is general studies a waste of time

General studies graduates are also quite common, even when an area of expertise is chosen. Dental Hygiene graduate resume objective...? Some schools are very good at helping grads find jobs and others are nearly worthless....Show more. At my college we did the whole A-level in one year, which shows how easy it is to pass. If I were you I would just pu! I think it should be optional, or the curriculum should change so that it covers interesting and useful topics like taxes and bills – things that may help students when they live away at university.”. Hey, so I got my As results back this past August, and they were.... a mixed bag to be fair. time-waster; time-wasting; waste time… We had useful talks from visitors on subjects from road safety to student budgeting, for example. Read on to find out more about this course of study. Employers and graduate schools will look at all the … Are they a waste of time? There is a common conception that General Studies students take nothing but twelve units of Basket Weaving each semester. Is it possible or even a good idea to get a general studies degree if you have no idea what to pursue and don't have to pay for college for the next few years? All relevant components of the research engine should co-operate to achieve scientific progress that will help patients and the general … General Studies programs require students to select from a specific area or areas of concentration. For mine I had to do two exams, I did better in the second and I went to one lesson. An identified strength is also often listed as an opportunity as well. Comment amener vos élèves à lire leurs devoirs. One tiny consideration that would depend on your CC-- do they have a very good placement office where they'd have contacts for better job opportunities if you finish? As we all shift gears back into September routines, this is a great time to take a look at how you spend — and waste — your time. Hayley Molley, 20, an applied equine studies student at the University of Northampton, says: “I don’t feel like I learned anything from general studies. General studies has always been that class that people don’t take seriously because they feel like nothing they learn in it is going to help them in life. Universities would be better off, in terms of improving four-year graduation rates and satisfying their customer base, if they abolished elective requirements for students and allowed us to instead focus on what we came to school to study. Facebook — I don’t think I really need to explain this to any of you. Employers and graduate schools will look at all the classes you completed at both schools, but having a bachelor's degree is what they will focus on and associates degree in just general studies isn't going to make much of a difference if at all. Can you do laundry with Dove bodywash soap? Hyo Hardell: Finish off the Associates...I got mine before transfer and using it on m! People live in this present. Luck!...Show more, Cómo evitar que su perro se maree en el coche. We are certainly living in a completely different world now and all kinds of general and not so general knowledge can now be found online for no cost at all. A-Level students should consider vocational courses instead of university because too many degrees are a waste of time and money, an expert on business and education warned today. Fay Brady, 21, a politics and modern history student at the University of Manchester, says: “I took general studies thinking it would fill in the knowledge of subjects I didn’t take at A-level. Is general studies a waste of time? That is far from the truth. Some schools, including my sixth form, make general studies compulsory as a fifth A-level option. A lot of universities will not consider it ( but it depends on the course & uni ) at my school gs is available as a 5th optional subject only taken to as level. st my efforts towards the bachelor's degree. Gen Ed classes are a total waste of time and money. This is a large source of waste and results from the failure to publish the results of research. View Schools A Degree in General Studies - The Basics. Check your activities against this list: Top 20 Time Wasters. My major is computer science. Why a General Undergrad Business Major is a Waste of Time and Money Published on January 27, 2017 January 27, 2017 • 1,998 Likes • 224 Comments 81% Upvoted. Depends. I think the way you asked the question shows that you already suspect what the real answer is.It all depends on how long it would take to get a bachelors and what else you do in the meantime. But on starting a paper last month, I felt nonchalant. Victoria Rowlands, 20, a sociology student at the University of Manchester, says: “At my college, general studies wasn’t compulsory, but students who were identified as ‘gifted and talented’ took it in our final year. Studying history is a waste of time because it prevents us from focusing on the challenges of the present. However you dont revise for it and it isnt the most stressful topic in my experience. The reason why I'm interested in the associate degree is maybe it could get me a better job while I earn my bachelor's....Show more, Aubrey Tirri: Nope don't even waste your time or money if you have already been accepted into a 4 yr program. In our experience, a major thing that limits the progress of students is the lack of followup. For example, 85% of MBA degree earners had a background of general business. Most(?) But in practice, it feels more like a crash course in how to be a functioning member of society – for dummies. I got an A, two Bs, and a U! Can someone give me some insight on general studies? Oliver Brown, 17, an A-level student at Wickersley school and sports college, says: “General studies is compulsory for all students at my sixth form. It's the