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Was wondering if it’s a pest or due to a wet spring. Lamb’s ear is a super tolerant plant. some people only grow it for the foliage but bees love the flowers. Medicinal Properties of Woolly Lamb’s Ears Answered by: Conrad Richter Question from: Le Anne Hakimi Posted on: August 21, 2001 I am growing a profusion of medicinal herbs and shrubs and all but one I have extensive information on. Not only do the soft, fuzzy leaves absorb blood and help it to clot more quickly, they also contain antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Is it the flower after it dries up? The plants will multiply; to keep them controlled, thin them as needed by dividing the crowns with a sharp shovel to transplant. Once the plant grows tall it “blooms”. I’m just saying lamb’s ear is an additional, effective solution to have on hand. You have to do the inside, top and outside, to completely cover the base. Live in Texas and I want to transplant to another part in yard. If they are the same thing, then I am in luck!!! Many people notice Lamb’s Ear popping up in their gardens and pull it immediately, thinking it’s a weed. Thank you! Good companion plants are dianthus, and day lilies. Their silvery color is fun to play with when experimenting with color theory in your landscape design. For this reason they were once widely used for wound dressings on battlefields. For this reason they were once widely used for wound dressings on battlefields. Very informative, thank you. It looks the size of a cattail. Crushed and rubbed on an insect sting or bite Lamb’s Ear may reduce the swelling, irritation and discomfort. Medical uses of Lambs Ear (Stachys byzantina). Just a warning to anyone like me who thinks. Cut stems so you end up with long stems for … There are reports of the young leaves may be eaten in salads or gently steamed as greens. Lori. Thanks for the inspiration. I too had no idea about the wide range of uses for this pretty little plant. Choose the best. In addition to its lush foliage, it also produces lovely blooms. They have survived 10+years to date. Besides the sopping up of blood and use as a dressing, lamb’s ear has also been used as a poultice and has analgesic properties. Lamb’s Ears: A Field Guide. These include: Reducing/stopping diarrhea; Lowering fever; Relieving throat and mouth soreness They are very resilient and keep putting up new growth after the rabbit eats them down. It is also lovely in a rock garden. A few lamb’s ears cuttings or new plants sown in early spring will fill a large space by mid autumn. It seems to be very heat tolerant, at least as far as I can tell. See more ideas about garden inspiration, beautiful gardens, plants. This is especially true of shady areas. Since we have hot, humid summers, I planted my lamb’s ear at the edge of the woods. Drink a tea made from young, dried Wooly Lamb’s Ear leaves to help with fevers, diarrhea, sore mouth and throat, internal bleeding, and weaknesses of the liver and heart. Finally got its name from you. Maria Montgomery link. These include: Reducing/stopping diarrhea; Lowering fever; Relieving throat and mouth soreness This plant creates a gorgeous and verdant carpet in the garden, with a layer of tiny white hairs. It’s actually distantly related to mint, which is why it is so hardy and such a vigorous grower. It was used for centuries as a wound dressing on the battlefield. Thank you for your precious time to provide so many wonderful articles. The leaves have antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties as well as aiding in blood clotting. Reply. Lamb’s ear has been used as a natural dye for wool. Just plant the seeds about 1/4″ deep in seed starting mix, and keep moist and away from direct sunlight until the seedlings emerge. Lamb's ear would be used in the very same way as mullein until the … In the second stage, it will send up stalks and flowers in spikes. Facebook; Twitter; Mail; SERIES 26 Episode 32. Water them as needed when you see the soil getting dry. It was used either alone, or to help hold in other herbs like comfrey. Love the softness and even more so now that I know they have many uses. Or the plant will die! I brewed it very strong and drank too much. I'll have to add some wooly lamb's ear to my garden. It's also edible, and makes a very nice tea! Stachys byzantina (syn. Otherwise, just divide your plants every four years or so, or leave them be if you want to maintain large, sprawling clumps. We are enrolled in the Amazon Associates program, so we may earn a commission if you purchase something from Amazon after clicking one of our links. If you happen to notice Lamb’s Ear on your property, let it be! Lamb’s Ear, also known as Stachys byzantina. Lamb’s-ears originated in Turkey and western Asia, where they are still found growing on rocky sites. For centuries, hunters and soldiers have used Lamb’s Ear leaves as a field dressing for injuries. Back to Top. Non-flowering, use