and the bows, blow-pipes and bamboo spears with which they and the produce of their hunting and fishing. Neither the rotation of the shell as a whole nor its helicoid spiral coiling is the immediate cause of the torsion of the body in the individual, for the direction of the torsion is indicated in the segmentation of the ovum, in which there is a complete A B From Lankester's Treatise on Zoology. He was, doubtless, a man of high standing, but neither a king nor a high-priest, certainly not the apostate priest Alcimus (1 Macc. A horse is neither better nor worse for his trappings. But it also follows that, if every extinct and recent bird were known, neither species, nor genera, nor families, nor orders could be defined. Neither goes before singular countable nouns. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Neither of the above rules can be applied to carbon compounds containing nitrogen. w The Earth beyond the Ocean where men dwelt before the Flood The Earth beyond the Ocean nearly every case the East occupies the top of the map. Rita laughed, but neither looked up nor broke the rhythm of her flying fingers. neither…nor gives a negative meaning to verbs. Neither Shipton appeared to consider tidiness a high priority. There is neither worship nor propitiation. Neither was the woman who was from last Friday, or the Tuesday before. A'Ran had long suspected the two favored each other, but neither had addressed him about it. In such cases, the words either/neither can be followed by noun phrases. According to the Talmud, he warned her " to fear neither the Pharisees nor their opponents but the hypocrites who do the deed of Zimri and claim the reward of Phinehas: " the warning indicates his justification of his policy in the matter of the crucifixions. You toil not, neither do you spin, yet God takes care of you and your little ones. Strictly speaking, therefore, the Sabbath was neither a day of relief to toiling humanity nor a day appointed for public worship; the positive duties of its observance were to wear one's best clothes, eat, drink and be glad (justified from Isa.'viii. It was a sub­dued meal with neither mentioning the prior evening's conversa­tion. Augustine said this could not be the case because he could neither hear Ambrose nor see his lips moving. The truths which this "disposition of nature" obliges us to accept can be neither proved nor disproved; they are practically followed even by those who reject them speculatively. She looked neither surprised nor pleased to see him. Exactly. Dr Ginsburg had one predecessor in the field, the learned Jacob ben Chajim, who in 1524-1525 published the second Rabbinic Bible, containing what has ever since been known as the Massorah; but neither were the materials available nor was criticism sufficiently advanced for a complete edition. Together, this neither/nor structure forms something known as a correlative pair. How to use nether in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word nether? This means that the information one term introduces is connected or related to the information the other term introduces. in the XVIIIth Dynasty tomb of Rekhmara at Egyptian Thebes as bearing vases of peculiar forms, were of some Mediterranean race, neither their precise habitat nor the degree of their civilization could be determined while so few actual prehistoric remains were known in the Mediterranean lands. Neither mentioned the late night phone call during Edith's nocturnal visit nor Cynthia's sudden, unannounced return. 4. The communication with the atrium is guarded by a valvula cardiaca dextra, which only in function represents the mammalian tricuspid; it consists of an oblique reduplication of the muscular fibres together with the endocardiac lining of the right ventricle, while the opposite wall is convex and forms neither a velum nor papillary muscles, nor chordae tendineae. In neither case is the actual speech of the conquerors one of the tongues in formal use. But neither the one nor the other expedient availed him. The apostolic epistles are equally free from any trace of chiliasm (neither r Cor. Neither of us has a choice about being together. This arrangement pleased King of neither of the relatives of the emperor; but his will Naples, now was law on the continent. The three following families have neither radula nor jaws, and are therefore called Aglossa. All Rights Reserved. But neither one of us gave a flying fish. Natasha looked at the fat actress, but neither saw nor heard nor understood anything of what went on before her. She wore neither makeup nor jewelry, but her blouse and skirt demonstrated that she had made a half-hearted attempt to dress for company. Next, neither may be used as a determiner: Neither kitten wanted to eat. Neither of those two ever did anything alone. Neither during his life nor after his death did any two people agree about him. "Neither of you are funny," Kiki replied. Either is used with or while neither is used with nor.. It is, however, only noticed here on account of the numerous references made to it by succeeding writers, for neither in this nor in the author's second volume (not published until 1814) did he propound any systematic arrangement of the Class. Dean laughed and told