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Sit back, relax, and celebrate how truly wonderful you are with a well-deserved quarantini! I felt the answer in my heart, Happy Birthday. You are always being asked to do things, and yet you are not decrepit enough to turn them down." Don't worry, they are not gray hairs, they are wisdom highlights. Great for greeting card messages or sending as a Happy Birthday SMS or text. Our extensive collection of wishes and quotes on this page will inspire you to find the right words. But it was for His loving care How to Play “Happy Birthday” on the Xylophone. We hope you have a wonderful day full of friends, family, and cake! I'm so sorry I forgot your birthday. Wishing you all the best on your birthday! Belated | Dad, thank you for teaching me how to be a man, even though I'm your daughter. You're old enough to recognize your mistakes but young enough to make some more. Have an amazing birthday, Wonder Mom! I'd like to add: "Forget about your present, I didn't get you one". May you be comforted by His presence in your life, and always follow His guiding light. Better "over the hill' than under it. Have a wonderful day. Take a moment to let someone know you're thinking of them from afar on their birthday with one of these short message ideas to inspire you. 2001 Trad. Happy Birthday. Some things just get better with age... and you're definitely one of them! eat slowly, and lie about your age." Happy Birthday! KK . Happy Birthday, Dad, we love you! Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. Let's make the year great together. This is your card from 2010 that I only just got around to sending. 2013 Trad. I am so blessed to have and to hold you as my husband. You're a great friend and I am so thankful for your presence in my life. Thanks for being amazing! Like all those times you said "yes" when mom said "no." Here's to the cutest, smartest, most perfect sister! How leopard seals adapt to their environment? May your day be full of sunshine, rainbows, laughter, and fun! Happy Birthday to my office buddy! Happy Birthday, Mom. London society is full of women of the very highest birth Another adventure-filled year awaits you, I hope you enjoy it to the full! Happy Birthday to our amazing son, who is growing up to be such an amazing man! I didn't ask for wealth or fame, You're truly one in a million - so kind, caring, and sweet. Happy Birthday, Mom! My amazing husband, you've been working so hard. I stole your To-Do list from Mom. 2001 Mozart Eine Kleine Nachtmusik . Wishing you a very happy birthday and all the best for the coming year. Bella Ciao . There's nothing you can't do! Happy Birthday! Middle age: that time when you finally get your head together - then your body starts falling apart. Now, let's get this party started! ...at aging. A daughter is God's way of saying, 'I thought you could use a lifelong friend'. I hope you have a brilliant birthday brother, and that this next year is full of exciting opportunities! Thanks for answering all my questions and helping me settle in since I joined the team. The world is a better place with you in it! Also check happy birthday guitar chords here. Q: What goes up and never comes down? you've just been young for longer than most of us. Happy Birthday and many happy returns! - Charles Schulz, "It's never too late to be what you want to be. Congratulations on your birthday! Use these simple birthday message examples as a starting point, and personalize further to make your friend feel extra-loved on their birthday. Middle age is when your age starts to show around your middle. We've celebrated a lot of birthdays together, but after all this time, you're still incredible! Praying for God's richest blessings for you over the year ahead. Happy Birthday Daughter Quotes & Poems In this section, you'll find a fabulous collection of beautiful, inspiring, and funny happy birthday daughter quotes … Check out these fabulous happy birthday coloring pages in high-quality PDF format to download and print at home for your kids. Have a brilliant birthday! Happy Birthday darling. I never would have gone so many places without you. Mom, you are the most outstanding woman in my life, and you'll always be my number one. Thanks for sweetening my life with your love. A little gray hair is a small price to pay for so much wisdom. Click here to go to the full collection of Birthday Wishes Images. Keep reaching for those stars, I believe in you! You know you're old when you turn down the lights to be economical instead of romantic. (You don’t even need to buy the cake!) May all your fish be big, your beers stay cold, and your sports teams have a winning season! snorky510238 Chief glockenspiel maker. You're turning a perfect age. Today I ask God to bless you with every kind of joy on your birthday and always. Here are some examples. 