10 vital qualities to look for in your life partner

Marriage is a long-term decision. You marry someone with the intent of staying with that person for the rest of your life. That is, you marry in hopes of finding a life partner. As such, before getting married to a person, you need to look for certain attributes.

Following is a list of 10 qualities that you should look for in a life partner:

  1. Honesty: Right off the bat, look for honesty in your partner. If he/she lacks in it, reconsider his/her becoming your life partner. Honesty is important because it is the foundation of a stable life. Without honesty, you never know when you are going to be lied to. Therefore, make sure the person you are going to marry is honest. Often, even worse than being cheated on is having a partner who deceives.
  2. Communicability: Does your partner speak his/her mind? Is he/she open and frank about his/her thoughts? Make sure you can communicate with the person you are going to marry. Otherwise, there is no point in getting married. Marriage requires frequent and meaningful communications. If you can’t communicate with your other half, your marital life will very likely be bland and tasteless.
  3. Reliability: Does your partner come through in times of crisis? Can you rely on that person do what is promised and needed? Make sure you get into marriage with someone who is reliable. Someone who is trustworthy. Someone who does not break word easily. This will ensure strength in times of crisis. Remember, you become someone’s spouse to hopefully have child(ren) with them. So make sure the future father/mother of your offspring is reliable.
  4. Empathy: Is your partner empathetic? Does he/she care how you feel? Does he/she care about others in general? This is a crucial quality to have. If your partner lacks empathy, it means he/she might not be a comforting arm in your times of crisis and depression. Worse still, he/she might not even understand when you are going through one! Without empathy, distance grows between partners, which may even result in separation.marriage life partner
  5.  Maturity: This can not be stressed enough. We live in a world that is constantly changing and shifting. It is very easy to lose our heads in this techno-crazed, multi-coloured world. Thus we are better off if our partners are mature. That does not mean your partner should be boring and closed to new things, it means your partner knows what the right thing to do is and keeps a cool head when things go south. Someone who is willing to put the past behind and work towards a better present and future.
  6. Sense of humour: Does your partner make you laugh? Can your partner take a joke? Make sure you marry someone who knows how to make you laugh when you are crying. A husband or a wife who can’t make his or her better half smile is lacking in something.
  7. Sociability: Your partner should be sociable. Humans are social beings. As such, to be successful, we need to be social. In the same vein, to have a successful marriage, we need to be actively social. Particularly in a country like ours, being social is of paramount importance. In Bangladesh, when we get married, we are not only marrying a person, but also creating a lifelong bond with his/her family. And to maintain that bond we need social skills. So, if your spouse is not sociable, he/she will have a hard time getting on with your family.
  8. Stability: Does your partner have a stable life? Both financially and emotionally? It does not mean your partner has to be rich or have a perfect past. It means your partner needs to be someone with a degree of control in his/her life. Someone who knows where he/she is in life and knows where he/she wants to go. Otherwise, you may end up in a marriage that does not last, or flounders.
  9. Etiquette: Does your partner show you and your family proper respect? Does your partner show respect to others? Does he/she know how and when to give space? To ensure amicability in relationship, make sure you get into marital bliss with someone who knows how to respect, otherwise your bliss might just turn to something else.
  10. Independence: Is your partner self-reliant? Can he/she act independently? In marriage, you take the vow to stick together through thick and thin. When you are sick or out of commission, your partner needs to take the helm of your family. Picture him/her as the person in charge and see if you think he/she has what it takes to act independently in trying times.

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