the foliage to contrast nicely with green and blue leaved plants. Dec 20, 2018 - Explore Faye Williams's board "Lambs Ear" on Pinterest. This can help prevent your flower stalks from becoming too tall and gangly. Yesterday was my lucky day, not only found the name, but so many uses. Lamb’s ear has been used as a natural dye for wool. Just know that by toasting, this or any herb, you now have doubled the strength. Plant needs some shade to keep from color washing out and stugging to survive. Lamb’s ears, (Stachys byzantina), perennial herb of the mint family (Lamiaceae), native to parts of the Middle East. The leaves are curved and covered with fur, much like the lamb of an adorable baby lamb! Bandages of Lamb’s Ear were applied to wounds and bruises in medieval times due to their effectiveness in wound healing. These are one of my favorite herbs on our property. The type species for the genus is Stachys sylvatica. I have a big pile of lambs ear and didn’t know what the purpose was for them other than they were unique, mine are about two feet tall and a spread of about eight feet long, they have pretty purple blooms on the top, my question is where does the seeds come from? What is that, can you be more specific? Anyone no if they grow wild?? After it cools, put into coffee bean grinder. I just want to snuggle this little plant! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Lamb’s ear grows in zones 4-7, and will be happy to come back even bigger year after year. Tannins are also present in the plant. Mulching underneath the leaves can help prevent this and other moisture-related diseases and fungi from developing. Lamb’s ears, (Stachys byzantina), perennial herb of the mint family (Lamiaceae), native to parts of the Middle East. Likely, it reemerges right away, as it’s highly resilient. I have grown these before but never knew about all the medicinal qualities. The pH should be mostly neutral at about 6 to 6.5. Divide when necessary. If you weren’t; those were actual ears from lambs (the kind with four legs). Historically, Lambs Ear herb was used to help reduce swelling of injured or inflamed joints and muscles and was gathered when the plant was in flower and dried for later use. Guess cause she made to an oil for my earache. For an even more powerful effect, combine lamb’s ear with a bit of plantain or yarrow. Hi, Jade! By clicking on an affiliate link and placing an order or clicking on an ad, this website receives a small commission which is used to cover hosting and maintenance expenses. Lamb’s ear has many uses in the garden, though it is grown primarily for its foliage. You don’t need to fertilize prior to planting, but it doesn’t hurt to add a bit of compost. This process is called Decarbonization. Share. I live in Alabama and am wondering if I may transplant it in the yard in the fall. Worked great & now I have my own patch! Using wire cutters, trim eight artificial lamb's ear stems to a manageable length for the size of your wreath. Lambs Ear features large thick white to silvery-grey leaves and has a purple insignificant bloom in the summer. Thanks for all this great info about their foraging use. It also has antibacterial properties and is even effective against Staphyloccocus aureus, the strain of bacteria responsible for various infections like sinus or skin infections. The infusion should be drunk three times daily to ease menstrual cramps, joint pains, diarrhea relief, and for dysentery. Thanks for any suggestions. Jane profiles a lovely plant with a touchable texture. I have found here in Alabama the plant does best with morning shade, full sun after noon, in my yard. Continue inserting lamb’s ear stems down the right side of the wreath, stopping at the bottom (as pictured in the image below.) I am happy to see all the information you have gathered in one place! That’s great advice, so you use a toaster oven or oven on broil? I took some cuttings & rooted them. Not spelled correct!it’s taken me weeks to figure out what this is, now at about 4 ft tall I am wagering it’s a With the proper growing conditions, the hardy, drought-tolerant lamb’s ear will thrive with ease in USDA Plant Hardiness zones four through eight. Lamb’s ear leaves aren’t just soft – they also provide a shockingly diverse array of medical uses to help you in a crisis. It is cultivated over much of the temperate world as an ornamental plant, and is naturalised in some locations as an escapee from gardens. Medicinal and deer resistant….who knew! Common Names | Parts Usually Used | Plant(s) & Culture | Where Found | Medicinal Properties | Biochemical Information issue. Boiling the leaves in hot water and then adding a mordant, brings out a fabulous, creamy, yellowish beige. Lambs ear has many uses in the garden though it is grown primarily for its foliage. You can also make a very pleasant tea by steeping dried leaves in boiling water. Stachys is in the subfamily Lamioideae. That sounds like mullein. Reply. Not only does