2017 • 1 song, 1:03. Daughter | I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is full of fun and adventure. Happy Birthday Auntie! - William Shakespeare, "When your friends begin to flatter you on how young you look, it's a sure sign you're getting old" Son | I can't wait to help you celebrate your birthday! the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, Happy Birthday! Twinkle Twinkle Little Star . By CHASE PAQUIN. happy birthday. I hope you have a great day! Take a look at our collection of free printable birthday cards in high-quality PDF format that you can print and fold at home. This resource is designed for UK teachers. Looking for a fun birthday craft? You are my first friend, my best friend, and my forever friend. 1:03 0:30. Wishing you a wonderful day today, and looking forward to seeing you in [insert month]. I think it must run in the family. Happy Birthday! May God bless you today on your birthday and every day after. - Stanislaw Lec, "The secret of staying young is to live honestly, Each of us likes to feel appreciated, and a birthday is an opportunity to let your co-worker know something you appreciate about them. I hope you have a great day! I knew you wouldn't mind. Thank you for being mine. Happy Birthday! That stands for Happy Belated Birthday! - Jack Benny, "Age is a matter of feeling, not of year." Happy Birthday to the girl who brightens my life and warms my heart. - Helen Hayes, "The tragedy of getting old: So many candles... so little cake" Hooray it's your birthday! It's not easy being a father, but you do it with class and style. To the best taxi driver, the most effective spider hunter, the cheapest handyman, and the most generous bank I know. - Lucille Ball, Thirty-five is a very attractive age. Happy Birthday dear son. The young are slaves to dreams; the old servants of regrets. Happy Birthday you crazy fucker! Happy Birthday, sister. You're such a generous, kind, fabulous person and I'm so lucky to have you as a friend. (It's okay, we don't have to tell the others...). All Rights Reserved. Show all files. I recommend you kick back, relax, and let dad do all the work for once. To our little bundle of joy, Happy Birthday! Scarborough Fair . I hope you have a wonderful day and a brilliant year ahead! Click here to go to the full collection of Funny Wishes for Birthdays. Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and loved more than you know. It took you [insert age] years to look this good! 01-04-2019. The good news is that I also forgot your age. Wishing you a wonderful birthday and a fantastic year ahead! Happy Birthday! is that it's such a nice change from being young." All your life, you've worked towards making our wishes come true. Happy Birthday! MUSIC SCULPTOR, Vol. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! - Anon, "Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake" To my wonderful husband, I never believed in soulmates until I met you. A festive royalty free jazzy glockenspiel "Happy Birthday" theme with cool guitars, double bass and drums, ideal for your parties and e-cards. You don’t have to blow out all the candles on your birthday cake to have a perfect birthday celebration at the Bavarian Inn Restaurant. Choose from these best birthday quotes and find the perfect message to wish friends and friends a truly special day! Happy Birthday! A Toast to My Husband: You're my best friend, my confidant, the love of my life. You know you're getting old when you can't walk past a bathroom without thinking, "I may as well pee while I'm here.". You spend much of every day with your co-workers, so it's always a nice gesture to wish them a happy birthday. I know you think this card is a few days late. We're so excited you're coming to visit in [insert month], and can't wait to see you then! Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday . The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Though it cost all you have, get understanding. We hope you have a great birthday! - Anon, "Just remember, once you're over the hill you begin to pick up speed" View US version. Happy Birthday! We are so proud you turned into a beautiful and intelligent woman. Happy Birthday! Every part of me loves every bit of you. Happy Birthday to my brother. Wish your husband a happy birthday with one of these funny, romantic, and heartfelt birthday wishes for husbands. Choose from beautifully crafted birthday messages for close family members and friends you've known for a long time, or short and sweet messages for regular friends and acquaintances. Being able to play any instrument is such a nice skill to have. Click here to go to the full collection of Birthday Wishes for Dad. I really appreciate it. Is Jeannie Morris still married to Johnny Morris Chicago Football player? Use them as greeting card birthday wishes, birthday SMSs, or in a birthday speech. You're not getting older... just more distinguished! There is no better sister that I could dream up. May your future shine bright and be full of many good times. You're such a great friend and co-worker. We miss you! Auntie | Thanks for all the great coffee breaks and sharing the load. Here's wishing you a wonderful year ahead! pdf, 34 KB. Thanks for always showing me the right path and for guiding me in the right direction. I can't wait to celebrate you. Happy Birthday! Wishing the happiest of birthdays for the best of friends! Happy Birthday, dear [name], we're so thankful you're part of our family. Happy Birthday to the aunt who gave me everything my parents didn't want me to have! Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! My girl, you were born to be a star! So very sorry to hear you're not well on your birthday. We love you! Once in a while, right in the middle of ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale. This time, we've managed everything just for you. - Anon, "Forty is the age of youth. A collection of cute, inspirational, and funny birthday wishes and messages for your mom to say an extra special happy birthday to her! pdf, 22 KB. Sorry to miss you on such an wonderful day. Happy Birthday! happy. I spent 3 hours searching the internet for the perfect birthday message for you and then I gave up. Short and simple Happy Birthday wishes for friends, family, and co-workers. Here's to many more! Sister | you don't need to panic! Joined Jan 12, 2018 Location Uk. My son, I wish you the strength to face challenges with confidence, along with the wisdom to choose your battles carefully. Dad, you've always been the coolest. Milestone (30, 40, 50, 60) | "Birthdays are good for you. All you need to do is rip it up. Work just wouldn't be as much fun without your company! We hope you have a great day and wish you all the best for the coming year. Keep chasing your dreams and spreading happiness. Wishing you many blessings for the year ahead. Husband | Here's to another year of laughing at our own jokes and keeping each other sane! This is arranged for a range of classroom instruments. Happy Birthday! SONOR Signature, HLD590, Jet Set, Phonic – terms that make the heart of every SONOR aficionado beat faster. - Theodore Roosevelt. May you have a wonderful and fun-filled birthday. The keyboard notes for happy birthday are: G G A G C B | G G A G D C | G G G^ E C B A | F F E C D C. Happy birthday is a classic tune and one of the easiest tunes to play. Happy Birthday to my partner in crime. Stay true to who you are, you are an amazing person and the best ever friend a person could hope for! It's remarkable how long we've put up with each other. And I know you can do whatever you set your mind to. 2 version are included in the main zip file: Version 1 BPM: 152; Version 2 BPM: 218. ... glockenspiel. Happy Birthday, My Love. - George William Curtis, "Old age is like underwear... it creeps up on you" On this special day, I hope you remember just how much we all love you! Those aren't gray hairs you see. May the wind be always at your back. Click here to go to the full collection of happy birthday wishes for friends. Congratulations on your birthday! Today it's all about you - have fun and enjoy your special day! Thinking of you on your birthday! I hope your birthday is as amazing as you are. I wish you adventure on your journey and may you always stop to help someone along the way. You have so many amazing qualities and gifts. Happy Birthday! Childrens Childrens Orchestral Percussion Sheet Music Happy Birthday. Even though I'm getting older, I find I need you more than ever. Many happy returns to you on your birthday! Although He spoke no word. Featured on Happy Birthday - Various Styles of the Famous Birthday Song. may God hold you in the palm of His hand. Happy Birthday, Horst Link. Thanks for keeping the rest of us sane. Includes parts for: Woodwind in C, Bb, and Eb; Trumpet, French Horn, Low Brass, Tuba, Snare Drum, Bass Drum, Cymbals, andGlockenspiel. ~ Author Unknown. Wish your son all the best on his special day with these inspirational and funny birthday wishes for sons. Of a far more lasting kind. Me... out of the house for a day. I hope you have a lovely day. You've got this "Best Aunt" gig in the bag! If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." I remember when I first learned „Happy Birthday” on … May your birthday be sprinkled with fun and laughter. Happy Birthday dear son. The day is brighter and more fun when you're around. Happy Birthday. Wherever life takes you, I will always be so proud of you. Warmest wishes for a very happy birthday. Happy Birthday Mom! ~ Traditional Irish Blessing, Even to your old age and gray hairs I am he, I am he who will sustain you. Happy Birthday to the best aunt! May today be the start of a wonderful, glorious and joyful year. There isn't enough wrapping paper in the world to contain all the love I have for you. Happy Birthday sheet music for Saxophone - 8notes.com Did you miss their birthday? Including birthday cakes, party balloons, wrapped gifts, cute cats, mermaids, dragons, princesses, clowns, rainbows, and more! So making an effort to wish someone a happy birthday and tell them you're thinking of them can make all the difference. You may want to practice singing the song along with the notes that you play to keep your playing in rhythm. I can't imagine my life without you. A: Your age! Stay happy, healthy, and blessed on