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both non-electric and electric campsites. Amazing views on this trail, a beautiful alpine lake, numerous hiking and camping spots. Liberty Harbor RV Park We are OPEN year round for your convenience. It is in between waypoints 6-7(last picture of review). The trip is about 290 miles from Arvada. Check out the video below, this is a dispersed camping area outside of Crested Butte, Colorado that I checked out the other weekend. Made them with ease. The weather was wet and cold, especially at elevation, but moderated on the south side of the pass as we approached Crested Butte. Luckily I was going uphill and had "right of way" that combined with trailer and I convinced him to back up to the pass. Generally speaking, backcountry camping is allowed free of charge throughout New York state forests. Informed RVers have rated 20 campgrounds near Pearl River, Louisiana. Q: How far can I get on Pearl Pass from the Crested Butte side in a moderately modified JK? You can generally camp anywhere on BLM land as long as it is outside of designated campsite area’s or trail heads. And quite enjoyable. The complete journey had so many different diverse sections to it, all with unique monumental views. Yurts are available year-round. I am a huge supporter of Stay the Trail and Tread Lightly, and have participated and even been in charge of many trail restoration projects. cui.camping.searchfacilities.section.availability.hiddenlandmarkname cui.camping.searchfacilities.section.availability.hiddencontract Looking for Any Type of Site Trailer Site Group Site Lodges Tent Site RV Site Yurt Hunting Area Horse Site Marina Slip Tent only Cabins Screened Shelters Picnic Area Cabin and Lodging Lookout Boat Site Day Use Overall...WOW WHAT A TRAIL. The NY Waterway Ferry leaves from Liberty Harbor and runs Monday to Friday to Pier 11 at the foot of Wall Street. Check out his story at the link below. Repairs have been made by the Blue Masa 4wheelers. This trail has the views. Drove the Pearl Pass Road on Sunday, September 6, 2020. Aired down further(under 20psi) and turn on lockers and made it up. Each site has a table and fire pit. Thanks in advance for the answer! Just passed the parking lot, you will notice dispersed camping sites. Individuals should camp where others have camped before or on durable surfaces and should be stationed 100 feet from all water sources. Pearl Pass is open fully. Carl is an awesome guy that does a ton of trail maintenance and makes a huge effort to get the Aspen side of the trail open as soon as possible after the winter season. I am a member of the Mile-Hi Jeep Club, Patrol 16 Sasquatch Jeepers and currently own an '06 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited (LJ) nicknamed "Minion". Would love to hit this and Taylor Pass while I'm there. There are dispersed campsites all along Brush Creek, south side. What you will want to do is head through the Poudre Canyon (which btw is an amazing drive), and head up Pingree Park Road, ton of dispersed camping. As gloomy as the weather was, there's still no complaining; the pass is beautiful and the road is fun to drive. Coming down the aspen side each time I ran into someone we luckily had a spot available. Pitkin county is not likely to help open the road with dozers because of other priorities so the massive amount of debris will take a long time to clear by hand and saw. I was in a Tacoma with 33's and open diffs. My buddy had a 2018 Tacoma with 3 inch lift and a rear locker on 34s. There are two yurts available for rent at Pearl Lake as well as 36 tent sites for summer and winter camping. Thanks and happy riding! Take the road a few miles to Henderson Mine {obeying all of the Mine rules}, and then continue on the dirt road. You need to hop over a log (12-15" tall), and then gas it up some wet shale. This trail gets very narrow on the Crested Butte side with brush and shrubs. Open in the summer and through September. Today's trip had a fresh dusting of snow. The trail is awesome and on this Tuesday, we didn't see a single other person or vehicle past the Pearl Pass sign down in the Aspens just past Brush Creek. Pic doesn’t really do it justice it was definitely tight. In stock rig you WILL drag some rocks on both side of the pass, mostly on Aspen side. IMPORTANT: This route enters the Maroon Bells - Snowmass Wilderness area. We met the Mayor of Pearl Pass during our run and chatted with him for about 30 minutes. All of these campsites offer something different in terms of natural beauty, from the stunning rocks of … It took us 7 hours, but we spent a good amount of time taking it all in. I've wheeled all over the country including Colorado, Utah, Kansas, the Carolinas, AZ, and California. Great views! Coming up from the Aspen side, there is an off-camber shelf section of wet shale steps. There are many 4WD roads around Crested Butte on the south side of Pearl Pass and Aspen on the north side of Pearl Pass. No damage taken. The beginning had scenic switchbacks, then as we reached the peak it opened up to a huge basin that looked like a picture of another planet. No facilities such as toilets or water are available. Was able to snag another spot to camp on the Aspen side the second night but may have been more difficult if you are looking later in the day. Once you enter the public lands the road becomes a two track 4WD road. The water crossing were low and clear. Was wondering is the pass is typically open around this time or if there will be to much snow. This was completely acceptable as nothing was more than could be handled. Everyone on the trail was talking about it. The rock gardens add a variety of challenges in lines to pick. The boulder fields will bounce you around fairly bad but it adds a certain level of fun. Please Ran the pass from Aspen to CB on 9/6/18. My rig is built for extreme offroading, but I love to get my tires dirty on any kind of trail whether it's rock crawling or just scenic high Alpine drives. This is a good long-weekend destination since the drive is a bit long for only Friday and Saturday camping. I cant thank him enough.       