Biyeta-The most trustworthy matrimonial website of Bangladesh is one the largest, fast growing and most trustworthy matrimonial websites in Bangladesh. Its objective is to provide residential and non-residential Bangladeshis a digital platform by which they can find out their life-partner easily. has come up with a different view, keeping in mind about securing the user’s privacy. has always differentiated itself from other matrimonial sites through its approach. replicates the idea of traditional marriage of Bangladesh and holds the cultural and traditional values of Bangladeshi society. It is very much concerned about the privacy of the users who come to get help to find out their best matches. The picture, phone no, contact address of any user can only be seen if only he/she gives permission to do so. Keeping user’s privacy is’s first priority. has introduced an excellent and unique feature apart from any other Bangladeshi matrimonial websites. It has a developed matching system which is provided with the best matching list that replicates their preferences about their partners. has a filtering system. A user can find his matches filtering by age, height, educational qualification, profession.

By redefining the brides and grooms meet for marriage, is becoming the most trusted and fastest growing brand in matrimonial arena.

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