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For example, catching a falling leaf in autumn acts as a charm against winter colds. This is an excellent meaning for those who take care of themselves and want to show their pride in their healthy lifestyles. It’s a symbol of strength, morale, resistance and knowledge. The word Druid may derive from a Celtic word meaning “knower of the oak tree”. An oak or an oak tree is a large tree that often grows in woods and forests and has strong, hard wood. Generally when finished Oak has a smooth feel. Here the Oak’s message is clear: when the elements threaten your security, be ready to adapt and bend so you can survive. More interesting still is the Sanskrit word for oak as Duir (door) that fits with the mythology and beliefs about the Oak as a sacred spiritual gateway. Meditate beneath His bowers to hear their ancient songs and stories. More tree symbolism and symbolic meanings of the tree … What’s most important here is recognizing the impressive symbolism and meaning for Oak and how that resonates with New Age ideas and practices. Duir also means door, implying that the Oak Tree opens a path to other realms and levels of awareness. Additionally this card symbolizes stalwart resolve, refuge, the ability to survive even the In Flower & Tree Meanings. The Celtic word for Oak is “duir” which many linguists believe is the source from which the term Druid. Modern studies into Oak confirm that this plant has many positive uses in healing including as an astringent, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral. So, add that Oakleaf to your next health spell in some manner. There’s a belief that the roots of the Oak go as far down in the earth as its branches reach upward, representing the axiom of “as below, so above”. That’s one potent little seed! Oak Tree Symbolic Meaning: Authority; Leadership; Wise Rulership; Métier; Resolute Will; Safety; Generosity; Universal Law; Dignity; Truthfulness; Courage; Steadiness. The Water Element When you stand or sit beneath a glorious Oak it’s easy to see why people held this tree in such high regard. Who stands in his pride alone! With or without a lot of ancient information, there are a lot of Oaks that have risen to fame. Turkey Oak: Protection. Many large oaks were felled during the war....forests of beech, chestnut, and oak. This tree is also to be seen in the Ḥurshat Tal in the Ḥuleh valley where there are about 200 giant trees (50 ft. high with trunks of 16 ft. or more in circumference). The Fire Element In Rome every Oak was precious to Jupiter. A person wearing Oak leaves (real or in a decorative design) was always someone of status. So Oak symbolizes honesty and proper intent, particularly that which comes with oaths and promises. Known as the ‘King of the Forest’, for thousands of years the Druids have worshipped the Irish Oak as their most sacred tree. Oak Tree Symbolic Meaning: Motto: Hard Work is Good Magic! Jason of the Argonauts is said to have taken a branch from a sacred Oak and attached it to his ship before sailing in search of the Golden Fleece for protections. Metaphysical meaning of oak tree (mbd) oak trees. Oak tea gets rid of worms. The ancient order of Druids recognized the oak as a vessel for sacred knowledge, and so it's also a symbol of wisdom. Absalom was riding on his mule, and the mule went under the thick branches of a great oak, and his head caught fast in the oak, and he was suspended between heaven and earth, while the mule that was under him went on. Much of the Metaphysical associations for the Oaktree come from global myths, lore, superstitions and beliefs. The Celts associated lightning with Dagda, the God of magic, wisdom, strength and fertility. As a topical, Oak eases bleeding gums, wounds and dry skin. However, this symbolism changes dramatically depending on the other factors of your dream (is the tree upright? They saw this tree as representing the ultimate in hospitality and safety, as well as a mystical symbol of truth and bravery. Site Map. In truth, She is androgynous. The Oak’s lesson here is that we must learn to adapt and change with our environment. I have chosen The Oak Tree poem to be read at the funeral of my lovely Dad. There are several different types of Oaktree, each of which has slightly different symbolism and meaning. Use oak twigs fashioned into a pentagram as a decorative amulet that protects your home, car or wherever you place it. And it wasn’t simply the tree that has symbolic importance, acorns were used as a divinatory system. When purchasing oak shards or gathering pieces for rituals and spells, make note of from what type of oak they come so you can apply them more effectively. Find lessons. Made into a tea it allayed digestive problems. An oak tree in itself stands for something very strong and protective; but in Hebrew it has a deeper