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either/or - They are used together to offer a choice between two things > You can either call me at home or at the office. [Person responding to previous persons phrase] Person B, “me either”. First things first:If you are matching either and nor, I hate to break it to you, but you’re doing it wrong.Additionally, nor is generally not used where neither is not also used. I had to look it up, though, because I noticed someone online say 'either', then I questioned my way. there has never been any set rules, because the "rules" depend on how a majority decides to speak, and they change as the years go by. The fact of the matter is all English was bastardized long before there were American English speakers. [Person2: person that is being talked to] This person reply’s by saying, “me either”.   Permalink There is "accepted among certain people" and "not accepted among certain people." Both "me neither" and "me either" are correct. It is difficult to pronounce “me either” because you have to pu in a glottal stop before the “e” unless “either” is the first word of the sentence. You can also use ‘either’ to agree with a negative statement, but you must include the negative form.   Report Abuse. The prigs on here need to go relax somewhere nice and peaceful and stop school-marming the rest of us peeps ("peep" has entered the vernacular now, peeps). a) “me neither”- I can’t either or neither can I. I really don’t feel like going to college today. In the second version of your examples you have a double negative. Getting back to your question, “Me neither” is an elliptical (or incomplete) version of a longer reply.   Permalink Glenn: "Everyone" is not debating punctuation. B: I do n’t like fish either. So I looked it up. Grammar Point neither / either neither / either. This might help to explain the common American usage of the expression “Me either.” But why not “I either”? Grammar: descriptive rather than prescriptive, but some howlers ought to be laughed out of court. I mean "pronunciation," natch... still have not had my coffee this morning... 1 vote There are quite a few different phrases/idioms that use both either and neither. It is plain that we are on the same plane! !” Phoebe instead of being honest, lied and said, “yah I am”. We hate grammatical errors with passion. We receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) so we can continue to create helpful free content. I’m not sure whether his name is Greg or Joe, but, either way, address him as sir. LOL. "neither" is essentially "not either", so you use it in a confirmitive of a negative as in "Neither do I" So which is correct "me neither" or "me either"? 'Not me either', though unidiomatic would at least make sense.   Report Abuse. If you answer "Me either", the question is - what is the unstated verb phrase/clause?It is the "can not" of the original statement. Texas was never an English possession, though :), Why is everyone debating the pronunciation? In my mind that requires a more positive type response so "me neither' just feels negative in my view.As for the term "gotten"...........SO IT WASSSSSSSSSSSS included in English at one time? link to Why Is the Question Mark Upside Down in Spanish? Here’s an example:“I fear man nor beast!” Jay proclaimed as Frank stared at the python coiled on the branch over his head. Neither …nor. Some of the annoying, but fascinating developments of American, as opposed to English, are the rolled Rs which all Americans use, but which occur in very few areas in the UK, and not at all in other former British colonies, and the dialect’s grating attempts at shortish As, of which there are two variants, that used in such words as "last", and that employed in "can't". According to an english grammar website, speaker B is wrong. What I meant of course was that neither NEITHER nor EITHER is incorrect in the expression "Me n/either". eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'strategiesforparents_com-large-leaderboard-1','ezslot_8',124,'0','0']));report this adSupport Strategies for Parents by visiting our ‘Recommendations’ page and using the affiliate links in our articles to shop. Did she mean “neither am I” as in “I can’t wait either” or “I’m not either”? Neither do I or me neither are just like informal expressions, actually when someone say like " Me neither " it's the opposit of " Me either " just like that "n" means NOT, but it isn't right to say, " Me not either " Haha, please don't do that! When someone says “I don’t like beef,” you can respond with a full sentence if you like. A Briton would hardly recognize the construction "Me either," which tends to be an exclusively American grammatical phenomenon in my experience. (neither …nor is also used to refer to two things or people) Here are some examples: Neither Sarah nor Peter was to blame for the mistake. In fact, responding in agreement to a positive statement would usually elicit the response “me too” instead of “me either”. I know that "me neither" sounds normal because it is commonly used. Which is correct? For example: This sentence indicates that I have a choice between the two authors. neither…nor gives a negative meaning to verbs. As with so many other grammar and syntax questions, especially when considering the usage on the two sides of the Atlantic, there is much debate and disagreement on what is correct usage. Never being apart of the group started to make her feel lonely and left out. I think it is improper to do that. You can't say me neither. But my main concern is 'me either', because there is no negative; it makes no sense to me. (The mother didn’t … It didn't even occur to me that "Neither is incorrect" had a double-meaning in the context of this discussion. Either the football fans or the tennis fans are using the TV. They were all constantly doing stuff together as couples, since Phoebe was single she was never apart of that. I like wine. It seems useless to debate what it would be in a formal context, since it is hard to imagine in what formal context the phrase would be used. Both are correct. But as we pointed out in the opening paragraph, language continues to evolve with usage. Do any of them yearn to speak English? Most people chose this as the best definition of me-neither: (colloquial) Used to say... