Marriage in the 21st century

In an ever-changing era filled with rapid technological leaps and social changes, marriage is one of the only things to have remained constant. However, even the institution of marriage is facing an increasing number of challenges and hurdles. Life has become more hectic than ever, with people spending more and more time on social media, office work, and whatnot than on their families.

What is the future of marital bliss in today’s hectic lifestyle? Let’s first take a look at the possible challenges marriage faces:

  1. Erosion of familial bonding: People are becoming more and more private than ever. We live in our own rooms, with our doors closed from our family members. Many grow up and shift away from their parents and live on their own. This gives rise to weaken familial ties. Marriage is the basis of a traditional family. And as such, with an erosion of familial bonds, marriage too faces threats.
  2. Technology overload: We are bombarded everywhere with technology. Facebook, Twitter Snapchat have become ubiquitous in our lives and synonymous to existence. They have become such an integral part of our identities that often we mistake people for the personalities they portray on these social media sites. That is, our avatars on social media have become more influential entities, oftentimes, than our actual selves. These social media sites and apps are taking our time and our attention. While not all of the social media is bad, and indeed they have many redeeming qualities, it has meant that more people are concerned about their images online than their actual situations in their daily lives.
  3. Commercialization: While commerce has existed since time immemorial, today’s world is a condensation of commercial activities. Technology has made commerce easy, and people are jumping on the marketing bandwagon left to right and center. No doubt, this may lead to more prosperous, healthy lives. But on the flipside, this means even less time available to people for their own private lives. Capitalism has taken center stage and left private life and personal space in the dust.
  4. Breaking down of traditional ways: Marriage as a tradition is giving way to new methods of living together. Instead of living as husband and wife, many choose to cohabit. Because traditional ways are losing in popularity, these new-age ways of living together means less and fewer people are opting to become bride and groom.

While these paint a grim picture, all is not bad. Technology also means more people can connect. And these sorts of connections may also lead to long-term commitments such as marriage. Furthermore, religion is having an important role in upholding the importance and sanctity of marriage in today’s hectic, mechanical world. Marriage is here to stay.

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