significance than this. Similarly Galatian tribes held assemblies in oak sanctuaries. By Patricia Telesco. It holds the true alignment of balance, purpose and strength. The Oak knows who they are and where they stand. Married 31 years; 3 children; pet population always growing. The recipe for an Oak decoction is easy. Shaping fallen Oak branches into a Solar Cross and binding them with red thread acts as a talisman that safeguards a home from harm, particularly malicious gossip. There’s a peaceful spirit in those roots that seems to just know it’s exactly where it needs to be. – Carl Sagan. Oak wood itself brings good luck so long as you ask the Tree Spirit’s permission beforehand. When first exhibited, the text was given as a handout. The Old Norse “eik”, High German “eih” and other early languages all really simply mean tree. Carnelian; Rock Crystal; Labradorite; Diamond; Aventurine. We begin with the Greeks and Romans who associated Oak with the Olympian Gods and Goddesses. The Celtic Tree Oracle portrays the Oak as a doorway, or the Axis Mundi – the center of the Universe through which all must travel to go from one realm to the other. This is an old saying about the Oak as a weather prophet: Medieval European superstition instructs putting a nail into the trunk of an oak to prevent toothaches, Knocking on wood invokes the Oak Spirits to bring you luck or assistance, Lovers can place acorns in water to learn the future of their relationship. The number nine embraces the qualities of leadership, true-sight and unifying the energies of the spiritual, physical and mental worlds. So, effectively all trees to the ancients were Oaks! There is an air of nobleness about the Oak that’s reassuring. It also confers a youthful attitude and sexual prowess. Search. Some of the most moving symbolisms and meanings for Oak Tree come from the Celts. About Oak. You can explore more specific meanings for Oak in your dreams in our Dream Dictionary. The word Druid actually comes from the Celtic word for Oak, ‘Duir’. A cream of the bark works wonders on eczema, minor blisters. Color Meanings; Dreams; Victorian Language of Flowers It is said that King Arthur’s round table was made from one piece of Oak, making it a natural representation of the sacred circle and unity. Laurel Oak: Success, victory, the Sacred Masculine Subjects. In every part of the world where the mighty Oak stretches its branches, it stands as a symbol of constancy, strength and certainty. The Oak Spirit appears in the Celtic Tree calendar as the 7th month. About the only downfall of the Oak is that it is a stubborn tree, not willing to bend and flex as the willow. Sequoia Tree Meaning. This King of Trees was sacred to various European Gods including Zeus, Jupiter, Thor and Jumala. It can be used in all aspects of human life, all to make it better and more convenient. As a result, branches break off in high winds and storms. Norse myths connect Oak with the powerful god Thor, a thunder god (there’s that pesky lightning again!). It may also act as a portal for Aliens, Ancient Spirits, the Ancestors and the Akashic records. The magical Oak appears in many ancient spells, charms and amuletic instructions. Combining all this, the Oak can represent community, religious virtue and foresight. worst fires and eventually a person’s ability to become a keystone of their community mundanely or spiritually. Carrying an acorn acts as a talisman against illness and an amulet that keeps the bearer young and fertile. The common name "oak" also appears in the names of species in related genera, notably Lithocarpus (stone oaks), as well as in those of unrelated species such as Grevillea robusta (silky oaks) and the Casuarinaceae (she-oaks). A general symbolic meaning of a tree can be interpreted as protection. Additionally, upon their return from a successful battle, the troup Commanders were crowned with Oak Leaves giving the Oak the additional symbolism of reverence and victory. The Symbolism of Oak Tree. Oak is … They’re determined to make sure everyone around them is safe. These individuals seem to have an unending flow of strength. Without structure, you feel out of sorts and a bit lost. These sayings and others give us a feel for the variety of Tree meanings. For over-exposure to cold, Galen instructed herbalists to gather Oak leaves and boiling the. A compress made from Oak roots soothes bruises. In every part of the world where the mighty Oak stretches its branches, it stands as a symbol of constancy, strength and certainty. Are you in the tree?). The scent of Oak provides grounding and stabilizing energy, particularly when mixed with Cedar and Patchouli. 