bachelors degree they are going to care about. It may help the minority, but all the universities I’ll be applying to next year specifically say they don’t accept general studies as an A-level, making it more of a hindrance – with a low grade – than a help to make a competitive application. Employers and graduate schools will look at all the classes you completed at both schools, but having a bachelor's degree is what they will focus on and associates degree in just general studies isn't going to make much of a difference if at all. I was planning on maybe taking some general study courses to save myself the trouble of wasting time in college with changing majors but I've heard some good and bad about doing these courses. I asked students from across the country about their experience of general studies – has studying it been worthwhile for them? Ergo, the business field is now flooded with folks who have nonspecific general business degrees. That’s why I dropped it before exam season, allowing me to focus on and revise for the subjects that are useful for the course I want to study at university.”. Aside from the fact that students must pay the course fee and pay for the textbooks, these classes also take time away from the subjects that really interest students. Question one asked us to compare two images of a kitchen and suggest why they were different – which drew snorts of laughter from students. If not, what should replace it? SWOT requires no deep thinking, little if any validation, and typically lists the same things in two categories. This constitutes 25 percent of the four years typically allotted to … General Education Classes Are The Biggest Waste of Students Time. Have I ever mentioned what a complete waste of time it is? I don't mean to start 2012 off on this blog in a negative tone, but I have one of two exams in this dog bollocks subject on Tuesday. For the most part, general electives are a waste of time, and consequently, money. A student will often be really engaged in a lesson, follow everything quite well, and improve their understanding tremendously. You usually have to do only one or two hours each week (f*** all really) and then you get a relatively easy (and interesting) A-level which allows you into the university of your choice if you don't do as well as you would like on one of your 'proper' A-levels. Combining the time devoted to all Gen Eds, it can be concluded that students will end up spending roughly two whole semesters (one academic year) fulfilling them. Nope don't even waste your time or money if you have already been accepted into a 4 yr program. y resume was a way to make mine different from the rest of the applicants... Marielle Hedeiros: This Site Might Help You.RE:Is a general studies associate degree a waste of time?Be honest. I could understand them back in the age before the internet but now there is no need for them. Re: Who else thinks general studies is a waste of time? Continue Reading. Not all students are educated enough in these areas prior to the exam and the course consisted of six hours reading newspapers in a group. However, one starts to wonder how many hoops (in this case, dreaded general education courses), should be mandatory, especially if they have nothing to do with the career someone wishes to pursue. Congrats and Good! If Planned Parenthood to claim it promotes womenâ€... Cómo Iniciar un Negocio de Cuidados en el Hogar. Though there was no pressure at my school for us to succeed in the exam, (due to its lack of currency with university admissions officers), there has been a backlash by many students who believe the course is a waste of time. Sherita Gallati: Truth is-- its a dice roll. Weaknesses are often listed as threats, with minor wordsmithing so it’s not totally obvious. General education courses should not be required for college students, because for many, they are a waste of time and money that could be better spent elsewhere. A student blogger speaks to sixth formers to find out if any of them can see the point of general studies. Especially since you mention that it is just in general studies and not for a specific field. I remember many tear filled nights worrying about passing pathology for her major and statistics as a gen ed requirement. Read that sentence over again. share. Forcing someone who wants to be a writer to take physics is a waste of the student’s time, the teacher’s time and a lot of money. During lessons at my school, an introduction to politics painted political parties as caricatures; lessons in “everyday maths” would fail to challenge even primary school students, and the rest of the content of the course was largely made up of a weekly news quiz. Is it? In conclusion, research is necessary and not a waste of time. Studying is NOT a waste of time By studying, you could have good grades Good grades means more prepared for exam (and exams are studied as well) Achieving high grades in exam makes better choices for better universities Some people I know who studied hard got Ds and Es, and it’s not worth having a low grade on your CV.”