Mistakes to avoid in matrimonial bio-data

If you are looking for a life-partner, chances are you need to write a bio-data. A bio-data shows a summary of who and what you are. A matrimonial bio-data should be a good representation of yourself.

Avoid mistakes in marriage bio-data | Mistakes to Avoid in Matrimonial Bio-Data
Avoid mistakes in marriage bio-data

To learn more about how to properly write a bio-data, particularly one for marriage, check out this article we posted just a few weeks ago: How to create a marriage biodata.

We are not going too much into detail about what to do while writing bio-data and CV (curriculum vitae). Instead, we will talk about what NOT to do while writing one. Oftentimes, we end up doing the very thing that thwarts our chances of success. So avoid:

  1. Grammatical errors: Any sort of writing, if used without proper grammar, reflects poorly on the writer. Whether you are writing in Bengali or English, make sure there are no grammatical errors. This is a basic checkbox you should fill in order to create a good impression through your bio-data.
  2. Typos: Be careful in writing. Do not hurry. Typos usually happen during haste. After you have typed your bio-data, go over it carefully and look for typos. If found, correct immediately.
  3. Lack of uniformity: We live in the era of Photoshop. We all want to splash our creative skills on whatever we write. That is all great. But we must also make sure that our creative undertakings do not get in the way of uniformity. Uniformity is vital. If you have used Times New Roman with font size 12 to write about your height, do not use Helvetica to write about your weight. Do not use too many unnecessary colors.
  4. Vagueness: If your bio-data does not portray a solid picture of who you are and how you are, it may end up giving you results you had not asked for. Instead of writing you work for an FMCG multinational, write, for example, that you work for Unilever as a Brand Manager. Be specific and to-the-point.
  5. Including unneeded information: Yes, you may be writing a bio-data to send to prospective brides/grooms and their parents. That does not mean you have to mention what a distant relative of yours accomplished 10 years ago. You should only give information that is pertinent. Do NOT make your bio-data unnecessarily long.
  6. Failing to give proper contact information: If they like you from seeing your bio-data, they are likely to communicate with you. But of course, they might not be able to do so if you have not given proper contact information. So make sure you give valid and up-to-date contact information. This may also include your email address. Do not forget to put your full name on your bio-data.
  7. Unclear photo: Include a photo that properly shows your face, not one where you are wearing a hood and sunglasses and a muffler. Your photo should be clear enough that if they see your photo on bio-data, they can recognize you when they see you in person. You can learn more about taking photos here and here.

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