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Every Indian households have a at least one neem tree planted in their garden. For many people, the fluff from cottonwood trees is a nuisance and can cause allergic reactions. How to identify: distinctive serrated leaflets that are found in 5-8 pairs, giving the leaves a feather-like appearance. They add decorative touch to any garden. As you can tell from the name, it rains a lot in these forests. Although you can make syrup from any maple tree, it’s only the sugar maple tree (Acer saccharum) that produces quality sweet syrup. Then there are fir trees that include evergreens such as the Fraser fir, noble fir tree, and white fir. There are various trees with the common name cypress, however not all of them are true cypress tress. Cherry trees have many cultivars that include edible fruit trees, ornamental flowering trees, weeping and dwarf trees. Willows are usually last to drop their leaves in fall. There are 18 species of hickory trees, 12 of which are native to North America. Oaks can be trees or shrubs and are in the genus Quercus and the family Fagaceae. Did you know: rowan trees were once widely planted as a protection from witches. Some types of hawthorn trees have leaves that are deeply lobed and look like large parsley leaves. Most species of crape myrtle trees thrive in USDA zones 7 through 10. Arborvitae trees and shrubs are ideal for natural privacy screens, wide hedges, living fences, or specimen trees. Cypress trees have soft, feathery evergreen foliage and produce cones that look like large acorns. Silver Birch . This is usually preceded by the leaves turning wonderful colors including shades of orange, brown, and yellow. The most common sycamore tree species in North America is the Platanus occidentalis which is also called the American sycamore. 5. Some of the most popular maple trees are the sugar maple (Acer saccharum) and red maple (Acer rubrum). Tree identification: Elm is a thick, dense hardwood tree and some species are especially ornamental and beautiful. Other ways to identify trees by their leaves include: Here is a list of many types of common trees that grow in forests, woodlands, fields, and gardens. Locust trees are fast-growing flowering trees that grow to between 66 and 98 ft. (20 – 30 m) and belong to a family of flowering plants called Fabaceae. All of the 35 species of spruce trees have pine needles that radiate equally around the stems and can be prickly. Leaves from the hawthorn tree grow spirally on long shoots. The tropical teak is large deciduous tree and is known for its high quality. Cypress trees such as the Monterey cypress (Cupressus macrocarpa) and the Mediterranean Cypress / Italian Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) are true cypress trees. Many types of apple trees have ovate leaves that come to a point. They have needle-like leaves that stay green all year long. Most types of locust trees grow in the eastern states of North America. One of the most common tree that found in Indian trees names list is the neem tree. However, their roots have a destructive effect on sidewalks and building foundations. Tree identification: Rich brown-red colored wood that gets darker with age. Learning about the most common types of trees in Seattle is a good way to educate yourself about tree conservation. Maple is a hardwood tree that is also useful for making baseball bats and its timber is valued in the construction industry. Some types of Eucalyptus trees are called gum trees, and fruit from eucalyptus plants are called gumnuts. The reason why it is called red maple is that during the fall time, the leaves of this tree turn a beautiful bright red color. They are all white-pale yellow colored, softer or less dense, and have poor fire resistance. And there’s a good reason for this – it’s because we truly have some of the most incredible trees, plants and animals that the world has seen. Further reading: Crape Myrtles: Trees, Dwarf Plants and Shrubs. Pine is an evergreen coniferous that is fast growing and long lived tree. Other types of mahogany tree in the family Meliaceae grow in Asia, Africa, and New Zealand. There are over 60,000 species of trees that come in all shapes and sizes, from majestic cedars to smaller fruit trees and shrubs. Mahogany is a type of redwood tree that is famed for its hardness and straight grains. Additionally, crabapple trees produce small tart fruits called crabapples. It has a beautiful, conical shape along with dense, dark-green leaves. Other common names for the American sycamore tree are buttonwood tree, western plane tree, American plane tree, and water beech. You see, these trees are known to have short grains and fibers. It is also one of the most common of small trees in the urban landscape. After the small trees are established, you only need to water them regularly on hot summer days. There are plenty of dwarf apple tree cultivars for gardens that may just grow 3 – 6 ft. (1 – 2 m) high. All of the thousands of species of trees fall into two categories – deciduous trees and evergreen trees. Sycamore trees are fast-growing popular shade trees in city landscapes and parks. These huge trees have thin, peeling reddish-brown bark. Types of Trees with Their Name and Picture for Easy Identification, Types of Oak Trees and How to Identify them (Pictures), redbud tree varieties to plant in your yard, Crabapple Trees (Malus): Types, Flowers, Fruits, Types of Cherry Trees with Their Leaves and Flowers – Identification Guide, Types of Elm Trees with Their Bark and Leaves – Identification Guide, Types of Locust Trees with Identification Guide and Pictures, Cottonwood Trees: Facts, Identification, Pictures and More, Varieties of Arborvitae Hedges, Trees, and Shrubs, Types of Eucalyptus Trees: Leaves, Flowers, Bark, Flowering Dogwood Trees and Shrubs: Types, Leaves, Bark – Identification, Crape Myrtles: Trees, Dwarf Plants and Shrubs, Types of Ficus Trees: Outdoors and Indoors Ficus Plants, Different Kinds of Plants and Their Classification. Different types of arborvitaes grow as upright columnar trees, small conical trees, or globe-shaped shrubs. White oak is a survivor and grows in a wide range of habitats. Tree identification: Cedar trees have scale leaves that grow in dark green or bluish-green spiral clusters. Spruce trees are slow growing and are important in the building industry. Teak are massive deciduous trees that are species of trees in the genus Tectona. Balsam Fir. The ridges in their bark run vertically up and down the trunk. Mahogany tree leaves have oval shape and they grow opposite each other on the stem. There are over 90 oak species in the United States. There are about 14 family groups of evergreen trees, and these trees provide color in gardens and landscapes all year long. Crabapple trees are stunning ornamental flowering trees. Related article: Crabapple Trees (Malus): Types, Flowers, Fruits. This is a classic, strong Christmas tree and it has a good scent as well. Birch trees can be easy to identify as their bark is often white or silver-colored and the long drooping branches have small thin leaves. As most of the other countries India too has a national emblem—the Lion Capital of Sarnath. Read more: Varieties of Arborvitae Hedges, Trees, and Shrubs. Tree identification: Most species of juniper have needle-like leaves when they are immature that grow into scale leaves as the tree ages. Spruce trees make up many of the types of forests in North America and are a type of coniferous evergreen tree.

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