How To Take A Picture For Matrimonial Site Part 2:

You may have the photography skills down after reading the first part of this series, but more thought needs to be put into what you are trying to show in the photo itself. Your qualifications may be the perfect fit for someone, but if your profile picture tells a whole other story, it just won’t add up to form the equation they are looking for. It is extremely important that your profile picture is an accurate representation of everything that you have written about yourself. For example, a woman who describes herself as fun loving and adventurous, but puts up photos of herself knitting nakshi katha won’t convince anyone; neither will a man who describes himself as a successful entrepreneur, but puts up photos of himself in a poorly fitting suit that is obviously secondhand!

The trick is to be as authentic as possible so that there is no reason for them to be suspicious, and so that when you meet the individual in person, they will have the right expectations. Remember, this is not a one time fling on a dating site, it is matrimony, and you are planning to spend the rest of your life with this person. You have to generate the right expectations.

Your Story

We have put together a list that can help you garner the right type of attention.


Your face should be animated and display the right kind of emotion. This does not mean that your eyes will be cast down to show shyness, or directed at the camera to show hostility. Be at ease, and let your face naturally express itself. Instead of busying yourself with the photographer, fill your mind with pleasant thoughts and let it shine through. Or, you could just squinch your eyes a little as you would when smiling. Everybody looks their best when smiling, because that is when your soul shines through.



For your profile picture, choose a semi formal attire that is unassuming yet decent.


For your additional photos, you can go full formal and casual.

Keep in mind that they are not judging your clothing, rather how you look in them, so avoid frivolous clothing that takes attention away from you. Be sure to include a photo of your everyday look so that they know how you usually dress and have a glimpse of your lifestyle.


This does not mean that you will put on your favourite holey T-shirt and sweatpants. If that is how you dress everyday, perhaps it is time to change your lifestyle.


Try putting up different types of looks. Girls, don’t go crazy with the powders and trinkets. Make sure you have at least one photo with an all natural look. Boys, take down the spikes for at least one photo. You don’t want to leave the viewer wondering about what they will find once they marry you.

Pocket Full of Poses

As your profile picture is going to be a close up shot of your upper body, a sitting position is a good idea.

The background should be plain, and the image should be taken at eye length, or from a slightly higher angle than the subject.



Straight head shots look mechanic, so try inclining yourself slightly to the side without hiding either side of the face. Again, don’t look straight at the camera with wide eyes as though you are scared/hostile. For additional photos, you can try more variations and positions, but don’t do unnatural poses inspired by models/actors.


If you want the viewer to know more about you, use relevant props in your additional photos. For example, if you are a book lover, you can pose with your favourite book. If you have a pet and want someone to accept that it is a part of your family, take a picture with the animal. Show your passion where possible.

However, this does not mean that you will pose in a swimsuit to show your passion for swimming. An image by the pool or with sports medals is a better idea. Use your props sensibly.

We hope that these pointers will help you make the most of your profile and additional pictures, and help you find someone who truly appreciates everything about you. With Biyeta, you don’t have to worry about finding the right match, the algorithm within the website will automatically match you based on the information you provide. You can sit back and put your effort into capturing the shots that will ultimately lead to the first meet up with the destined partner of your life.

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