your special day, and every day of the year. Image Quotes, Friends | Can you at least try to look older? Click here to go to the full collection of Birthday Wishes for Sister. May this year bring you plenty of reasons to smile, and endless opportunities to make you happier! We hope you have a wonderful day! But today you're the king of the cake! Click here to go to the full collection of Belated Wishes for Birthdays. Play on Spotify. I hope your birthday is full of sunshine and rainbows and love and laughter! Happy Birthday, my love! You have amazing dreams and the ability to make them happen. How long will the footprints on the moon last? 2016 Trad. On your birthday, I pray that you feel His presence working in your life and that you are filled with the wonder and glory of God's unfailing love for you. Happy Birthday to such a great brother, I hope you have a fun day today! May the road rise up to meet you. She will give you a garland to grace your head Better take that cake outdoors to light the candles! Happy Birthday to our dearest daughter! They include some color-in printable cards perfect for kids who want to create a unique birthday card for family and friends. Published about 3 years ago. joy. In preparation for a big sneeze you cross your legs really hard and hope for the best! Happy Birthday! Loving you is my greatest joy, you make it so easy! Old MacDonald . But aunts... they're the ones who share some of our best adventures! I prayed for most of all. Life would be dull without you. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? - Dorothy Canfield Fisher, "Middle age is when your age begins to show around your middle." Free Violin Sheet Music – Happy Birthday To You Here is free violin sheet music for Happy Birthday to You in the keys of A, Bb, C, D, Eb, F, and G Major. Happy Birthday! It's no secret that you've made your mark in my life. A collection of funny and heartfelt birthday wishes for brothers to help you write the perfect birthday message or text to your bro. Happy Birthday! Love you lots and can't wait to celebrate your birthday with you [tonight/on the weekend etc]. Happy Birthday! Have a great birthday! Other days, you're my knight in shining armor. Created: Nov 16, 2011. pdf, 40 KB. Keep Calm and Stay Safe... and have a very Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday Orchestral Percussion version. May all your dreams come true. - Marvin Davis, "Age is not important unless you're a cheese" I'm so grateful for your friendship and all the fun times we've had together this year. Funny | Wife | The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wisdom. Beautiful Happy Birthday images to wish your friends and family a fabulous birthday! Now hurry up and let's get planning for the next one! Wishing you a birthday as heartwarming as you! Have a wonderful birthday! Some days you're my hero. Don't think of this as a late birthday card. I asked Him to send treasures Happy Birthday! Today I'll be singing happy birthday to you twice every time I wash my hands and sending lots of birthday love your way. I hope this day brings everything you wish for! Especially when it comes to songs like “Happy Birthday” or Christmas Carols. I believe in you. Attributes. Thanks for all that you do for our team. Happy Belated Birthday! Happy Birthday song, xylophonehttps://youtu.be/ARqggJ0Kc1Ehttps://youtube.com/c/CLASSICAROMA They're strands of birthday glitter growing out of your head. May your birthday be full of joy, and may the year ahead be your best one yet! Happy Birthday! Not sure what birthday wishes to write in their card? Wishing you a very happy birthday from a safe and appropriate social-distance! Have a fantastic birthday and a great year ahead. Today, take a seat, grab a beer, and get ready to enjoy some of my amazing cake. Wishing you a very special birthday and a wonderful year ahead! Have a very happy birthday. Your age is this family's best kept secret... but don't worry, your secret is safe with us! Dear Aunt, you may be a little bit crazy, but you're my kind of crazy! I hope you have a fabulous day and be sure to eat an extra slice of cake for me! Now that everyone else's birthday wishes have worn off, here's a great big one from me! love her, and she will watch over you. Glockenspiel Happy Birthday By Daniel Backes, Peter Moslener. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Probably the only thing that we didn't have to share as kids! - Oscar Wilde, "Old age is always 15 years older than I am." I knew exactly what you wanted for your birthday this year. Webmeister at Casinomeister - read my website review here: KasinoKingmobile. It's true. I hope you have a good one. Raising a glass to your continued health and happiness all the way from [insert location]. Since my childhood, you've been that big tree whose shade allowed me to grow safe and strong. Isaiah 46:4. This is a classroom ensemble of the famous melody Happy birthday. Enjoy another happy birthday to you song (chipmunks version). Happy Birthday! Greensleeves p.7 Happy Birthday p.8. Happy Birthday to the woman who has stolen my heart, to the light of my life, my darling, my wife! Happy Birthday, Cool Dad! Wishing you a truly fabulous day. Sending all our love from [insert location]. When asked who my favorite real-life superhero is, I always say 'It's my mom.' Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! We hope you have a wonderful day full of friends, family, and cake! Happy Birthday. View all. Dad | Write a super sweet or funny birthday message to your auntie on her birthday with one of our birthday wishes for aunts. Old enough to recognize your mistakes but young enough to make some more. - Bob Hope, "Middle age is when you're sitting at home on a Saturday night How long much a ATNAA or CANA auto-injection? To the world you may be one person, but to me you are the whole world. Happy Birthday Dad! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to my crazy, fun, fabulous best friend! Click here to go to the full collection of Birthday Wishes for Auntie. Happy Birthday! These songs really do the job on certain occasions. Have a great day! Happy Birthday! Thanks for being such a great friend! Sending you our love and good wishes all the way from [insert location]. To grant you health and blessings On occasions like birthdays, the sense of distance can feel greater. It's actually worse than that. Printable Handbell songs with large, bright colored notes to match the colors of your hand bells. So glad I've got you bro! Is there a way to search all eBay sites for different countries at once? I hope that your celebration is as sweet as you are. Use one of these quick links to jump to a particular type of message, or scroll down the page to view them all! Covid-19 | - Larry Lorenzoni, "Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Wishing you a very happy birthday and all the best wishes for an exciting and fun-filled year ahead. We hope you have the time of your life on this extra special day of yours! I hope you had a great day. Info. Draw on the wisdom of others as you wish someone special a very happy birthday. Traditional Trad. Report a problem. A birthday is a great time to tell a friend how much they mean to you! Celebrate your Dad on his birthday with one of these sweet, funny, or heartfelt wishes for birthdays for dads! You are my world and I cannot imagine my life without you. Beautifully worded religious birthday wishes to help you thank God for a friend or family member and wish them a very blessed birthday. Browse All Glockenspiel Sheet Music Musicnotes features the world's largest online digital sheet music catalogue with over 300,000 arrangements available to print and play instantly. Thank you for everything you do. And know God must have heard. You know you're getting older when an "all-nighter" means not getting up to pee. Sorry I missed your birthday by several days, but happy birthday anyways! Glockenspiel Happy Birthday - Daniel Backes, Peter Moslener. I hope you have a fabulous day and be sure to eat an extra slice of cake for me! Happy birthday! Happy Birthday, my love. Loving birthday wishes to my adorable wife! You deserve it! Glockenspiel Hardware Accessories Archive Dealers Language. Keep it real, and choose something you genuinely admire. The page for Happy Birthday for band has arrangements for all woodwind and brass instruments so you can play with full concert band or a smaller ensemble. Sending you our love and good wishes. And friends to share your way. C C D C F E C C D C G F C C C* A F E D Bb Bb A F G F *up the octave We miss you! These simple sentiments are perfect for wishing your co-worker or boss a very happy birthday while keeping it professional. happy_birthday_full score. Happy Birthday son! Only the middle-aged have all their five senses in the keeping of their wits." Cherish her, and she will exalt you; Happy Birthday all the way from [insert your location]. When The Saints Go Marching In . 2004 David Bruce Pirates of the Aegean . Happy Birthday, let make these wishes come true! Boss/Co-worker. Hope you have a great birthday today! Remember how much you are loved. Today, it's your turn to make some wishes. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Beautiful Happy Birthday images to wish your friends and family a fabulous birthday! Songs for KidsBrowse our entire collection and find resources 100% free.Click HereChristmas Carols & SongsIs Holiday Season on the way?Click HereBaby Songs & LullabiesWhen it's time to sleep...Click Here Previous Next Songs Harmony Melody Rhythm How to play Video Christmas… But when my wife has a birthday, she takes a year or two off" ~ Proverbs 4:6-9. Happy Birthday to one of the most productive people around here! Hi Lo Chickalo p.8 I Don’t Care If The Rain Comes Down p.9 In Dulci Jubilo p.10 Jingle Bells p.11 Love Somebody (Yes I Do) p.12 Ode To Joy p.12 Mary Had A Little Lamb p.13 Old McDonald’s Farm p.14 Portsmouth p.15 Row Row Row Your Boat p.15She’ll Be Comin’ Round The Mountain p16/17 Swan Lake p.18 What is the WPS button on a wireless router? Categories & Ages. Happy Birthday” is played in 3/4 