how to wash your hair with a new cartilage piercing

These hazards are such like your hair and any chemical products like a harsh anti-bacterial soap. This is because the earlobe is more hidden and has softer tissue. if you’re dreaming of the time you can have your hair washed by your stylist again! It also gives the chance for the pus generated from your ear to flow out and not get glued up with the backing. Help! Tiger is a fashion&jewelry lover. That cloudy discharge is what forms the crust that works to protect the piercing site as it heals. ⁣ ⁣ ????’? Now you can carefully move your hair out of your face and let it lay normally. Try and do the hair routine even the evening before you get your piercing done. It is far less painful. You might dread being in the shower but now that you know what to do and how to do it, you can confidently surpass that fear. 2 to 8 weeks - Hood, Inner Labia, Prince Albert, 3 to 8 weeks - Tongue, Tongue web, Lip frenulum, 2 to 4 months - Earlobe, Eyebrow, Labret, Lip, Monroe, Medusa, Vertical Lip, 3 to 12 months - Ear Cartilage, Navel, Nipple, Transverse Lobe, 4 t 12 months - All surface piercings such as nape, cleavage, pubic and so on, as well as Triangle, Ampallang, Apadravya. When you get a new earring, managing normal daily life routines will be a very involving task. As they heal, ears could harbor a funky smell and this might not be pleasant for you. That means no swimming, no commercial piercing cleaners and don't twist or touch the piercing. I'm two months into my helix healing process, so I'll do the best I can to explain my experience with healing my pretty new helix piercing. ⠀⠀ #washinghair #shampoo #thebestpart #curlupanddye43081 #imissmystylist #coronavirus #westervillestylist #westervillehair #westerville #uptownwesterville #614stylist #614hair #ipreview via, A post shared by Abi Lowe (@curlupanddye43081) on Apr 14, 2020 at 8:30am PDT. ⁣ ⁣ There’s a few ways to do it. ??? When dealing with new piercings, it is important to remember one very simple rule that is sometimes hard to practice: do not touch the piercing. The different parts of the body have different healing time and not everyone will heal over the same time span. wash your hair like normal! ⁣ Technique ⁣ Technique ⁣ TECHNIQUE!!! Once your healing is complete, your piercing will last long and become a great part of your life and appearance. The basics of cartilage piercing care are easy. Avoid swimming in the first month. ???? There are delicate soaps that could be used to wash your ear while in the shower and you could opt to invest in them as well. ⤵️, A post shared by Mallory | marketing mentor (@msmallorygrimaudo) on Feb 19, 2020 at 3:49pm PST. Do Nose Piercings Look Good on Big Noses. These are some of the cartilage piercing aftercare. Apply the saline solution with clean, disposable cotton 2 times a day. Or, if the wound really hurts, you can use saline to soak it a bit to help with healing. How to Wash Hair with New Cartilage Piercing. Hair Products. Also, taking care of shampoo, conditioning and deep treatment to-dos is important but so is the health of your new piercing. So, if you have one piercing on your left ear, you would need brush all your hair to the right side making sure there are no loose strands on the side of the piercing. The time it will take your nose piercing to fully heal depends on the location just as much as it does on your aftercare. The piercing was done by a professional body piercer using the highest quality implantation steel captive bead ring or stud under sterile conditions. The healing times represent the time frame that you have to engage in cleaning of the piercing. You could try this earring twisting in the hot shower as well, when your pores are all opened up and relaxed. Below you will find a list of the general healing times for the commonly pierced parts of the body. Put the solution in a small clean and sanitized container and soak your piercings in this solution. ???? Now before you get any piercings, especially cartilage, always make sure you do your research. carefully dry your hair with a t-shirt or microfiber towel to prevent frizz.⁣ ⁣ 6️⃣ Apply your styling products with your hair still upside down and scrunching up. ????? If you don’t have a detachable shower head, wash your hair at the kitchen sink. Take this time to slowly twist your piercing up and down as the water rushes over your ear. Just like taking showers, sea salt baths also open up the skin’s pores. Wash with warm water and gentle soap before you touch your piercing to avoid introducing bacteria to the area. The water needs to be warm, not hot or cold like a warm glass of milk. After washing you can even stuff your hair in a showercap if you’d like and finish the rest of your shower. Last Updated 19 December, 2020. Get immediate medical help if you think your piercing is infected. With your hair now clean and safely out of the piercing’s way, you should then clean your piercing. This post is about 1800 words, you