the common name give you a good indication of the irresistible fuzziness, but a person is captivated … Lamb’s ears are often used to decorate gardens and recreational areas, and they commonly attract children due to their soft furry texture. How can you tell the difference between lambs ear and mullein? Cough is gone and almost all congestion. edible – young leaves in salad, steamed as a green, battered (‘lambari’ in Brazil), stir fried medicinal – Homegrown antibacterial bandage speeds up the healing of cuts. They are grown primarily for the color and texture of their foliage and are often recommended for children's gardens because of their soft feel, which is the source of the name "lamb's-ear." From this point you can use how you wish. Noteworthy Characteristics. This year it’s doing much better. The Lamb’s Earth does grow wild. If you are reading this and haven’t planted lamb’s ear yet, I recommend selecting a location that you don’t mind becoming inundated with these plants – you’re going to have plenty on your hands so it’s a good idea to plan ahead. Stachys is one of the largest genera in the flowering plant family Lamiaceae. He has had walking pneumonia twice and I gave him 9 caps in am and 9 caps in pm for several days and he was well.. We found lamb's ear bunches at our local crafts supply store for about $3 each. You might see it marketed by other names, too, including woolly hedgenettle, Stachys lanata or Stachs olympica. Landscape Attributes Lambs Ear has many uses in … I never knew these are the same as those I see wild everywhere! God has so many wonders in store for us and we know so little about them! The white hairs on the leaves do more than create a nice pop of colorthey also help to prevent loss of moisture in the plant, making it exceptionally drought tolerant. Very hot and humid here. Lambs Ear features large thick white to silvery-grey leaves and has a purple insignificant bloom in the summer. Thank you for the information on Lambs ear, How about dogs, chickens and rabbits digesting them as they roam through some of my gardens. They’re super easy to start from seed (I ordered mine from Horizon Herbs). This plant grows up to three feet tall and up to four feet wide, and can produce flowers in colors like pink, purple, red, and even white. You might need to thin it every two or three years. Just be sure to dig it up by the roots, don’t shake the dirt off, then plant it at the same depth in a fresh spot with good soil. I always thought it would make good TP, if things ever got that bad…. Today it is grown mostly to draw pollinators to the garden. Sep 12, 2019 - There are few plants as useful as the Lamb's ear. Since we have hot, humid summers, I planted my lamb’s ear at the edge of the woods, in a semi-shady spot to prevent wilting. We found about 12 to 16 inches worked best on a 16-inch wreath form. Lamb’s ear is related to Betony (both are Stachys), and is sometimes called woolly betony. It's also edible, and makes a very nice tea! I was wondering about them and what they could be used for. I definitely will get it planted soon. We love Lamb’s Ear, Niki. Butt I never put it there, I’ve lived here 6 yrs now it’s never been there I hope you can get a bunch planted! Would you suggest bringing it in when it gets too hot – as in over 100? I think it would be fine. In late spring into summer it will produce many flower spikes that bees just adore. It’s Lamb’s Ear, and I remember reading somewhere that it was used medicinally, but I can’t seem to find that reference again. Cut stems so you end up with long … We found lamb's ear bunches at our local crafts supply store for about $3 each. Can I put regular tea n Mullen together as well. The massive amount of content on this website is made available to readers as a gift. Flowers are not particularly showy, and many gardeners prefer to remove the flowering stems as they appear to enhance the ground cover effect. You should assume any link is an affiliate link. Lamb’s ear has warm, fuzzy, velvety foliage that resemble lamb’s ears. Thankyou for sharing how to propogate it. Had a chronic cough after a bout with pneumonia. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 25. Bumble bees like to congregate in morning hours to collect water in the form of condensation that collects on the fuzz of the Lamb’s Ear’s leaves. Beautiful and ready to bloom, However, it has spread widely to most parts of North America. Lamb's ear would be used in the very same way as mullein until the advent of modern materials. Mysteriously, some superstitious people even believe that lamb’s ear has the power to heal spiritual and emotional wounds! Mullein most definitely works great for cough. The grey foliage is very soft to touch and is shaped very much like a lamb’s ear. Lambs Ear Garland, Artificial Lambs Ear Garland, Wedding Centerpiece, Lambs Ear Swag, Sage Color Garland, Table Runner, White Rose Garlands Flaural.

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