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The example of IPTV and media convergence of the BBC has proved that media convergence brings numerous advantages for individuals. The Convergence of Convergence: Examples of Digital, Media, Video, Technology and Industry Converging in the 21st Century by Christy Roland 07.07.2017 04:05 PM Categories: The Convergence of Philippine FM Broadcast Radio with the New Media. The second is social convergence, the process through which consumers become accustomed to multitasking, allowing them to move freely between platforms while searching and utilizing information. Join now. Early Days. follows to their scholarly background (be that arts, humanities, social science, or the . Convergence is the coming together of two different entities, and in the contexts of computing and technology, is the integration of two or more different technologies in a single device or system. During the week, read your classmates’ posts and then post … Question 1: The textbook defines media convergence as “the coming together of computing, telecommunications, and media in a digital environment” (McIntosh and Pavlik 7). Cell phones offer a great example of this convergence. Convergence is a word that manages to describe technological, industrial, cultural and social changes (Henry … It takes completely separate ideas and smashes them together, so that we're left with one big idea. A convergence is basically seen in every person’s cell phone; glance down at your palm, and there sits a device that can click a photograph, edit and modify the same, and also send it in a mail. seek out further examples of media convergence in action, perhaps applying what . media convergence meaning: the fact that newspapers, television, radio, and the internet are becoming less separate as…. Publications such as Time were experimenting with television in the late ’70s. Graham Meikle and Sherman Young, Media Convergence: Networked Digital Media in Everyday Life (2012). It is a long term economic, technology and social trend that has several components: Enthusiasts vs Professionals A blurring of the line between professionally produced media and media produced by enthusiasts. Models of communication are conceptual models used to explain the human communication process. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. A good example is the convergence of communication and imaging technologies on a mobile device designed to make calls and take pictures - two unrelated technologies that converge on a single device. Join now. What are some examples of mass media See answer sarahjoyy is waiting for your help. Learn more. Find an answer to your question Which statement is an example of cultural convergence 1. The Internet and social media platforms allow journalists to release news in real time – a feat that a hard copy of a newspaper is unable to offer – as well as issue the same non-time sensitive material that they may release in the actual paper. Log in. „coming together of different equipment and tools for producing and distributing news‟ (Grant and Wilkinson, 2009) The combination of new media and old media within a single piece of media work – the coming together of different media products/technology. Click here to get an answer to your question ️ computer question Which of the following are the example of technology convergence What is Media Convergence? These attempts and most other early convergence ventures were unsuccessful. What Is Digital Media Convergence 1467 Words | 6 Pages. Geography. Add your answer and earn points. Comments (0) Cross-Media convergence Media products promoted across other platforms - YouTube, social media, online networks, streaming sites like Netflix and HULU The Walt Disney Company is an example of cross-media convergence as it produces and distributes a wide range of different types of media. Convergence is the norm in technology. Convergence is the process where several media channels come together to exist and operate in synergy. Major newspapers like the Ft. Worth Star Telegram began experimenting with computer applications in the early ’80s. The evolution of converged media has been slow and subtle. Gordon Pitts, Kings of Convergence: The Fight for Control of Canada's Media (2002). This study describes how convergence with the Internet and the mobile phone modified or transformed FM broadcast radio in … Unpublished Undergraduate Thesis, University of the Philippines College of Mass Communication. One example of media convergence as we know it today is illustrated through merging of newspaper copy to news apps and websites. A simple example would be a digital camera that also shoots video. Media Convergence 1. Middle School. With the help of social networking sites, the public can interact with the media in a much more efficient way. Disney is made up of five different divisions, including: Divisions Walt Disney… Media convergence have become a vital element of life for many people. Media convergence is the tendency for different types of media to become more similar with time. Some examples are USB drives, email, and iPhones. According to Jenkins (2006), consequences of this trend can be viewed as both positive and negative. The first major model for communication was developed in 1948 by Claude Shannon and published with an introduction by Warren Weaver for Bell Laboratories. Examples Some examples of convergence theory include Russia and Vietnam, formerly purely communist countries that have eased away from strict communist doctrines as the economies in other countries, such as the United States, have burgeoned. Convergence is the movement of the price of a futures contract towards the spot price of the underlying cash commodity as the delivery date approaches. Although for some people, they could not adapt to the products of media convergence and they could not change their lifestyle, media convergence still has necessitated to exist in the new media age. The classic example is the production of music videos such that music and video converged. Edward Schmit, Assistant Vice President with AT&T Entertainment Group, talks about the remarkable shift in 2006 around cellular devices and how options expanded for users to stream videos, access news, and embrace navigation. Britannica Encyclopaedia say’s, “Media Convergence is a phenomenon that involves the interlocking of computing and information technology companies, telecommunication networks and content providers from the various media platforms like magazines, newspapers, radio, television, films and the likes. -Technological convergence - refers to fact that digitalisation has led to the merging of different types of info - text, photographs,video film, email -- into a digital communication device such as smart tele, laptops, tablets - digitalisation now allows info to be delivered immediately across a range of media platforms which were once separate and unconnected technologies Although it is intimately connected to brands and franchises being spread across media by corporate conglomerates (e.g., Star Wars, The Matrix, Harry Potter, … I really wish people would understand this, but in my experience most technologists don’t really get it. Media convergence is the joining, or ''converging,'' of distinct technologies into one. 1. Digital media convergence enables news to be delivered quickly to the public. Defining media convergence The flow of content across multiple media platforms, the cooperation between multiple media industries and the migratory behavior of media audiences who will go almost anywhere in search of the kinds of entertainment experiences they want. For example, films may adopt choose-your-own adventure features such that they begin to resemble games. Digital Communities Forums, chats and other tools that allow people to socialize, share information and form communities. Media & Media The merger of different mediums. 5 points erikthegoat Asked 04.01.2019. The common types of media. Still, media convergence may stifle the quality of the content and allow for a possible media monopoly when a select few media companies control most of the media. There is also a potential for convergence between films, television and video games. The first type, technical convergence, is the conversion of media content into digital formats that can then become integrated, allowing media content to be disseminated through multiple platforms. Media Convergence: The Impact of Social Media, web 2.0 in the Advertising Industry in China - Term Paper Example. Start studying Mass media chapter 2. Users have access to streaming, media, telecommunications, and video conferencing simultaneously. Further Reading. With the development of technology in different platforms and operations such as television, Internet and mobile communication, audiences have had both a bigger choice of media and a life which media technologies has made easier. Walter C. Soderlund, Colette Brin, Lydia Miljan, and Kai Hildebrandt, Cross-Media Ownership and Democratic Practice in Canada (2012). Blog post #3 — due by 5pm Wednesday 17 February Give us an example of convergence and consider its implications for users and audiences or for the media industry. Media convergence - Media convergence - Transmedia storytelling: One way that professional media has engaged with media convergence is through transmedia storytelling, in which stories are told across multiple platforms. However, one question needed to be asked whether… New age media refers to some of the current types of media in use as of the year 2014. Technological convergence, also known as digital convergence, is the tendency for technologies that were originally unrelated to become more closely integrated and even unified as they develop and advance.For example, watches, telephones, television, and computers began as separate and mostly unrelated technologies, but have converged in many ways into interrelated parts of a … For example, computer games, books, magazines, websites, and toys which is all part of the process of media convergence. media convergence”, not just a simple answer of what it is because the question may seem simple but in digital media convergence there are several underlying convergences which make up the whole idea, in this essay I am going to try and cover what these are and what effects technologically, socially and culturally they are having on us. Log in. If possible link to your selected example. Technology convergence is the creation of a product that combines one technology with another.

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