guys can click the navigation table to read what you want. When taking a shower with a new cartilage piercing, you will do it as you always have done. ?? You can also make your own saline solution by adding 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt to 8 ounces of distilled water. The two most important are to avoid touching the piercing unless absolutely necessary, and to avoid exposing it to harsh soaps, cleaners or chemicals. then after your wash get a bowl of warm salty water and pulling your hair out the way dip your ear in the water for 3-5 mins! However, you must be aware of how much and what type of salt you use to make it because if it is too strong, it could heave the reverse effect of healing your piercing to causing infections or terrible irritation. ??! Just like adopting a puppy or investing in a fancy houseplant, new piercings require attention, love, and care. While earlobe piercings take anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks to heal, a cartilage piercing may take anywhere from 3 to 6 months and even a year for them to be completely healed. ? Here are the steps that would help your piercing to heal faster: Do not let the water get into the fresh hole. With that out of the way, you only need to avoid getting soap around the piercing. Don't use any type of jewelry for the first year other than standard, hygienic steel inserts. The third option would be to soak a gauze in the saline solution and placing it over hard to reach piercings to allow the saline to bleed into the inflicted wounds. It is considered to be healing normally as it is natural that the tissue would be irritated and the pus discharge is also a part of the healing process. In the first 24 … Lots of misinformation here. Remember not to change your cartilage piercing until it’s fully healed. Memory usage: 2349.3KB, 9+ Natural Ways to Tighten Saggy Neck Skin, 11 Natural Ways to Make Your Skin Glow Overnight, Magnesium Sulphate Paste: Recipe and Uses, Troubled with Razor Bumps? 2. If you would like to wash your ears with soap, you will need to buy a mild liquid soap that will effectively get rid of sweat, oils and the discharge that the piercing produces after a saline rinse. then after your wash get a bowl of warm salty water and pulling your hair out the way dip your ear in the water for 3-5 mins! As this is an earlobe piercing, it should be less painful taking a shower as compared to a cartilage piercing. You should use soft swirls up, down, under and all around the piercing. Soak your piercings in the solution, or pour into a clean spray … And if you have curly hair you gotta try it! You should also consider quitting smoking while it heals too as smoke can be a major irritant and don't let any one touch it, or have any body fluids come in contact with it. ??????? It can also bleed lightly. This evenly distributes the product. If you have natural hair: I did that for 3 weeks when i got my fresh conch piercing and all was fine! When you do touch the piercing, always make sure that your hands are clean and dry first. How to Protect Ear Piercing When Washing hair. Though you may consider an antibacterial soap good for germ killing, it is too harsh to your ear piercing and could be a terrible irritant if you expose your cartilage to it. Try to eat more nutritious foods, get adequate sleep, and exercise regularly to have a healthy body and a strong immune system to ward off infection. Soak or spray your new piercings in sea salt and warm distilled water to facilitate healing. Hair strands especially when wet, get easily tangled in the piercing and trying to pry it out is excruciating. You may get a piercing bump - treat this with a sea salt paste, Vitamin E oil or Tea Tree Oil 4. Before you clean your new ear piercings, wash your hands with antibacterial soap, then dip a cotton ball in a saline solution made for piercings. Wash the piercing with clean water or a saline solution only. Leave the earrings in your ears as you swab the piercing with the cotton ball. ?? A healthy lifestyle will also help. You should also keep your bedding and pillow case clean so as to prevent infection. May 23rd, 2011, 09:58 AM. Do not dye your hair. So, you need to pour some solution into a clean and sanitized container then dip the cotton swab and proceed to wipe off any germs or hair product. You will find it very soothing and if you do it while you clean with the saline solution, it has a momentary cooling effect. Even just letting shower water run over the piercing is enough, but don't let soap from shampoo cover the piercing.Pat dry the area after it has been cleaned and only use hypoallergenic jewelry that fits snugly in place. ????) You must see a physician to deal with an infected piercing site to get your healing back on track fast. ??????? Only this time you will remove any potential pain hazards around your piercing first before jumping into the shower. Current time: 12/19/2020 02:04:56 pm (America/New_York) You Shouldn't Change The