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Please contact me to set it up. Buying guide for best non-inflatable stand-up paddleboards. I have only used solid SUP which was stable so have never used an inflatable. Hi. For long tours I’d recommend you go with the Starboard. Thank you for your work, as it would be impossible to try all of these out in Oklahoma. The paddle is a little nicer and the cooler bag is great for warm days. Now you can sit, stand, surf, fish, tour, and perform yoga on these wonderful … Super pleased with this board as a beginner! They also include a triple action, double chamber pump like the iRocker and BLACKFIN. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. That being said, there are some slight differences. I’m looking to purchase my first SUP and would love any additional advice! Plus they let you customize which is pretty cool. I do agree that a Review of the 3 Best Boards seems suspect but I also understand that you can’t try every board on the market. One of your video’s on the XL said the X may be a better option for someone just wanting to go out by themselves or smaller… when I watched the X video, I’m just not sure about the steering and speed of it. Because stand up paddle boarding is so new, we recommend the 11 foot option to people who need a more stable board. The downside is that the board is heavier – so, if you are wanting a lighter board that still has carbon fiber rails and is a wide, stable board, then the Gili Meno is your board. thanks for your time and for all the hard work and awesome videos! You will have an easier time with your pup on board with the iRocker. Once I get this on the water this weekend, I'll follow up with a 2nd review… Looking for something that tracks well and is fast for light conditions. Thanks, Sacky! The thing with the ones you’re talking about is that sometimes you end up with a SUP that isn’t even usable after a couple of times of going out. The recent winner on that list, the Gili Sports, Gili Air is only $500 and it’s seriously good value considering. The BLACKFIN carries over several of the key features that we loved last year to the 2020 model, and then added a ton of action mounts and d-rings to make stable, high quality board even more versatile. I’m also interested in the iRocker Sport 11′ to use mostly on lakes and the calmer sections of rivers for cruising and touring. morkee, Teddy, has a great time going out with me too, but the front of the Waterwalker is a little too pointy for him. What board would you recommend? This page has been super useful in comparing the different brands and their different strengths. I decided to get the iRocker All Around 11′ as the 10′ is out of stock. The only board available in Canada right now is of course the Thurso brand :). Thank you for your help!! thanks for your message. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you think my daughter would be fine on the 10′ board then that would make sense. The ten toes was $500 and the all around is $900. Let me know how you like the iRocker compared to the ISLE . I hope that helps, let me know if you have further questions! We are a professional iSUP paddle board seller on and we want to establish business relationship with you. The aquamarina vapor and the goplus with the wood grain design are the two I am looking at. That’s probably the reason why there are not a lot of reviews. Trying to make sure I get the right one so that I love it and use it, versus making a purchase that I’m not happy with and it ends up not being used. However, at basically half the price you can’t expect it to perform on the same level as the Red boards. It was also very difficult for me to stay standing (not stable). Primarily, I’d be using it for yoga and short cruises on relatively calm lakes (shared w/ motorboats). I am looking for a cheap isup for my 16 year old daughter. The big reason it’s the best in our opinion though is that paddling the Thurso Surf Tranquility Yoga SUP is fun too. So if you really feel like you’d want to load up, you’ll be fine on the 11′ too. 10'6 Blackfin Model X See Best Price & Customer Reviews. I hope that helps! Not just the board but also accessories, like the pump. I will check Nixy out. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. So which is better? We’ve paddled in rivers, seas, rapids, and lakes. Best Budget: SereneLife Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard at Amazon "Constructed out of military … At 31″ wide and 11′ long it will be fast and responsive/maneuverable – but it is still a very stable board for someone your size (even as a beginner). I glad you are also recommending a touring board, as it seems like that style is best suited to those long straight lines I’m craving. I like both boards! At the moment they’ve got a pretty sweet deal with a free high-quality paddle and you also get another $75 off if you use the coupon code: SUPBOARDGUIDE, I think I’m really on the iRocker 11′ all around – you’ve done a good job reviewing them and we did buy an Isle (wife’s for yoga and pb’ing) and it is very very impressive. One of the best places to paddleboard in my opinion in Colorado is Lake Irwin in Crested Butte. It’s great for beginners and reasonably priced. Hi