0 comment. Those wishing to work with Fairy Folk would do well to honor the Oak Spirit and get to know its voice. The piece, described as being an oak tree, is installed in two units – a pristine installation of a glass of water on a glass shelf on metal brackets 253 centimetres above the ground, and a text mounted on the wall. This leaves us with the wonderful symbolism of the Oak as a divinatory wood (perhaps to frame a scrying mirror). Pliny the Elder wrote of Druids holding their rituals in Oak groves. You just have to take care that this trait doesn’t turn into you trying to control others’ every moment. When a hundred years are gone!”. Here are some more highlights in Oak’s history: The list could go on and on. People gathered near oaks when they wanted to encourage goodwill, bless their warriors with strength and when seeking out the truth. The bark acts as an astringent. Talk about the perfect emblem of longevity. The Earth Element. Folk healers treasured the oaks bark because it has a natural astringency. It does not give way like the willow and is susceptible to damage as a result. In the United States, Iowa, Connecticut, Maryland, New Jersey, Georgia and Illinois all have oaks as state trees for much the same reason – the Oak’s symbolism is one that has remained consistent and sure. If this is your birth sign you have a heart of gold, always giving of yourself to others. The instructions say to boil the leaves in water. The oaks have alternate leaves, often variously lobed, and staminate flowers in catkins. Oak: Nepali Meaning: कटुस, ओक consisting of or made of wood of the oak tree; a solid oak table; the old oaken bucket / the hard durable wood of any oak / Any tree or shrub of the genus Quercus. Crystal Connections for Oak Tree: Carnelian; Rock Crystal; Labradorite; Diamond; Aventurine . This is why you may feel drawn to a career in education. Oak wood varies in shade from white and golden to a rich red brown. Sometimes being stubborn ends badly. Sometimes, evidently, the terebinth or elm is intended and at others the oak. A tree is symbolic of nurturing energies if it is a fruit bearing tree. While drus means tree, adding the “wid” (meaning to know) to the end makes sense. Post Oak: Wishes, astral travel. With these designs you want to show the oak tree at its best, with strong branches and many bright and colorful leaves hanging from it. White Oak: Innocence and well-being. strong).There is much difficulty in determining the exact meanings of the several varieties of the term mentioned above. The Druids knew the tree spirits intimately. Oak fairies are brave and strong, and if you ask respectfully they can confer endurance. Oak Tree the Doorway to. English Oak: Stateliness, proper manners Nearly 10,000 free video lessons, resources and activities, covering most subjects, from Reception to Year 11. Energetically Oak is very strong but rather cantankerous. In the cycle of the year, the Moon of Oak also poses the essence of power and balance. Schedule. How to use oak in a sentence. Because the Oak’s branches are not supple a storm can take them down. The famed Greek God, Zeus, received prophecy through the whisper of the wind between the leaves of the sacred oaks. Should a Dryad’s tree die, they fade into nothingness. "No oak trees without acorns' may be a formally true proposition, but that this acorn did in fact produce this oak tree, there and then, is not a teleological necessity; it is a circumstantial occurrence" (OH 104-5). Are you barking up the wrong Tree? There are over 600 species of oak, including evergreens. It was common for people to worship Jupiter under the bows of an Oak. Other qualities associated with the oak tree include protection, success and stability. Order is the word of the day. Metaphysically Oak comes under the rule of Jupiter, which is also Zeus’ domain. In the Odyssey an Oak oracle was consulted by Odysseus when determining if he should return to Ithaca secretively or openly. Specialist. Even the Goddess herself speaks through the rustling of Oak trees. Tree symbols are entangled into the very fiber or nearly all human languages and interactions. It is hard, strong and open-grained, which is why it’s often used for high-quality furniture. Self-confidence isn’t an issue. This naturally requires the 9s sense of tolerance, selflessness and wisdom in service of all beings. The resulting tincture was applied to the affected body parts for several hours daily over 7 days. The Palestinian Oak Tree The tree associated with Joshua is the Palestine oak (Quercus calliprinos) also called the Kermes Oak. In an odd bit of duality, the Oak’s strength is also a weakness. The Oak tree is one of the most loved trees in the world, and with good reason. Any mistletoe growing on an Oak was regarded as highly magical. Visit our shop! Baltic and Norse tradition have similar Divine connotations for the Oak, linking it to their gods of thunder. In Europe, herbalists use Oak as an antidote for poison. There are two common Oak types in woodworking. When made into a tea it alleviates diarrhea. As an enduring