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. (0)Nor do I. They're showing there view on a certain grammar lesson. Me neither is in no wY a double negative. อดัมหรือเบน คนใดคนหนึ่ง จะไปสอนวันเสาร์หน้า Me either - I don't like wine either. Me neither. “Me either” is almost exclusively an American expression., Therefore, the concept that if a "native speaker uses it, then it must be correct" is abhorrent to me. One of my college roommates, a girl from Iran, used EE, while the other, a South-African with a Boer last name, used I. I don’t like. I've only heard "me either" once.   Report Abuse, 11 votes "I am a man, and I never assaulted anyone. ©2020 CYCLE Interactive, LLC.All Rights Reserved. Answer The Easy Way: “Me too” or “Me neither / Me either!” Usually we talk about ourselves. Anyway, object pronouns are starting to do the duty for both in America, so it's only "wrong" for those who are trying to Latinize English. If you answer "Me neither", you are changing the unsated verb phrase from "can not" to "can" as in "Neither can I". Who knows? Phoebe, knowing her lies said, “me neither!”. (a) Neither me nor he is perfect at grammar Neither I nor he is perfect at grammar. In addition to being incorrect, the double negatives would cancel each other out and change the meaning of the sentence. In the face of the term’s general rejection — except in the US, perhaps — we can think of no solid reason why the term should have become so popular (source). First, neither "me either" nor "me neither" is a proper use of formal English and I think that is why there is so much confusion. What Alison is really saying is, “I didn’t enjoy that movie either.”, eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'strategiesforparents_com-banner-1','ezslot_6',647,'0','0']));What Alison is really saying is “I didn’t enjoy that movie either.”. Informal usage: I don't like wine. NEITHER: adverb: Say that a negative statement is also true for another person/thing “Mike didn’t go to school today and neither did Spencer.   Permalink Therefore, the word "me" is being used as the subject of the sentence and is incorrect, because "me" is the objective case. If we look at our two phrases, “me neither” and “me either,” there doesn’t appear to be a subject or a predicate. Either Way: Whichever of the two given alternatives be the case. that plane...that simple. "Either" and "neither" can … John or Peter received your message. There are, of course, several different ways of saying “me neither,” all having the same meaning, for example: “nor me,” “neither do I,” “nor do I,” “I don’t either,” or the more formally abbreviated “nor I.”, So, in response to a statement, “I’m not looking forward to the coming exams,”  the abbreviated answer of “me neither” is simply a shorter way of saying, “I’m not looking forward to the coming exams either!” where “not either” equals “neither.”. If that were true, there would never be English classes in school and there would be no sites like this! “Me neither” indicates agreement with a negative statement; “me either” indicates agreement with a positive statement. – I don’t want to leave the city tonight. In this video, learn how to use either and neither correctly. Nobody says it. You use either with a negative phrase, as in "I do not want to go either". As I am an American, if he said, "I cannot wait for Christmas" I have always very naturally replied "me either". Neither of and either of are followed by a plural noun or pronoun and a singular or plural verb. If it is the subject of the sentence, then “neither I” is correct, as in “Neither I nor anyone else in this room gave it to them.” If it is the object of the sentence, then “neither me” is correct, as in “It was given to neither me nor anyone else in this room.” In one sense, “neither” and “either” usually signify a choice between two options.   Permalink As that is a negative statement, "either" is again, correct. Unfortunately, English overflows with irregular constructions that don’t follow any particular rule. “me neither” should be changed to “neither do I” or “me either”. Neither candidate was selected for the job. It is doubtful that many of these questions will be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction. Which one is grammatically right: "neither I" or "neither me"? A plural verb is more informal: Neither … I think the example is correct.   Report Abuse. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'strategiesforparents_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_2',653,'0','0']));However, we need to understand that these expressions are what we call elliptical or incomplete sentences. the FORMAL way to use neither is... neither can i, neither do i or nor do i... you use EITHER when a negative clause is implied.. for example i do NOT want to go to school EITHER. Pronouns Follow "either" or "neither" with the word "of" and a noun phrase.   Report Abuse. 15 votes link to Past Tense of Run: Understanding Regular and Irregular Verb Tenses. The dog (subject) chased (verb) the cat (object).   Report Abuse, Whoever just wrote that parody on linguistic imperialism and bigotry is a comic genius. – Yeah—me neither. Neither has two acceptable pronunciations. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. How does that enable us to understand the distinction between “me neither” and “me either”? It's the expression that prompts the response. For example, here it is as a conjunction to connect two clauses: It can be used as a determiner, referring to two choices: As a determiner, we can use it to mean “both,” as in: Interestingly, Google Ngram seems to indicate a dramatic upsurge in using the expression “me either” compared to “me neither” since the year 2000. But when I said it in my mind I thought something

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