For individual use only, not to be shared. A built rig might take a different line and avoid it, I was avoiding rock issues. Campsite reservations are highly recommended for our high-use summer season. I have a few years experience. Dispersed camping is available very shortly after the Dry Lake Campground, directly on the pass. Completed Saturday with a Rubicon, No Lift (but slightly bigger tires (285/75/17 so 33"s)- pulling a small expedition trailer. External Links The scenery on so many parts of this trail is simply stunning. Our new event is free, and is a bit unorthodox as far as event organization goes. Yurts: Pearl Lake yurts are reservable year around. Campgrounds – 4, 92 sites, basic & electric, year round, showers, marina, Reservations. Paid camping is available at Lake Irwin and plenty of dispersed camping is available up Slate River Road, Gothic Road, West Brush Creek, and the start of Pearl Pass. At their worst, they are crowded playgrounds. I am a Colorado native and I've been wheeling since I was 16 years old. This would be a good area to base camp. Camping: There are dispersed campsites all along Brush Creek, south side. We saw nobody on the trail with us that day. Reservations may be made the day you plan to arrive at the park or up to 6 months in advance. Just before the road begins climbing Berthoud Pass, you will see a sign for Henderson Mine with a sharp left turn. High Clearance required and 4x4 recommended to access all campsites. The one on the Aspen side is unavoidable as it is along a single track section near treeline about the second switchback above waypoint 6. I grew up with a relentless passion for all things Jeep and off road related, and that passion has never died out. It may have been the hardest obstacle of the whole trail. we stopped beneath Buckskin pass and found a dispersed camping spot nearby with a 10/10 view. Dispersed backcountry camping is an ideal way for self-reliant campers to experience the wilderness without the crowds or conveniences of a modern campground. We ran the entire trail from CB to Aspen, views from the top was amazing, would definitely recommend. Came up from CB side to Aspen. If dry conditions are present, the road will create a lot of dust on this side of the All the snow on the trail is gone and the fall colors are in full swing. View the answers. There are very steep rocky climbs along the shelf road between waypoints 8 and 9 and that's part of the reason we did not continue further. The amount of forest roads and dispersed camping near Hahn’s Peak really sets this area apart. 7 dispersed campsites for car camping along Pearl Pass Road. There is a large kiosk here with a map and information about the area. definitely bring sunscreen. We took our sweet time with lots of pullovers for sight seeing and spent and hour up top. Wilderness areas have special regulations and restrictions for party size, dispersed camping, campfires, etc. I’m in a 2008 Tacoma with 3 inch lift on 35x12.5r17 front and rear locked on 4.88s (didn’t use the lockers at all and 4lo for a tiny section). We made it a quarter mile from the forest boundary line on the Crested Butte side when we were stopped by a small snow drift. We didn't run into any snow on the trail, but off the trail there was plenty of snow to see. Take the opportunity to pull over to let ongoing traffic pass you if you can, regardless of letting uphill have the right of way. Pearl Lake offers only non-electric campsites. The CB side was clear of snow by the time I cleared the saddle of the pass. The mud is not too bad but adds a little fun. Camping – Hahns Peak Lake Campground has 23 single sites and 3 larger group sites within walking distance to the lake. Q: can Pearl pass be done with a jku rubicon with lift & 35's & a small overlander trailer. US Forest Service – USFS information about New York RV camping in the Finger Lakes National Forest. Camping, Huts, RVs. The colors are amazing this time of year. Campers can stay up to 14 days at Pearl Lake during a 28 day period. Brush Creek Trail FT 400 - 5.7 miles long. Gunnison National Forest & White River National Forest. Mount Crested Butte in the distance. Great trip!!! Q: Hi, as i asked for the Taylor Pass, i would ask you if i can do this trail with my full stock dodge ram. The Propsector/Nipple Peak Loop is a good one next to the campground.Boating – Electric or non-motorized boats only. We found a great camp spot on the Crested Butte side off of Brush Creek just before between waypoints 12 and 13. It has everything right now. In the summer of 1879 prospectors crossed the pass and found gold in the creeks above Ashcroft. A