. save. Comment se débarrasser d’un clavier français. If it is going to take a while to finish college while you work your way through, the associate degree would be a lot more important. Sitting in an exam hall and turning over the first page of a test is usually a daunting prospect. They plan for and worry about the future. The 'exam' is General Studies, which some A Level Students are unfortunately forced into despite how its effectively pointless for those hoping to go into a grades University.For those fortunate enough to escape General studies (or are not part of the British Education system), General… However, the course was combined with other enrichment activities, which were more beneficial. General studies in the modern world. This degree will not help you gain a job that you could not have gotten. History, however, is … Comparing kitchens is hardly useful in everyday life, nor will it help us succeed in our academic careers. Firstly, only about half of the studies that get done get reported. The head of sixth form at my coll They also hear people who already graduated college and have their degree and they tell them that general studies were the most useless because they never applied them to their careers. The people who love math and science are going to do well in those classes. I don’t think there was any point in the lessons – I never revised and I still passed. People are drawn to and retain what they’re interested in. The biggest issue that some students have with general knowledge in the modern world is that they feel it can be easily obtained online. A January 2013 study by the Associated Press (AP) concluded that paralegal careers are among those that experts predict will “disappear” as technology advances and job markets continue to tighten.. Thank you! Aubrey Tirri: Nope don't even waste your time or money if you have already been accepted into a 4 yr program. When I got out of high school I … hide. It’s the same for people who love English and writing, or art or music. Most of us did achieve top grades, and it was nice obtaining an additional A-level which required minimal effort. I earned my B.S. Beau Starcevic: I'm not sure though...its not like the associate in general studies gives you any skills to prepare you for a specific career. I believe that Gen Eds are a waste of time. She adds that although many universities don’t even accept general studies as an A-level option, 25 students at the school in 2014 secured their university place as a result of their grade, after not meeting their original offers. i dont necessarily think that it is a waste of time, but true nothing i did in class was in the exam. The exam was on general studies, an A-level which, according to exam board AQA, is designed to “broaden minds by encouraging students to develop their thinking skills, capacity to construct arguments and ability to draw conclusions”. A student studies political literature as part of their general studies A-level. This question has been bothering me forever. waste of time (plural wastes of time) A meaningless or fruitless activity. Keep up with the latest on Guardian Students: follow us on Twitter at @GdnStudents – and become a member to receive exclusive benefits and our weekly newsletter. It would be better to replace it with a more useful subject such as English, maths or one of the core sciences. But it was very different, and heavy in specific areas that required personal and further interest in those topics. Ryan Hamilton, 28, a specialist pharmacist in antimicrobials and PhD student at Liverpool John Moores University, says: “I would have found it more useful to have taken another A-level, even if it was only to AS stage. Related terms . Well, not really. In principle, the subject seems worthwhile: helping students to leave school with a more well-rounded education. If you get a bachelors quickly, the associates won't be very important at all. I got accepted to the state university, but I'm only 4 credits shy from getting an associate from the local CC. Posted Mon 30th January, 2012 @ 20:23 by M. Comment faire de la poudre contre les démangeaisons. It’s a waste of time. Too many people are going to college because they believe a great American myth: college … Just because you understand something, it doesn't mean your job is done. Home > Discussions > General Studies > Who else thinks general studies is a waste of time? General studies degree programs typically provide the breadth and flexibility not commonly found in traditional degree sequences. A 'read' is counted each time someone views a publication summary (such as the title, abstract, and list of authors), clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the full-text. report. However, I think that the inclusion of a research or community-based project would be a nice addition to the assessment format to add some value to the subject.”. Who else thinks general studies is a waste of time? What are the pros and cons of general studies? Asking him for money is a waste of time: he won't give you any. My only real concern is if it would be a waste of time or if it's at least better than just a high school diploma or not. Whereas my A-level in textiles taught me how to be creative, critical, and experimental, which have been invaluable during my career to date.”. The next source of waste is related to the first in that is estimated that only around half of the research that gets published is sufficiently well reported to be usable and replicable. College is ... On top of all of her major classes she had to take general courses. A student blogger speaks to sixth formers to find out if any of them can see the point of general studies, Last modified on Thu 17 Aug 2017 17.32 BST. As a specialist hospital pharmacist, I can’t think of a situation where general studies has been useful for my career, and it’s not even accepted on applications to study for a pharmacy degree. For many people, college can be a waste of time and money. Post answer; Find study resources; 1 vote; Studying general studies just adds to exam stress and is pointless. “Students should not be forced to take classes that cover materials they have already been familiar with at some point in high school” (Pracz). On the other hand, if you are taking out loans or paying out of pocket, majoring in General Studies will be one of the biggest mistakes of your life. Forgetting things is a waste of time. 10 comments. in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in biology and chemistry.

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