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Surround non-capital enemy territories with at least two more armies than your enemy. The library is not only used to advance through the ages, but it also features four important lines of research: military, civic, commerce, and science. Help on the Web To learn more about Rise of Nations, visit www.riseofnationsinsider.com. Siege, artillery, and supply units move 25 percent faster. You also gain tribute from some territories. Increases the metal output of all mines in the same city by 50% percent. Foot and mounted troops line-of-sight increased (level 2). Requires that you advance to the Modern Age first (can be built in the Industrial Age if you're Egyptian). Putting forts and cities halfway between borders and other cities is advisable, unless you need to be fighting over a good resource / choke point. Scouting is very important early on, while it might be easier to have them wander about, try taking control of them to be more aggressive about getting the ruins that give bonuses to your economy. Mongols - I don't need to tell you how you should have a horde of horses up at all times running in, killing a farm or two and running back. Most military units and buildings require military research. Increases your national borders by 6. Unit upgrades do not require prerequisite military research. Without defenses, your city could fall easily, crushing your economy or costing you the game. The shortcuts are also helping very much. If you're looking to play an economic game, it's wise to expand to start gathering those resources early. Requires that you advance to the Industrial Age first (can be built in the Enlightenment Age if you're Egyptian). However, don't discount the increased commerce limit, which is a big factor. Check the back of the manual and the unique units listed in the Nations Overview section of this game guide for further details on all counters and unique unit counters. Enemy cities can be assimilated quickly. You can sell those resources to acquire wealth or sell wealth to acquire those resources. An effective way to select only the injured units and avoid selecting them one by one is doing Shift + Home, which selects all wounded units out of the current selection. Once you approach the limit, research the next commerce level to keep maximum resources flowing into your coffers. Each stable built provides a free ranged cavalry unit (or the equivalent modern unit when you build an auto plant) in the beginning and three after two military upgrades. It's a useful hotkey when you've just created a citizen and you don't want to scan the map to relocate him. If you can use enough supporting armies, you can win a non-capital territory without having to fight. It's Rise of Nations remixed with a 3D engine, a fantasy steampunk setting and more hotkeys than you can possibly remember. Granary, lumber mill, and smelter production upgrades are 50 percent cheaper and available sooner. Your wealth income is increased by 100 percent. Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots is the official expansion pack to the real-time strategy video game Rise of Nations.The game is the second in a series of Rise of Nations games by Big Huge Games. Rise of Nations is no different. +10 to metal gather rate. B -- With a citizen selected, use this keystroke to open the build menu. The commerce limit plays a vital role in your nation's resource gathering and income. Also, you can't see what your enemy is up to--there's still a fog of war, but you have immediate visual access to rare resource locations and terrain. Researching the next commerce level when only food is pushing the limit isn't a sound strategy. If you're the Bantu, the first civic research provides the ability to construct two extra cities. You'll gain control but then lose it as your opponent moves reinforcements in. You can just set one library to perform all research and it will automatically occur simultaneously. Supply wagons gain increased radius, speed, and hit points (level 1). +5 garrison capacity for forts and towers. Spice: +10 to food gather rate. Increases your national borders by 3. Also, the Spanish scout features upgraded line of sight and gains extra resources from ruins. Also you want to get into the habit of using Tab whenever you can. Partisan research also increases tower range and line -of -sight. Multiplayer Strategies: This section provides strategies for success in a Rise of Nations multiplayer game. You can do this by holding right click on an area and dragging the mouse in the direction you want them to face. If you have a particularly large army, It often helps to split it and have one be a defensive (pinning force) and another be aggressive (striking force). This section reveals Rise of Nations' 18 nations and describes their benefits, unique units, and strengths and weaknesses. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Build a tower and research allegiance to initiate attrition damage. The section also includes a rundown of the rare resources and their benefits. Don't forget that you can also receive the help of allies. Use cavalry units, particularly the unique rusiny lancer, cossack, and don cossack, to flank supply wagons and artillery units--Russian cavalry inflicts 25 percent more damage to supply and artillery units. Generals have increased radius, hit points, speed, and line -of -sight and increased effect on unit armor. When you're forced to raise the commerce limit because a single resource is too high, it would be best if all the others were getting close as well. Receive a free heavy ship whenever you complete a dock, until the Industrial Age. A rush is also certainly possible using the Ancient Age solduri (or the Classical Age with barbarians). Citizens can build and repair buildings that are under fire without penalty. This tactic is especially useful if you have structure bonuses, such as free siege weapons with each factory. The earlier you get them, the more dividends they will pay. I am not going to be very in-depth about every nation, but I can outline what sort of parameters you can either play within to take advantage of their strengths or what to expect from them as enemies. Also, you won't have to select the research at each library. Receive herbal lore, medicine, and pharmaceuticals upgrades for free. If you're unsure if you have the maximum number of caravans, click on the menu bar on the right side of your resource indicators. Well when you have your army selected you want to make sure it is facing the right way. Start conquer the world campaigns with "build wonder" bonus card. You can see the location of all units, buildings, and terrain on the map. Buildings are 50 percent tougher and built 50 percent faster.

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