Marriage is yours, responsibility is ours has a total of 101,463 registered users as of May 15, 2023. Among them, there are 69,033 grooms and 28,156 brides. There are 7,874 Muslim brides and 26,439 Muslim grooms. There are 2,607 Hindu grooms and 735 Hindu brides, with additional grooms and brides from other religions. Marriage is yours, and responsibility is ours.

Many have already been married, while some are not interested and have closed their profiles. Registrations for marriage have been received from approximately 66 countries, including Bangladesh, making it easy to find matches both locally and internationally through our website.

During registration for marriage, users mention their preferences and provide their bio-data. Profiles of grooms and brides can be viewed for free, according to preferences. If someone is interested, they need to become a paid user and choose any plan to send a request. After sending a request, if it is accepted, contact information such as a phone number and address can be obtained. Communication follows, and families can meet to decide on marriage.

If assistance is needed during this process, the BiyeTa team is ready to help. After upgrading to any plan, requests to view biodata can be sent as desired. Then, one must wait for a response. Those who accept requests will be able to send contact requests to those they prefer within seven days. If the request is accepted within seven days, they will receive options to share their mobile number, complete address, and message.

After obtaining contact details, communication can take place, and both parties can decide to proceed with marriage if they find each other suitable. Alhamdulillah, many marriages have been arranged in this way.


What does do? provides complete assistance in matters related to marriage. For example, if,, during conversations with someone, you feel the need for support, we will speak on your behalf. If you have sent a request to someone but they are not responding, inform us, and we will encourage them to accept your request. We will provide you with a link to the biodata of your preferred bride or groom and make efforts for a quick marriage.









We tell our users that their efforts will be rewarded. Whether through BiyeTa or any other means, your efforts will pay off. Just as you strive for marriage, you will find it. Marriage is an important aspect of life. Do not neglect it; good things are not usually achieved without effort. Searching for a life partner for marriage is not an expense but an investment. Marriage is yours, responsibility is ours

Until the moments before marriage, we are with you through BiyeTa’s helpline. Feel free to call us, send a message, and let us know your problems. We will help you with marriage matters.


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