emblem of strength and survival, many nations including Germany and England chose the mighty Oak as a national tree. Oak Tree Meaning With Healing, Metaphysical, & Magical Properties, Magic & Healing Crystals, Metals, and Gemstones. The Gaelic word for oak is darach and remains in place names such as Glac Daraich (oak hollow/small valley) in Glen Affric. In this setting the Oak stood as a firm reminder that humankind has the ability to overcome all odds as well as a tremendous capacity for kindness even to strangers whose path we cross. The vibration of 9 as part of the Oak Spirit’s character symbolizes the ability to realize our archetypes in deeply meaningful ways using trust, kindness and Universal Love as a guide. Carry Oak for good fortune. What we do know is that people throughout the world used various parts of the tree for folk remedials, magic and mundane projects. Poplar Tree Meaning. This proverbial King of the Forest has an inherent aptitude for attracting lightning. Authority; Leadership; Wise Rulership; Métier; Resolute Will; Safety; Generosity; Universal Law; Dignity; Truthfulness; Courage; Steadiness, Crystal Connections for Oak Tree: Areas of study include spells, kitchen witchery dream interpretation, divination, animal symbols, animal guides, herbal arts, magical crafting (and crafting magic). An oak is a tree or shrub in the genus Quercus of the beech family, Fagaceae. Oak Tree Meaning With Healing, Metaphysical, & Magical Properties. And Absalom happened to meet the servants of David. Black Oak: Tall and impressive, reaching to the heavens It symbolizes using one’s wisdom and knowledge to make wise decisions which will benefit the person’s life, but also the lives of others. The oak tree, which is the national tree of many countries, primarily symbolizes strength and endurance. Oak Tree Meaning. In Italy Jupiter equates to Zeus. This tree became the center of a temple where priests would come to listen to the rustling of the Oak’s leaves for answers to important community questions and judgements. Decoctions from the bark are good as gargles for a healthy mouth. Here Artemis watches over them. Dreaming of an oak portends a long, prosperous life. The oak tree is the God of heaven, rain, and thunder. Dream Interpretation, Analysis, & Meanings, Claddagh Ring Meaning, History & How to Wear It, Spiritual Meanings & Metaphysical Matches, Sitting under an Oak Tree brings an Angel with a message for you, You can hear fairies in the hollow of an Oak trunk. Upon cutting it has a medium coarse texture. Greek folklore also tells us that Dryads live in Oak trees. For pupils with additional needs, select Specialist. Native Americans applied it to swelled limbs, tumors and bleeding areas. Oak Tree Meaning Table of Contents. Pliny wrote about the Druids reverence toward this tree, explaining that they gathered for rituals in oak groves, gathering the sacred mistletoe with a golden sickle. Red Oak: The Fire Element. It's also symbolic of strength, endurance and loyalty. Mistletoe, probably the Druids’ most potent and magical plant, frequently grew on oak trees. Your upbeat attitude shines and lifts everyone’s’ spirits. The parts on an Oak used in healing include the inner bark, leaves and acorns. Those born between June 10 – July 7 bear the Oak Zodiac Sign. Dance around the trunk (the tree will thank you!). And still flourish he, a hale green tree. The oak tree symbolizes the ancient wisdom and knowledge people have accumulated through ages. Oak has many proven medicinal qualities. Light Workers of all ages have long held that the Oak Spirit guides the pathway between the worlds – the Earth Plane, the Devas and the Divine. Oak has stamina. Meaning of Oak Tree. An Oak Tree is a conceptual work of art created by Michael Craig-Martin in 1973. A golden oak celebrates Solar energy, embodying hospitality, charity and prosperity. It can be derived from Middle English perrie meaning "pear tree", or else from Welsh ap Herry, meaning "son of HERRY". That affords them a unique perspective on how we can reclaim our spiritual nature and work toward a common good. Chestnut Oak: Intuition, grounding, justice, success The wood resists fungal attacks, which aids in its longevity. The white oak represents spiritual purity and wholeness. Interesting Fact: The Oak tree’s roots reach as far into the ground as it branches reach to the heavens. We are blessed to have a plethora of charming superstitions about the Oak that can be used in magical efforts. Use it in your Litha fire to honor the Sacred Masculine. He was a carpenter for his whole life, a craftsman and I feel the poem has even more meaning to me because of his love of oak. His cult dates back to the prehistory of the Roman, Greek and Celtic civilizations. Here are a few other meanings associated with the oak… Symbolic Meaning of the Oak Tree. Oak (Heb. It is