Runner Up Story

This story is written by Mehedi Hossain for our Valentin’s Day Marriage Story Contest 2017.


“Stop being a clown. Go, get me sugar. And do not forget to bring tomatoes as well. Its better you write these things down, you always keep on forgetting.” I laughed with an idiotic expression in my face and slowly got out of the kitchen. I could feel those butterflies running through my belly every time she scolds me. It feels great, it feels amazing, it feels like I am flying, it feels like I am dreaming and the princess of wonderland will leave as soon as I wake up. I hope I keep on dreaming like this.
I never believed in arranged marriage, especially the ones where the proposals are brought by distant relatives. And my mom and dad were so eager to get me married, as if this was the only thing left in their life. I kept on denying and they kept on nagging and finally one day I decided to be that good kid who listens to his parents. Went on to see the girl. With lots of people sitting on a small drawing room, I saw an angel entering the room with a tray filled with tea-cups on it. She offered tea to everyone and when it was my turn, I could see smile at the corner of her lips. A lot of people talking a lot things around and all I could remember was her eyes and that smile.
“You look like a clown”, was her first words to me. The senior citizens told us to get in a separate room and talk to each other and before I could say anything, she pointed out how fat I am. “Did you mind?” , she asked. “No, no, not at all”, I could be anything she wanted. Clown is just nothing. We tried to talk, she laughed and giggled at my jokes and I did not know but I realized, “love at first sight” do happen sometimes.
It has been 30 years since we got married. The hairs have turned grey or white to be more precise, still I feel that same love for her, the love I felt sitting on an unknown room with a stranger. We have had a great journey. Have 2 kids, who got married. Love marriage of course and they always ask how did we end up together in arranged marriage even after being so modern. I do not answer them, neither does she. We only laugh. Probably no one will ever understand how happy I am by being her clown.

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