her his visit was neither social nor to perform mayhem—it was police business, sort of. ... How to Use Hence in a Sentence 3:25 Even if they were together at the full moon, neither would remember. He heard neither the clock nor the birds. . Neither of us could recall anything unusual. Neither had told him what exactly it was. But neither seriously considered contacting the law, especially because the law was Acting Sheriff Fitzgerald. Neither Martha nor I knew what details Howie knew of the event. : The coeliac plexus is formed by the … Neither of them seemed to recognize anything as important except pitch and amplitude, and Reis thought the amplitude was to some extent obtained by the varying length of contact in the transmitting instrument. Prices are keen but beware that entry models have … Determiners. A: Would you like a blue tie or a green tie? He spared neither men, money, nor himself in attempting to carry out his gigantic scheme for the colonization of the south Russian steppes; but he never calculated the cost, and more than three-quarters of the design had to be abandoned when but half finished. Crowds of wanderers were to be met on every road; Germany, Holland and Italy were full of Jews who, pack on shoulder, were seeking a precarious livelihood at a time when peddling was neither lucrative nor safe. And the nature of this reality again can neither be consistently represented as a fixed and hard substance nor as an unalterable something, but only as a fixed order of recurrence of continually changing events or impressions. She wore an oversized shirt and boxer shorts, neither of which was hers. No, and neither Quinn nor Martha are picking up their phones. When Denisov had come to Pokrovsk at the beginning of his operations and had as usual summoned the village elder and asked him what he knew about the French, the elder, as though shielding himself, had replied, as all village elders did, that he had neither seen nor heard anything of them. Matter can neither be created nor destroyed; however a chemical system be changed, the weights before and after are equal.'. Neither sect was supposed to interfere in mortal affairs, a fact they selectively ignored. At Athens, at any rate after Aristides, the eupatrid was neither better nor worse off than another man. “Well,” said Joe to Marie, “either you start fearing, or you are camping by yourself.” Once we have understood the usage of ‘either-or’, its time to learn about ‘neither … An example of neither being used as a pronoun: Neither of them showed up for the interview. Yet neither the acts by which their league was ratified nor the terms negotiated for them by their patron Alexander evince the smallest desire of what we now understand as national independence. He had neither the patience nor the tact for managing loquacious parliamentary pedants. From the looks on the glum faces before me, he had neither told them anything nor was there success in their search for the killer. Not either (used with nor). Neither can we see the cruel bears, for they also eat the fruit. the word "neither" would be comparing two things in a negative way. Ich mag weder “Star Wars Episode 1”, noch “Der Weiße Hai 2”, noch “Matrix 2”, noch “Matrix 3”, noch…. He who does not work neither shall he eat. But Charles, though a brave soldier and good military organizer, was neither a capable statesman nor a skilful general. "The problem is I have neither time nor money.'. Neither is defined as not one nor the other of two things actually happened or was true. Neither can be used as conjunction, pronoun, and adjective. To Algernon Sidney, who refused to take part in proceedings on the plea that neither the king nor any man could be tried by such a court, Cromwell replied, "I tell you, v e will cut off his head with the crown upon it. And I ain't staying in no skimpy little tent neither. Sentence 2 actually says, “Of the two principals on the list of candidates, neither one has asked to be considered . Thus, 1 - x would represent the operation of selecting all things in the world except horned things, that is, all not horned things, and (1 - x) (1 - y) would give us all things neither horned nor sheep. In neither of these cases have the subsidiary buildings been fully traced out. When she neither rejected nor attacked him, he lay down beside her and wrapped an arm around her, holding her tightly against him. When to Use “Or” Instead of “Nor”. An “either . (That's what neither is for.) However, neither is it the ethical equivalent of a lynching. When using either/or and neither/nor, be sure to maintain subject-verb agreement. When using either/or and neither/nor… Love can neither be bought nor sold. The coming of the Norman ruled that these lands should be neither Saracen nor Greek, nor yet Italian in the same sense as northern Italy, but that they should politically belong to the same group of states as the kingdoms and principalities of feudal Europe. 