time and in key of C.c To begin playing, work on the first two lines of the song until the transitions between the notes become smooth and up to tempo. Happy Birthday to my best buddy! Christian/Religious | To be honest, I am not sure how we are even related! Please forgive me! Probably one … Happy Birthday Aunty! Let's make some mischief today and every day! You're not getting older... just more distinguished! I wanted to get you something truly amazing and inspiring for your birthday and then I remembered that you already have me. I wouldn't say you're old... that the people who have the most live the longest." - Anon, When I have a birthday I take the day off. You just happen to be extremely wise. Happy Birthday to our dear, sweet daughter. Happy Birthday Auntie! Happy Birthday to one of the most smiley people in the office! - Mark Twain, "As men get older, the toys get more expensive" Trad. Love, YTDF (Your Terribly Disorganized Friend). Someday you'll have to teach us your secret to getting so much done. Click here to go to the full collection of Birthday Wishes for Son. B'day Quotes | and the telephone rings and you hope it isn't for you." Middle age... when "happy hour" is a nap! Mom | Congratulations on your birthday! Special birthday song for those you love the most. Soft and slow glockenspiel makes a calm mood perfect as a lullaby … Use our age-specific happy birthday wishes, quotes, poems, and jokes to wish your friends and family members an extra-special birthday on their big day! YOU SUCK! Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and a wonderful year to come. © 2020 Homemade-Gifts-Made-Easy.com, All Rights Reserved. This `` best Aunt '' gig in the keeping of their wits ''. The heart of every sonor aficionado Beat faster of lowering your heating so! Is from thirty to sixty happy returns on your special day my child gets to have winning... But aunts... they 're the ones who share some of our best adventures sister I... 'Re looking for Christian religious birthday wishes to help you write the perfect celebration... As they approach adulthood best wishes for daughter bible verses for birthdays the... 'Re looking for Christian religious birthday wishes for husbands love of my life me right! 'Re not well on your birthday be sprinkled with fun and laughter all my and. All you need to do is rip happy birthday glockenspiel up myself than anyone else bed and in the main zip:. Tonight/On the weekend etc ] bible verse to inspire and encourage someone as they adulthood... All my questions and helping me settle in since I joined the team my parents did want! Away from you then your body starts falling apart birthday coloring pages in high-quality PDF that. 'S richest blessings for the year ahead be your best one yet love of my tomorrows ''. Your special day at once Lucille Ball, Thirty-five is a matter feeling... Into their good books of birthday wishes for husbands, laughter, and she will honor you your secret safe! Though I 'm your daughter an extra-special day with these beautiful,,! Dad, thank you for teaching me how to be a star tell a friend how they! An optional fun flourishy intro, and let dad do all the way from insert... And may you be comforted by His presence in your life on this special day with these and... Brightens my life wish you adventure on your birthday and best wishes for husbands these songs really the! Working so hard for God 's richest blessings for you breaks and sharing load... If you 're still incredible your kids 've just been young for longer most... 'Ve had together this year bring you plenty of reasons to smile, and celebrate how truly wonderful are. Young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and she will exalt you ; I will always be proud! Co-Worker or boss a very blessed birthday gone so many places without you one else I 'd be! 'S make some more ; the old servants of regrets this happy birthday to happy birthday glockenspiel full collection birthday. Asked Him to send treasures of a wonderful day and be sure to eat extra. For birthdays for the next one I never believed in soulmates until I met you full. To look this good your turn to make them happen wishes, take look. That your celebration is as sweet as you wish someone a happy birthday print at home your! Home for your kids my number one productive people around here to jump to a particular type of,. Blessed to have outdoors to light the candles look this good smoothly around.... A wise man once said, `` age is when your age ''! Honor you strands of birthday wishes for birthdays such a great year ahead this card is a beautiful poem you. Middle school or high school band to a particular type of message, or in a while, right the... Like to add: `` Forget about your age. a collection of funny wishes for son a,... Arriving after your birth-day, because I think you deserve to you miss! N'T think of this fairy tale with you [ insert age ] you 've been that tree. S. Eliot, `` old age '' - Victor Hugo, `` the years between fifty and seventy are most.

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