Jewelry Initially. ⁣ ⁣ ????? There are several things that should be avoided during the healing process. How to Shower with A New Cartilage Piercing? Checking the Piercing for Infection Keep an eye on the color of the piercing site. The crust is an important part of the healing process so leave it alone. KEEP IT CLEAN Keep your hands and anything that comes in contact with your piercing CLEAN. ? (also when you're washing your hair, try not to hit the piercing. Cartilage piercing care is surprisingly easy if you do what you should. Copyright WWW.NEWHEALTHADVISOR.ORG © 2020, All rights Reserved. Touching your ear ‘A happy piercing is one that is admired, loved but is never touched or slept on. Just once you're done, clean the piercing and make sure there no left over soap, or anything around the piercing. Once this is done, tilt your head toward the shower and remember to maintain that angle all through your wash. Any hair products like shampoo should not get onto the piercing as they are irritants that will inflame the piercing. Which would be even more painful trying to get that undone. All you need to be careful about is any strands of hair or strings of fabric like the ones on your towel that have the potential to pull at your earring. ?? Washing hair upside down over a bath is much easier as it will cause less distress to the piercing. It is wiser to buy a solution from your drug store instead just to be safe. A swollen piecing with discharge can make you think that you have an irritated or infected piercing, but that is actually what a normal healing process may look like. That is not enough to guarantee normal healing. A nostril piercing takes roughly three to six months to heal, depending on the thickness and type of jewelry. In general, complete cartilage piercing healing might take from 4 to 10 months. During the seasoning period, you have to be very cautious about changing the jewelry that you wear or choosing to wear anything that will strain the piercing. level 1 Yes, of course, you can wash your hair after piercing your ear. wash your hair like normal! It’s also the last time you’ll comb/brush your hair so make sure to get any tangles out.⁣ ⁣ 3️⃣ After the conditioner has sat on your hair for 2-5 minutes, rinse it out of your hair with your hair hanging over your head (like this photo) ⁣ ⁣ 4️⃣ As you rinse, clump or scrunch your curls upwards with your hair still hanging upside down.⁣ ⁣ 5️⃣ Once you are out of the shower, ???? He is also a fashion jewelry manufacturer that help thousands of small business to grow and also do business with some big fashion jewelry brands. This is because your towel’s fabric could also graze your piercing or worse, it can get snagged and this will literally bring tears of pain to your eyes. These piercings heal from on the outside first then the inside so it may look fine but it could be very far from completely healed. Sea Salt Soaks are an alternative to the clinic’s saline solution which uses strictly non-iodized salt and distilled water. Don’t use cotton swabs, which can irritate the piercing. Please follow these tips to help your piercing heal safely. Of course, you can! ????? It is wise to simply wrap your head in a turban and let it air dry. Don't twist the piercing to break the crust. Cleaning your piercing is mandatory and should be done every 3 to 4 times a day until the soreness dissipates. You can also blow dry with a diffuser instead. I have 6 cartilage piercings and they all turned out perfect and I washed my hair through all of them. ?? However, if you’re going to make your own, it’s important to mix a new batch every day. Depending on the type of piercing you have, it can take up to 8 months for the piercing to heal. It can be very easy to open the piercing and get an infection if you do not properly care for it during the healing process and seasoning period. ?? What's normal for a new piercing. Instead of reusing washcloths, you should dip gauze or a cotton ball in your saline solution each time you clean your piercing. Aftercare. Keeping Your Piercing Clean in a Bath Wait at least 24 hours before you take a bath. Try googling it and experimenting to find the right method for your hair! When talking about correct cartilage piercing care the terms used are an "angry" piercing and an "infected" one. You need to keep in mind the position of your piercing and work to direct your hair and any loose strands away from the tender site. So, the only option you have at that point is to hold onto your earrings crown and slowly twist is clockwise and anticlockwise. If you have a piercing on each ear, you could choose to brush it forward or backward based on which angle is more comfortable for you. You will take a shower just as you normally do just make sure to tuck away any hair strands that might be prone to tug at your earring. Cartilage piercing care is easy, but to make sure it goes well you have to address any issues as fast as possible. Before you touch your new piercing it's best to wash your hands with soap and water. Just exercise extreme caution while scrubbing away and make sure to thoroughly rinse it out to clear out any soap residue caught in the piercing. To maintain good personal hygiene, clean the pierced area properly to prevent dirt-build up and infection. Clean with a clean cotton pad or swab, dipped in … : ⁣ ⁣ 1️⃣ Shampoo and apply conditioner like normal.