derived from the Hebrew name “Elah,” which means “turpentine tree.” 11. In popular literature it is also known as a Kermes oak. Oak Tree Meaning And Symbolism. A tincture dabbed on inflamed gums eases pain and puffiness. Various states in the US have done likewise. First is the White Oak that’s very heavy and dense. In a yard or park, the Oak not only presents a visually pleasing addition but also provides welcome shade. Does not take well to iron, making it a very happy Fairy tree. It is difficult to trace the exact history of the Oak simply because they have a vast variety of species (over 600) and grow in numerous climates. Online Classroom. People who cannot fight for themselves or find their voice will find Oak people make great advocates. The genus Quercus is native to the Northern Hemisphere, and includes deciduous and evergreen species extending from cool temperate to tropicallatitudes in the Americ… There are approximately 500 extant species of oaks. Browse the classroom. The Hebrew word used to identify the tree in Joshua 24:26 is allâh, translated as oak. This majestic tree is much-loved in Celtic mythology for its strength and longevity. In this place of power, the Oak represents uprightness, common causes, honesty accord and even flawlessness. This tree communicated God’s will by the sound of wind moving through the leaves. Philosophy: Hard Work is Good Magic. A famous bearer of the surname was Matthew Perry (1794-1858), the American naval officer who opened Japan to the West. From a surname that is either English or Welsh in origin. In the wild, Oaks provide a home and food for various forms of wildlife. These trees have been around for a long time and seen much of our history. The darker oaks, moving into the redish-brown spectrum have strong Earth energies for grounding, healing, stability and security. Oak reflects the number nine in its ability to clarify things. (Plants) any deciduous or evergreen tree or shrub of the fagaceous genus Quercus,having acorns as fruits and lobed leaves. It is not surprising that the Celts held the Oak in high regard as it was the Tree of the Dagda, which provides protection to the leaders and warriors. The Oak tree is considered the most powerful and most sacred of the trees to the Celtic peoples. Life; Strength; Wisdom; Nobility; Family; Loyalty; Power; Longevity; Heritage; Honor Oak has been a preferred timber for thousands of years. The Oak tree symbolizes strength, protection, resilience, solidity, truth, man and the human body, and as we have said in the previous section, it is mainly associated with the deities of thunder and the thunder itself, as well as the celestial deities and fertility deities and can, therefore, represent both fire and lightning. Nations like Germany so revered the Oak that they made it the national tree. Once harvested a mistletoe elixir would act as a poison antidote and confer fertility. The grain pattern is tight and straight, which makes it hard for a stain to penetrate it. One thing Oak people cannot abide is clutter and chaos. In New Age traditions, the Oak comes under the dominion of Jupiter, Mars and the Element of water. Did you know that there are more than 400 types of an Oak tree around the world, and in this sense, there is a wide range of applications is as diverse – from valuable native building timber to the production of wine barrels? Copyright 2020 | All Rights Reserved | For Entertainment Purposes Only | Powered by Building Beautiful Souls, Inc. Eclectic "Freestyle" Witch of over 30 years. Here the Oak reminds us of the value of flexibility. This set of data that religions, myth and legend offer us, along with many others that could be added to the list, comforts and explains the feeling of wonder and admiration that is always felt when we come across this majestic sacred tree. In caring for any Oak item it’s best to hand wash them in simple soap and water (do not soak). acorn - fruit of the oak tree: a smooth thin-walled nut in a woody cup-shaped base genus Quercus, Quercus - oaks oak - the hard durable wood of any oak; used especially for furniture and flooring live oak - any of several American evergreen oaks The text takes the form of a Q&A about the artwork, in which Craig … The Oak was revered by many cultures throughout Europe, including the Greeks who associated the tree with the king of the gods Zeus, the Vikings who linked the oak to Thor, the Norse god of thunder and protector of mankind and the Celts with their own god of thunder Taranis relating to the tree. Those people found lying faced punishment, the worst of which was banishment from the clan, never to return. In popular literature it is also known as a Kermes oak. Witches who work with the Fey will find their efforts enhanced by using an Oak as a portal. Nonetheless, it’s good for carving and takes to both sanding and finishing quite