3 Neither Lamarck nor Robert Chambers (the now acknowledged author of Vestiges of Creation), though thorough evolutionists, rationally indicated any means whereby, to use the old phrase, " the transmutation of species " could be effected. of 4: Neither believed her cheery pronouncement. Neither of them found any trace of what Darkyn sought. Got enough negatives in there for you? Show More Sentences Moreover, neither the order of liquidity nor market or net realizable values were determined for assets such as accounts receivables or inventories. use "neither" in a sentence There is an Irish proverb which states that you should neither give cherries to pigs nor advice to a fool. Unlike the American Indians, who supposed Columbus and his crew to be supernatural beings, and their ships in some way endowed with life, and were thrown into convulsions of terror by the first discharge of firearms which they witnessed, these Australians were neither excited to wonder by the ship nor overawed by the superior number and unknown weapons of the strangers. i like neither of the cakes. Uruguay has neither coal nor petroleum in appreciable quantities. Neither of those things are possible, Guardian. The realization struck Cynthia, too, and as neither had slept particularly well, both plodded through the early morning chores with few words passing between them. . Neither said a word as the hall clock began striking midnight. Augustus, who showed neither talent nor inclination for government, was content to leave Poland under the influence of Russia, and Saxony to the rule of his ministers. He was the third man - the only man for her, because he could do something that neither her father nor Josh could. (e) Again, not all dogmatic teachings of the pope are under the guarantee of infallibility; neither his opinions as private instructor, nor his official allocutions, however authoritative they may be, are infallible; it is only his ex cathedra instruction which is guaranteed; this is admitted by everybody. You can do this by making sure that the verb and the noun that is closest to the verb agree with each other. ro, 20; 62; 89; 11, 58; Athen. To my knowledge, it is grammatically correct to use neither at the start of a sentence, but not like that. use it in a sentence : "the charter neither expressly prohibits nor permits . Neither faction was strong enough in both houses to carry out its own programme, and it seemed for a time that nothing would be done. They are capable of acting as they pronouns – ‘either’ where it would mean one or other while ‘Neither’ will indicate ‘Not one or the other’. Using Neither in a Sentence. Neither my mother nor my father went to university. This university was founded in 1621 and the university of Buenos Aires in 1821, but although Bonpland and some other European scientists were members of the faculty of Buenos Aires in its early years, neither there nor at Cordoba was any marked attention given to the natural sciences until President Sarmiento (official term, 1868-1874) initiated scientific instruction at the university of Cordoba under the eminent German naturalist, Dr Hermann Burmeister (1807-1892), and founded the National Observatory at Cordoba and placed it under the direction of ' There are two distinct statistical offices compiling immigration returns and their totals do not agree, owing in part to the traffic between Buenos Aires and Montevideo. No matter what happened from here on out, neither Darkyn nor Gabriel would ever let them live after this. Neither spoke until the lights of Montrose glowed through the snow. 6. Although/Though is followed by yet. Neither one of them had any place or anybody to turn to. Neither do i. But neither the pope nor the Venetians would hear of such a transfer, and the negotiations on this subject greatly embittered Matthias against the Curia. "It is well," said he, "that neither a merchant nor a fisherman shall have it; for such men think only of their business and care really nothing for beauty.". On the following day the festival of the unity of Italy was celebrated, but neither this nor the previous meeting had any practical result. A “nor” usually follows a “neither” when they're used in the same sentence. Neither boy had ever been deprived of anything they actually needed. When to use neither: Neither can also act as either an adjective, pronoun, or conjunction. Both were convinced that the old order must change; neither saw clearly what the new order should be to which it was to give place. It is not quite easy to see why he abandoned this successful policy in order to hasten on a war with Sparta, and neither the Corcyrean alliance nor the Megarian decree seems justified by the facts as known to us, though commercial motives may have played a part which we cannot now gauge. On one occasion Felix sent troops against the victorious Jews; but neither this nor the scourge and the prison, to which the leaders of both factions had been consigned, deterred them. Neither the Spanish islands nor the Scillies contain tin, at least in serious quantities. Using "Nor" with "Neither" Follow "neither" with "nor" within a sentence. She also knew that neither her father nor her brother would refuse to help the peasants in need, she only feared to make some mistake in speaking about the distribution of the grain she wished to give. Neither world would be worse off, if he was gone. Neither did I. For opposite reasons, neither the Greek nor the Jewish mind lent itself readily to mysticism: the Greek, because of its clear and sunny naturalism; the