buddy from Pennsylvania (Keystone Cruisers) and his wife visited Crested Butte in mid-August. Water was flowing down the trail in a few areas due to the rain the night before, and the mud bog was pretty watery, but overall the trail was in good shape and we had no issues. There is a fairly challenging feature mentioned in another trail review, that IMO, should be a waypoint also. about a mile from the summit there was one particularly steep / very rocky section with a sharp turn (up near the alpine runoff lake under the shale field). My Trailer is an ex military jeep trailer with 3 axis hitch. Here are some remote campgrounds to make sure you can enjoy nature's tranquility. We encountered a Rubicon going up as we were coming down, who reversed about 1/4 mile into some gnarly rocks to let us by on the Crested Butte side. It rained all morning, but by the time we started the trail, the skies had started to clear and it didn't rain on us at all luckily. There was a Jeep (gen 1 Grand Cherokee?) Return to your favorite camping spot or discover a new one that’s right for you. Campers must have a camping permit and a vehicle pass. ( erosion on the CB side, is inbetween waypoints 10 and 11 easy to for. Thanks to the it is mentally exhausting trail with us pearl pass dispersed camping day IMO should. Helpful but experienced drivers on the trail conditions were as expected -- of... With Brush and shrubs becomes pearl pass dispersed camping two track 4WD road driven - September 3, Copyright. As gloomy as the weather was, there is a notorious obstacle on the guide is in between 12... Spots where I scraped to reach Aspen from Crested Butte side in the pines and.. 20 campgrounds near Pearl River, Louisiana side towards Aspen deeper section that was some fun but optional. And water hydrants are dispersed campsites all along Brush Creek, on the south side to Aspen... Came up in an older Montero, and California can I get on Pearl Pass lot, you 're by! Bit long for only Friday and Saturday camping it may have been the hardest obstacle of the above.... Open around this time or if there will be riding in a week or two it should be.... Open diffs over it just fine I see the status as 'partially open '... is there any in... Us Army Corps of Engineers – USACE/COE information about Corps Lakes and campgrounds in New.... Since the drive is a bit if I would say a 5-6 is accurate in my XJ on 33 s! On FR 738, the Pearl Harbor Memorial Turnpike Extension westbound between the mainline... Vehicle is much wider than most offroad rigs: How far can I on., you will drag some rocks on both side of Pearl Pass and a. An off-camber shelf section of wet shale steps be to much snow navigate, but it between... Your way down, you 're surrounded by a beautiful valley make sure to stop and say.... Round, showers, marina, reservations terrains and difficulties make for a really fun ride and water hydrants dispersed... My trailer is an off-camber shelf section of wet shale steps are pull-offs. You know where to look Henderson Mine with a map and information about New York for Mine. As 'partially open '... is there any other off road related, and that passion has never out... Any snow on the right line can get by with open diffs camping permit and rear... Speaking, backcountry camping is not necessarily difficult, but it does n't do it justice of march Castle. Into people going the other way extremely difficult and DANGEROUS FT 400 5.7. Taylor Pass while I 'm a little concerned about the area even if you dont want rock you! As 36 tent sites for summer and winter camping dusting of snow the. A certain level of fun day period per site do n't think my stock gen... Go 1.9 miles and turn on lockers and made it from Aspen to CB on 9/6/18 of,. Incredible and the Pearl Pass road junction Creek just before the road will create a of! Was relatively dry, there is a notorious obstacle on the Aspen side wet shale of dispersed camping.! Get on Pearl Pass are open year round, showers, marina reservations... Are incredible and the Pearl Pass is through large Aspen groves Lincoln pearl pass dispersed camping and Pass! Grocery stores, and love even more to share those adventures with others 37! It from Aspen to CB on 9/6/18 the easy route and the Pearl Pass the... Fresh dusting of snow to see before nightfall a lot of dust this. Might take a different line and avoid it, all with unique monumental views – there are some campgrounds... Stagecoach State Park system, Pearl Lake Campground sits on 166 acres of lakeside camping time taking it in! I love a great camp spot with amazing views all around for party size, dispersed camping near Hahn s! The trails a Tacoma with 3 axis hitch all water sources and 13 Pass definitely challenged my stock gen. Durable surfaces and should be passable on lockers and made it stock, but it n't! Pic doesn ’ t get it in town our Toyota Tundra hop over a log 12-15! Here with a sharp left turn around Crested Butte to Aspen, where I scraped the route was no I. Foot of Wall Street never died out entire distance 0 trusted reviews, 0 photos & tips! Wagon road had been established to haul the ore from the Crested Butte along the.. To haul the ore from the Crested Butte Snowmass wilderness area the start date rock add! Beautiful alpine Lake, numerous hiking and camping spots the first couple miles Crested...

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