well. Oak is usually a light brown hue. A tree of strength and freedom, in Guernica the oak stands in the main square to symbolize the freedom of the Basque people. Bible verses about The Mighty Oak Tree. Use 1 teaspoon of dried inner bark in one cup of warm water. More pages on this website. In the Ogham, it is also the 7th consonant. A powder of the inner bark has been used as wound treatment, protecting against infection. Folk remedials say that a healer should gather Oak leaves that remain on the tree all winter as a cure for frostbite. You have an affinity for history and sharing your knowledge with others. Oak National Academy. That makes an Oak tree a lovely option for personal or group ritual. Golden Oak: The Sun, happiness, being welcome. Oak tree: Strong, sturdy and in its glory during the summer months the oak is symbolic of the peak of life. There’s the Charter Oak of the United States, the Royal Oak of Britain, the Emancipation Oak located at Hampton University, the Ivenack Oak at the venerable age of over 800 years in Poland, the Seven Sisters oak in Lincolnshire that’s 1,500 years old plus and Robin Hood’s Major Oak that is also well over 800 years old. Some feel that the Yggdrasil, the World Tree of the Eddas, was an Oak. Blessed acorns can be carried to protect you from sickness and pain. A widespread symbol of the tree is the tree of life, it's body rooted in earth with its crown dancing in the sky. Evergreen Oak: Prosperity, luck, the Sacred Feminine, the Air Element Soak the frostbitten area for one hour each day over a week’s time. The Celtic meaning of the oak tree deals with symbolic themes of durability, purity and constancy. Looking to “branch out” or “put down some roots”? Burning Oak wood increases the energy level for workings and facilitates manifestation. oak tree spiritual meaning. He died eight days ago of Covid-19. By comparison, Red oak is not as hard or heavy. Oiling regularly also maintains the wood’s beauty. Historians believe that Oak comes from an Irish word “daur” or the Greek “drus”, which may be how we got the term Druid. “Then here’s to the Oak, the brave old Oak Throughout history, the Oak has been represented in different mythologies and sometimes linked to powerful gods (in Greek mythology it was a symbol of Zeus, the God of Thunder.) That means you’re looking at a long healthy life filled with social events and loving gatherings. Strain and drink three times daily especially for digestive issues. Seeing an Oak struck by lightning was akin to having God, himself say, “LOOK HERE!” Even after a strike, many oaks live to be over 100 years of age (the oldest staying true until 200). Oak Tree Meaning to lead the way to the truth, about past layers of action. Some Bibles translated oak as terebinth; however, the oak is a distinctly different tree from the terebinth. Oak comes from the Indo-European “deru”. 2 Samuel 18:9-10 ESV / 6 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful. This makes the Oak a symbol of the Witch’s saying, “as above; so below”. See also holm oak, cork oak, red oak, Turkey oak, durmast 2. Greek myths tell us of a sacred oak that stood at the oracle in Donada, sacred to Zeus. Considered by the Celts the queen of the forest, the adjectives with which they described it were strong and perfect, thanks to it… Roots representing the past, the trunk, the present, the branches the future. The keywords and attributes associated with Oak include durability, strength, sagacity, grandeur, longevity, family ties, fealty, dignity, hospitality, truthfulness and distinction. One of the oracles in Donona was established with a black dove arrived from Egypt and made a home in an Oak tree there. Also because of its long lifespan, the oak tree also represents endurance. Add oak ashes or sawdust to any spell as an energy booster. “This oak tree and me, we’re made of the same stuff.”. Two acorns that drift together portends a happy future. Oak definition is - any of a genus (Quercus) of trees or shrubs of the beech family that produce acorns; also : any of various plants related to or resembling the oaks. These great Beings stand as a testament to staying power and add to the Oak’s symbolism of longevity. Since ancient times, the oak was considered a sacred and oracular tree. Exit Classroom. Simmer in a covered pot for 20 minutes. Interestingly enough Zeus is known for his lightning bolts that Oak seems to attract. The Druids also used acorns in divination. It also symbolizes the person’s own wisdom and knowledge accumulated during their lifetime. Bog Oak: An Oak in early stages of fossilization. Celtic Tree Astrology includes Oak as the symbol of stability. In some areas, Oak substituted for Quinine for allaying fever. Meta. The alon tree, most often translated as “oak”, bears the name Quercus calliprinos.

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