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If you have an account at, when you log in you will see a filter-page. This page shows a list of potential matches based on your preferences on the right side. It also has a filter bar on the left side, which you can tweak to change your preferences. Here are the steps you may take to ensure you find more matches on an online matrimonial site such as Biyeta:

1. Select a moderate range: When choosing the ideal age of your partner, instead of choosing a range of 25-26 years, select a range such as 25-30 years. This way, more matches will come up. Same goes for height, skin-tone, physique, educational qualification etc.

2. Select more professions for more matches: When choosing the profession and professional group of your ideal partner, you should tick more than one box for more matches. Unless you are absolutely sure you want a spouse from a particular profession, doing otherwise may result in fewer matches.

4. Select from both home and abroad: For current location of your ideal husband/wife, tick both within country and outside country to get more matches.

5. Select a variety of home districts: This will ensure that you see a greater number of results in the filter page. Here is a picture where all areas for home district of potential significant other are selected to ensure greater number of matches:

6. Be open in selecting marital status of ideal spouse: If you are fine with either an unmarried or a divorced candidate, then select both as preferences. That way, more potentials will pop-up in the filter page.

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