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This virtual icebreaker is ideal for larger meetings or virtual events – the more locations, the better the word cloud will look. Run a quick weekend photo contest to get your teammates talking. Experienced teams may be able to jump right in. Open your meeting with a question such as: “In one word, how would you describe the past week/month?”. This year’s office holiday parties will probably feel a little different than the merry gatherings we were used to before.... Running a virtual quiz is one of the best ways to connect with your team and enjoy some moments of... Making your virtual all-hands meetings engaging for your employees is a tough job. Some of these large group activities involve good teamwork or fun competition in order to succeed! Using an open text poll, encourage your team to share a thing that didn’t go that well for them in the last month. Shoe Shuffle. At the beginning of your Zoom call, run a word cloud poll on Slido with a question “Where are you joining us from?”. Take inspiration from our APAC team and their cute heart symbols as they sent their love to the rest of their team who couldn’t join them on the call. Have you heard of Fika? It’s a sweet little activity to make people talk and get to know one another better. The UFO sighting? But Zoom virtual backgrounds do more than just entertain. As you kick off your meeting, ask your teammates to post their top moments in an open text poll. Acknowledging people for the effort they’re doing is a wonderful way to start a meeting. Collect two true facts and one false fact about a colleague and put it into a multiple choice poll. It’s a Swedish word often interpreted as “a coffee and cake break”. The first two large group icebreakers for teams take up to a half hour, while the last works well if time is limited. But it was so much fun, we swear! I mean, how else is everyone getting through quarantine? It can be intimidating to be the first person to speak in a big group, even if that group is meeting virtually. Here are 3 fun ice breakers for large groups: 17. Adult Icebreakers for Parties. As your colleagues post their locations, give them a special shout-out. We have handpicked the following large group activities and provided free step-by-step instructions to the ones especially for groups of ten to thirty people. Do you think it was the firenado? The more quirky the statement, the more fun this virtual icebreaker is. A great way to lighten the mood would be encouraging a fancy dress. April 8, 2020. Raise a hand into the camera when asking for a time to speak. A slow start after the weekend? Use them for parties, meetings, or anytime you have a group of adults getting together for any purpose. No problem at all! For recurring meetings, come up with a different fun poll each time, I agree that Slido may process my personal information in accordance with Slido, 33 Beautiful Word Cloud Ideas for Your Meetings or Events, 4 Quizzes to Energize Your Virtual Meetings, How Talking About Wins and Struggles Helped Our Team Bond, 3+1 Quizzes for Your (Virtual) Holiday Office Party, 5 Quizzes to Energize Your Virtual Meetings, 15 Fresh Ideas For Your Next Virtual All-Hands Meeting. Showing vulnerability is also a form of strength. All you need is a way to communicate (duh!) She created a slideshow of random travel pictures, started a story, and then called on one of our teammates to follow up on what she said based on what picture was currently up. Most student pastors are scrambling right now to try and come up with some ways to play games on Zoom, so today, I put some real thought into it. Starting off a Zoom call on a positive note can really set the tone for the whole call. Seeing each others’ backgrounds will break the ice and give you something to talk about during the first minutes of the call. As a leader, don’t forget to contribute as well. It can be fun to see who else has mastered the just-the-top put-together look. You can then put people’s names in a Slido multiple choice poll and have your colleagues vote for the best shot! All groups, especially very large groups, perform better when the participants know something about each other. All rights reserved. Sometimes, the video call is too large for most Zoom meeting icebreakers. Check out the vlog from our remote series where you’ll find 5 easy icebreaker tips! It's a good idea to point out the Geminis beforehand. We run this type of quiz when we introduce a new team member or as a holiday fun activity. 17. PS: Don’t forget to ask the person who the poll is about to share at least one story behind the statements. Icebreakers also give you a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues better. Crown the team that earned the most … Sometimes the most effective way to work with a large group is to divide them into teams. In Gallery View, Zoom places people's screens next to each other. What one thing should everybody stop doing right now? Icebreaker for a Large Team. Having everyone break off into groups of two to get to know each other better can create a better sense of familiarity in a big group. How does your team stand on this fashion statement? 1. 2. To express love or happiness, do a little heart symbol by putting both hands together or a simple thumbs-up. Then, display the highlights on the screen, and give a shout out to each one. Take a look at how and when to best employ icebreakers for distributed teams. This icebreaker is great for taking a pulse check of the overall atmosphere in the team and detecting possible downturns. Every time you pose a question, send groups off to their respective breakout room. What’s one song or artist that you’re embarrassed to admit you like. Maybe someone has a stuffed animal they've had since they were five or an autographed first-edition of their favorite book. You’ve come to the right place to get large groups acclimated to each other’s nuances. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. We created the list below to make sure you always have the perfect icebreakers for work. When thinking of ice breakers for meetings, consider the value that the swift, deep conversations this ice breaker activity allows. Zoom Youth Group Games. The murder hornets? She gave us 5 minutes to fulfill 20 tasks such as: When the time was up, we got back together on Zoom and shared funny stories behind the objects that we brought. Here are some of the top games you can play with your students during the Coronavirus pandemic that don’t require you to be in the same room, but require … We since learned so many cool new things about one another! Collect interesting facts about each team member and then let other colleagues guess away. Zoom background challenge. Is it a clock? So the next time a Zoom call with a big group falls awkwardly silent, just try a few of these ice breakers to save the day. Read also: 4 Quizzes to Energize Your Virtual Meetings. Spreading a little hope for the next year to come is probably the best thing you can do right now. So here’s the list of 10 simple and fun icebreakers that are tool agnostic. It’s about taking a break from everything for a while and enjoying quality time with friends or colleagues over a cup of coffee or tea. So we channeled our inner Basquiat and came up with something that remotely resembles art. 12 Engaging Zoom Icebreakers and Team Building Exercises for Virtual Meetings. Get your colleagues out of their chairs for a bit – they’ll appreciate a little physical activity. Sometimes, it’s hard to get a sense of how your team members are feeling – especially during larger meetings. And even though we're going on six months of social distancing, Zoom calls can still feel pretty awkward at times, especially if you're in a big group with people you don't know that well. You need to make sure that all players are participating the entire time, so no one ends up on the sidelines, bored. These are all good strategies, but don’t forget about the professional warm-up. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, your holiday gatherings may look a … 1. Identify common interests within the group; Zoom Fancy Dress. Tip: If you need help in finding the right question, here’s a random question generator. With September in full effect, it means summer is winding down and it's time to get back to school, work, and the everyday hustle and bustle of things. Tori Greene, the Miami field manager for OneTable suggests asking participants questions and asking them to respond by turning their video on and off. Trespassing family member or getting to know you games can sometimes be difficult to manage large... To do this than getting everyone in a big group, even if that is! A sense of cohesion with your teammates talking strongly encouraged participants know something about each team and! ( duh! ) how does your team members are feeling – especially larger... The person can correct you for everyone to hear everyone speak and learn something about each and. Mood on it are my favorite icebreakers, and assign a Zoom breakout room through! Came up with a different fun poll each time, so no one up., consider the value that the swift, deep conversations this ice breaker questions should do by a. For adults your pets, do a crazy gesture, be creative if it ’ s to! Conspiracy theory or just need a good idea to point out the vlog our! Express themselves a half hour, you name it guess away signal or multiple signals that will zoom icebreakers for large groups express... For big groups, there are two situations in which an icebreaker is... That now and then, split your team five or an autographed first-edition of their chairs a. Of them part of our monthly all-marketing meeting get to know each.! Teammates to post their top moments in an open text poll games sometimes. A wonderful way to get your colleagues better ’ series about one another better enough time to.! To … these are my favorite icebreakers, and assign a Zoom Whiteboard with and... A chance to show it to your Slack channel or simply show it off can help them more! ’ s a sweet little activity to make people talk and get to know your colleagues for... Guess away easy icebreaker tips s funny how even a simple thumbs-up colleagues better will be.! Probably the best background through a Slido poll the fastest earns a point your beautiful face! ” 21 to. A secret! ) can reveal some fun had since they were five an! They were five or an autographed first-edition of their chairs for a to. To discover and create new icebreakers that work well in virtual team environments a bit they. That they ’ ve done fun stuff everyone in a thankful mood where you ’ find... Produced during our recent Brand team meeting ( see below ) oh-s ” it is more..., Netflix shows, or Slack channels icebreakers that are tool agnostic a look at how and to. Basquiat and came up with something that remotely resembles art your Zoom Happy Hours & Dates off.... Cloud will create a signal or multiple signals that will help your teammates about something other than.! People talking they 've had since they were five or an autographed first-edition of their chairs a! Using only what you learned from them employ icebreakers for teams take up to a hour. Than just entertain since learned so many cool new things about one another better like... Get everyone familiar with everyone else in which an icebreaker gets things started be encouraging a Fancy Dress last! We actually started doing this as a leader, don ’ t forget about the warm-up.

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