there – I’m debating between the Gili and the iRocker All-Around. Is I t better to deflate them and store them in the travel bag or leave them inflated and only deflate them when necessary? I’m 5’9 158 lbs and will be occasionally paddling with my 5-yr old girl. Great tracking and glide, fantastic pump, No US Fin box, and can be a little wide for smaller paddlers, No US Fin box and could move the back 2 action mounts to the side, Board slightly heavier than others on the list, A dual chamber pump would make pumping the board up more enjoyable, Side fins aren’t removable, accessories could be improved, Very sporty, but not super stable for heavier beginners, Carbon Fiber shaft + lightweight vinyl blade, Carbon Fiber composite shaft + lightweight vinyl blade, Snap lock removable center fin, fixed side fins, 3 removable fins. The upgrades for 2019 also mean the board is a bit lighter so it goes a little faster. Are there some with 1 chamber (yes obviously) but also some with 2 chambers, or 3 chambers? Did you check This is one of the few GILI SUPs with true traction grooves, while also staying soft in order to accommodate those who want to practice yoga on this paddleboard. Your additional reviews were very insightful too. As mentioned above, each of these boards have been fully tested in a variety of conditions by a variety of SUPers. I’m wondering if you’ve ever reviewed the Isle Explorer for all-around/touring purposes and if you have, what your thoughts are about it? If you want to play in the waves as well I’d say go for the Ride. The extra 2″ really ends up being just 1 extra inch, since that’s how much further you have to reach over to keep your paddle vertical. As far as tracking goes, every board on this list does a fantastic job. That being said, I’m deciding on the Thurso Waterwalker but am not sure what is the best length to get? Bluefin is the newest company to make our best inflatable SUP list. You might want to consider getting the 10’6 for you, and the 10′ for your wife/daughter. I’d check out the Thurso Expedition. How does it compare to the tower 2 adventure and also the peak? Yes, it makes for a larger than average backpack, but it’s a great value! I wouldn’t worry about punctures though. I will definitely look into the iRocker Cruiser and Blackfin. For that reason I think the your #1 board posted here — the Blackfin X — may not be the best one for me since it’s so wide and there will be unused capacity since my body weight + gear won’t even reach half its 450 lb capacity. Most 2017 Starboard models have removable side fins though which is a pretty sweet feature since it just adds so much versatility. As the saying goes, “Couples who play together, stay together!”. Wondering how the compare because the prices are much higher. I like it better than the Ten Toes Weekender and it would be better suited for exercise and yoga. You’ll honestly be fine with either of those 3 boards for you. Though because it’s been shaped with the ridges it is still quite strong and doesn’t flex. The board can hold up to 385 lbs so you can easily bring one or even both of you kids. When you choose a board you should be looking for a very specific set of criteria. I love SUP yoga but I am not very advanced. I can’t even believe that you’re ALSO replying to complete random strangers on the internet to help them get started in this sport. Leaning a bit towards the iRocker. The 11′ All-Around will also be a little more stable and faster than the 10′ iRocker All-Around. With that said, I wanted to post a two part review on the Monarch Paddle Board. We purchased the 11′ and 10′. If you are in need of some more reassurance, refer to our graph again. I don’t want to pay a lot as she will not be able to use it that often. I live in Miami and paddle board bayside (can be relatively flat or small waves and strong wind) and South Beach (waves), but am moving to Austin the end of this year (flat). Is there any chance to add our sup board on your review essay, or would you pls tell us how to cooperate with your website? Hi Eric, Sorry. She grew up in the Texas Hill Country, (where her parents and friends still live), and where there are shallow and deep river rapids. Was looking to buy 2 solid SUP but don’t want to deal with storage and transport so now looking at inflatables. Occasionally take back to Florida to use in the bay and gulf. Thanks for prompting us on another board to add to the list to review. They both look like great products. Both the Thurso and the iRocker are way better than the TenToes. As far as the Thurso being the ‘toughest on the market’, we’d say that some of that language is marketing-speak, but I do think that the Thurso Waterwalker is going to be a more durable, tougher board than the inflatables made by Pop Paddle Boards. So glad your first paddle was fantastic, and it’s awesome you didn’t have any issues with balancing! Have come with a repair kit? We’ve tested 40+ boards and the ones mentioned here were the ones we liked the best for the reasons we give in the review. I would like a board that is fast and tracks well in all conditions. The Bluefin Cruise Carbon 10’8″ seems like a solid choice among the top 9 presented here, but….

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