How to have a happy married life

You are 29 and still unmarried, thinking of a new life. Very nervous and anxious about a new chapter in your life. Your parents are trying their best for last one year and finally that moment has come. You are starting your new life.

The beginning

You want everything from your wife. You want her to be your girlfriend, your close one. You want to be taken care of like your mother did by your wife. Your expectation is high. You start a new journey by going to honeymoon. Everything is so romantic. You feel like everything is falling into place. You go here and there with your wife. What a life!

Marital Dispute starts

After two years of marriage reality hits you. Love starts to vanish, romance starts to dry up and differences in opinion begin to arise between the two of you. Then you think what went wrong, why you got married!

The problem is in you

From first to last the problem is with you. You are always trying to win and expecting everything from her. But what have you done for her in the last two years? Have you made her feel special? You are always complaining, bringing small, and I would say very small issue and making a big deal out of it. Would you do this if she were your girlfriend? No, never! So, why your wife is not getting the same treatment?

I need some time for myself

After going home you like watching movies or sports. You say you deserve some time for yourself. But what about her? Doesn’t she deserve your time? And, one more thing. Why is watching movies or sports more entertaining to you than passing time with your wife? Passing time with your beloved wife should be the most entertaining and important moment. Shouldn’t it?


So, please stop complaining and start sacrificing. Let her feel special. Think what you can do for her. In Sha Allah you will have a happy married life.

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