Sonia and Jahid start their journey through Biyeta

Sonia was completing her BBA from Daffodil University. Her family was looking for a suitable husband. But they could not find anyone suited to her liking. One day Sonia learned about from Facebook. She called the helpline of Biyeta and learned how to register on the site. From there, she managed to find profiles suited to her liking. And she finally managed to find her life-partner.

Jahid is a public service worker. He opened an account on Biyeta on the 15th of January 2016 in search for his life partner. He and Sonia managed to contact each other through Biyeta. After getting to know each other, with the consent from both families they tied the knot.

Now they are building a happy family. We wish the best for their marital life. Sonia and Jahid contacted us. They expressed their gratitude towards Biyeta. According to Sonia, she managed to find Jahid through this matrimonial site. As such she is grateful to Biyeta.

We at Biyeta express our gratitude to the Almighty for giving us the ability to perform such a great deed. We pray to Him that we be able to  assist in the marriages of more people in the future. We humbly request all to pray for Jahid and Sonia and also for us.

*real names of bride and groom are hidden as per their request*

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