Jewish, because of its rigid monotheism and its turn towards worldly realism and statutory observance. … But neither of them is a copy, as Friar Bonaventura in Ford's second play may be said to be a copy of Friar Lawrence, whose kindly pliability he disagreeably exaggerates, or as D'Avolos in Love's Sacrifice is clearly modelled on Iago. But for the past six weeks or so, neither Billie nor Willie could be found anywhere. EITHER & NEITHER are both used in a negative sentence. Heart has only a single auricle, neither heart nor pericardium traversed by rectum. of 4: “Are you going to work or to university?” “Neither of the two.” Oh and should you ever feel the need to reject more than two things simply add nochs to your sentence:. We use it to say ‘not either’ in relation to two things. Please just know I bear neither of you ill will, despite the outcome. Using Neither… nor in English and Example Sentences; This structure, “neither … nor”, is used to connect the same kind of word or phrase in the sentence. I understand such feelings in others, and if never having felt them I cannot approve of them, neither do I condemn them. He neither saw nor heard anything else around him. He was neither ancient nor ugly, with familiar dark eyes and hair and roughly hewn features. But, to Dean, neither did a 10mm line, all that bound the scampering gnats they could see peppering the icy walls of the gorge. On the other hand, neither sex of the latter at any age puts off its striped garb - the mark, it may be pretty safely asserted, of an inferior stage of development. Neither doesn't really work at the start of that sentence, I think it would have to be "The toddler would neither give up the toy nor come inside". Neither she nor human-Deidre thought to involve Gabriel in their plans. Neither Alex nor children were the key to happiness - she was. I dislike that punctuation and I would either use a semicolon or make it two sentences. No, it wouldn't for a fact, but then, neither would sulking. I wonder when I reflect under what influence I was brought up, that my heart is not harder than the nether millstone. It was either John or Peter who received your message. In neither department did any Saracen, strictly speaking, invent anything; but they learned much both from Constantinople and from Persia, and what they learned they largely developed and improved. Using Neither in a Sentence. I used to like playing bothfootball andbasketball when I was young. Dean had two choices, neither of which was appealing. Sentence 2 actually says, “Of the two principals on the list of candidates, neither one has asked to be considered . She was making it day to day telling herself neither of those things was true. As a conjunction ‘nor’ is generally used after neither. His term of office is six years, and neither he nor the vice-president is eligible for the next presidential term. perching birds, that is to say, which are neither birds of prey nor pigeons - proposed by Professor Cabanis, was into four " Orders," as follows: - 1. Communicating love in a way neither had ever experienced, they converged in an esoteric dance in which the world fell away. As a pronoun, it indicates not one or the other. They searched the entire house, all the obvious places like the trash cans and counter tops, but found neither the letter nor the envelope. You know, neither of us has ever known a werewolf. Only two communities separated Cortez and Durango; Mancos and Hesperus, and neither were memo­rable. While their neighbours, the Malays, Papuans and Polynesians, all cultivate the soil, and build substantial huts and houses, the Australian natives do neither. She was much like you, though neither of you were able to gain his trust, for reasons I believe are understandable. "Lilith would never betray me, and neither would Hannah," Kris snapped. The carbonyl group is not ketonic in character since it yields neither an oxime nor hydrazone. Bills imposing taxation or appropriating revenue must not originate in the Senate, and neither taxation bills nor bills appropriating revenue for the annual service of the government may be amended in the Senate, but the Senate may return such bills to the House of Representatives with a request for their amendment. I have neither time nor money; I don’t have either time or money. Neither of these attempts is practicable. Bamtz was such a craven, and neither of the other men would have cared what happened to her. Head very large, not marked off from the body; neither branchia nor suckers; fins situated near the middle of the body. Theobald was followed (1240-1241) by Richard of Cornwall, the brother of Henry III., who, like his predecessor, had to sail in the teeth of papal prohibitions; but neither of the two achieved any permanent result, except the fortification of Ascalon. Neither Kris nor Sasha was capable of mercy or empathy. During the next two years neither Mr. Anagnos, who was in Europe for a year, nor Miss Sullivan wrote anything about Helen Keller for publication. Neither of them could bear to say the word vampire. Neither did Death sit back and wait to discover the information he needed to do his job. 4 Different Ways of Using Either and Neither.

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