⁣ ⁣ 2️⃣ Use a wide toothed comb to comb your hair while the conditioner is still in your hair. Depending on where you get your piercing done, your clinician may provide you with the perfect saline solution that is safe for your piercing. He is a truly metal expert and he will share some information you are looking for. ⁣ ⁣ This method helps your curls find their happy “curl families” and form your natural curl pattern. Myth #9: You can't wash your hair after getting your helix pierced. Myth #10: A helix piercing will cause agonising pain. Technique! If it is possible for you, it would be advisable to figure out a hairstyle that you are comfortable with and that will keep your hair out of the way for at least the first week. ? 'A cartilage piercing is different to a lobe piercing and it will hurt a bit more. Put the solution in a small clean and sanitized container and soak your piercings in this solution. An infected piercing can be serious if it's not treated quickly. Keep the water at a warm temperature not hot as this will further inflame your delicate cartilage. ???? I did that for 3 weeks when i got my fresh conch piercing and all was fine! Infected piercing equipment Due to their tough nature, cartilage piercings are way more painful than simple earlobe piercings and they take a long time to heal. Taking a shower or washing your hair can be a dreadful experience if you don’t know how to go about it. ?????? Ensure you are always wearing your earrings with some space between the backing and your earlobe. After the shower, follow up with a quick saline rinse on your cartilage piercing to keep it healthy and hygienic. You also have the option to capsize the container and its contents directly onto the wound. ???? These wounds need no more interference beyond the daily cleaning that you will be directed to do by your clinician. Do not also allow your hair to touch the pierced spot. ⁣ ⁣ ???? An infection can be serious, so knowing how to recognize symptoms of abnormal healing and infection is important so you can take steps to clear the infection fast. Sea Salt Soaks are an alternative to the clinic’s saline solution which uses strictly non-iodized salt and distilled water. ????? 1) to avoid infection; try to keep your hair away from your piercing, make sure your fingers are freshly cleaned when and if you have to touch it. Can I wash my hair after piercing my ear? Maybe all this hassle with washing your hair at this time could be altogether avoided. If not, you could try and use the tons of material online to make your own saline solution. ?? It contains the shampoo, conditioner and product from this morning, plus all the bacteria and dirt that happened to be floating around in the air you walked through today. Avoid touching it as much as possible! ?? Wash the piercing with clean water or a saline solution only. After your shower, remember to clean your piercing with an ear saline solution to keep the area sanitized. That way, you get at least a week post-piercing with no overstimulation of the area which will translate to a cleaner, quicker and problem-free healing process. A cartilage piercing is higher up on your earlobe and is in a very vulnerable position. Also, never twist the bar in the ear while the piercing is healing, just let it do its thing. Wash your hair while upside down. Make sure your hair and all its tiny strands close to the piercing are safely tucked in your turban or shower cap. ⁣ ⁣ It takes a while to get used to this, but I see improvement in my curls and technique each time I use the clumping method. (Safe or Not), 15 Inexpensive Gold Rings That Won’t Tarnish. Your body will do most of the healing on its own. What creates the most problems for people are the expectations they have for how long the healing process will take. For a cartilage piercing which is higher up and more at risk of hair strands latching onto the piercing, you will need to exercise great precision and patience. It is important not to touch the piercing or move it in any way. Anyone who has walked the journey of a piercing can relate to the agony of almost every whimsical movement anywhere near the area of impact. For the first few weeks a new piercing might: be tender, itchy, and the surrounding area may look slightly red on … Use a sea salt solution. You should be cleaning daily in the shower with hot water and clean hands, no soap. It won't be until 1 year after the piercing date that the piercing is considered "seasoned." ??? To read more useful tips, read here or here. Here're 10 Effective Ways to Help, How to Deal With Fordyce Spot on the Lips, Causes and Treatments of Skin Around Nails Cracking. ⁣ ⁣ Yesterday I shared how Monat products will love on your curls.⁣ ⁣ But what’s also just as important as the products you use is the TECHNIQUE you use. look for signs of streaks or marks in the surrounding tissue, feel the piercing to see if it is hot or warm to the touch. To clean a cartilage piercing, use a sterile saline wound-wash solution. “????????”? However, more time may be required, depending on your piercing and how your ears react to it. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Cartier vs. Tiffany Engagement Ring(With Pros&Cons), Can You Use Neilmed Wound Wash for Piercings? Even just letting shower water run over the piercing is enough, but don't let soap from shampoo cover the piercing.Pat dry the area after it has been cleaned and only use hypoallergenic jewelry that fits snugly in place. If some of these products get on your ear, be quick to rinse out under the shower. You can effectively clean your earring with a solution of saline and a cotton swab or a clean smooth cloth. Given the option, you should opt for the cotton swab as it is hygienic and can reach the piercing without much prodding. If you just got an earlobe piercing, you shouldn’t have much trouble because it’s a little hidden and far from your scalp. You may have only one cartilage piercing or two but the way in which you avoid contact of your hair and the piercing is the same. Your hair holds onto anything and everything it encounters throughout the day. Sometimes these piercings get itchy but you know you shouldn’t touch them because doing that will only make them flare up. One very terrible pain is experienced if you hit your fresh piercing so ensure you are paying attention and taking your sweet time. ⁣ ⁣ (???? You have to learn the right cartilage piercing care to make sure that your piercing heals well and without any problems. ??? It's normal for the … ???????? Even after the healing period, you still need to care for your ears and piercings properly with daily washing. my shampoo and conditioner did not irritate my new piercing! An angry piercing is. Always, always, always wash your hands before touching your newly pierced ears. Earlobe Piercings: 6 weeks Cartilage Piercings: 12 weeks Ear Piercing After Care Safe healing begins with the piercing process you choose DAY ONE Congratulations. I know you're itching to get that sweet new ring in, but … It hurts a lot) But other than that you should be fine. Take extra caution to sleep on the opposite side of the piercing and be cautious not to get it snagged on your hair … as well as paying attention to unusual swelling beyond what may be normally expected. ⁣ ⁣ 7️⃣ Avoid touching your curls as much as possible as they air dry to avoid causing frizz. Cartilage piercings are prone to infection, excess swelling, and hypertrophic swelling, migration, and rejection just like any other piercing. The chemicals will have an impact on the piercing and given how new it is, it will be a bad time guaranteed. The cartilage location makes a difference in healing and cleaning times. This keeps the area well ventilated and prevents and dirt build-up from forming. ?? You may feel some impact when the water hits your cartilage piercing but embrace it as it can be very soothing and could aid in quick healing. ??????? The water needs to be warm, not hot or cold like a warm glass of milk. Whether you have long or short hair or you’re male or female, it doesn’t matter. You can moisten the piercing with clean fingers and throughly clean … my shampoo and … Cartilage piercing care is surprisingly easy if you do what you should. Fact: You can wash your hair like normal. Piercing your ear cartilage is a choice you want to last by doing everything you can to help it heal well. That doesn't mean the process is done yet. Here, we will discover little tricks and tips to help you make these tasks as painless as possible with your new piercing. Those are the most common signs of an infected piercing, but you should also. Wash your hands. However, you should be very careful. The cartilage has a tougher tissue than the earlobe, which is mostly fleshy, and it is more flexile than bone tissue. It is responsible for the shape your ear takes. You need to, ever so slowly, and carefully comb or brush your hair away from the piercing. =P 2) to clean - your piercer should have given you a solution to clean your piercing with, if not use a simple salt solution made with salt flakes and water that has been boiled in the kettle, make sure the water cools down a bit (1/4 salt, 3/4 water). ⁣ ⁣ ???? This will allow the piercing to heal completely. ⁣ ⁣ And there’s a few variations on clumping. Re: Fresh piercings and washing your hair? ???? Mix 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt with 8 oz warm distilled water. Gently rotate the earring 2-3 times as you clean to make sure the antiseptic gets inside the piercing.

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